AutoPilot SWG - Further Reading

Autopilot SWG

AutoPilot has various model Salt Water Chlorine Generators including:

  • Pool Pilot® Digital
  • Pool Pilot® Digital Nano,
  • Pool Pilot® Digital Nano+ Soft Touch
  • Pool Pilot® Nano
  • Pool Pilot® Soft Touch

The AutoPilot system uses a patented Bypass Manifold to limit flow through the cell to less then 20 GPM.

The manifold also holds the Tri-Sensor that detects water flow, measures water temperature and measures water salinity. has helped with diagnostics and is a good source for AutoPilot parts.

Troubleshooting using Volts and Amps Guide

AutoPilot has a troubleshooting guide on what the volts and amps mean in their Volts and Amps Guide.

Incorrect Salt Readings

Before you replace the Tri-Sensor due to incorrect salt readings try pulling the sensor connector and cleaning both unit side and sensor side of the connector with contact cleaner.[1]

Adjusting Chlorine Output

Chlorine output on the AutoPilot SWG is adjusted by changing the Power Level.

Tri-Sensor Leaking

The Tri-Sensor has an o-ring that can leak. Pull out the Tri-Sensor and check the O-ring. Replace it if necessary and lubricate the o-ring with silicone lubricant.

Replacing the Tri-Sensor

InyoPools has a good page describing How to Replace and AutoPilot Tri-Sensor.