Further Reading

Although Pool School is designed to be a one stop resource for pool care information, there is simply no way to include every possible topic. Below are links to a number of topics and posts from the TFP Forums that present material that is not covered, or not covered in nearly as much detail, in the existing Pool School articles. Keep in mind that the content of many of these posts is very technical and that they are not always well organized for easy reference. 

A couple of tips I thought everybody knew.

Add Pictures to a Post

Adding Borates — Why and How

Adding Salt to Improve the Feel of the Water

Advanced Pool Water Chemistry

Alternative Sanitizers and Chemical Free Pools — The Truth

Alternate Test Procedures for the TF Test Kit

Ascorbic Acid Treatment

AutoPilot’s Total Control System Review

Best Solar Cover for Heat Gain

Breakdown of bleach over time by storage temperature

Breaking Down Ammonia

Certified Pool Operator (CPO) training — What is not taught

Cleaning a Cartridge Filter

Closing an in ground pool

Comparing the Various Chlorine Tests

Cost Comparison of Chlorine Sources


Density of Dry Chemicals

DIY IG Liner Install part 123456789.

Extended Test Kit Directions

Homemade Acid or Chlorine Injection System

How to fix a channeled sand filter

How to Replace a Pump Seal, With Pictures

Hydraulics 101

Install Your Own In-ground Liner Pool

Intex SWG Hard Plumbing

LaMotte ColorQ

Langelier and Calcite Saturation Indices (LSI and CSI)

Liner out of track A-B-Cs

Maximum Flow Rates for PVC Pipes

Patching a Vinyl Liner

Pro’s and Con’s of a UV System

Pool Pump Energy Cost Comparison

Pump Efficiency and Payback

Solar Panel Technology Comparisons

Spa jets not working after a fill?

The “Acid Slug Lowers TA” Myth

Ten Guidelines for Quality Pool Plaster

Testing Extreme Chlorine Demand

Turning Your Green Swamp Back into a Sparking Oasis

Use and Care of DE Filters

Using Bromine in a Spa

Using Chlorine in a Spa

Water Testing Instructions on One Page