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PureLine SWG

The Pureline (Crystal Pure) Salt system is marketed by InyoPools.

Cell Sizes

  • PL7701 - F3 - 20,000 gallons[1]
  • PL7700 - F16 - 40,000 gallons
  • PL7703 - T16 - 60,000 gallons


Incorrect Salt Reading

New PureLine PL7707 SWG installation the cell salt reading is 2600-2900 while the K-1766 Salt Test reads 3600. The Check Salt and Check Cell lights illuminate and no chlorine is generated.

Customer Support said to change the cell type from F-15 to C-15 in the display and it solved the problem.[2]

Salt Display in Metric vs PPM

The Salt Display shows the current salt concentration of the pool water. Readings are currently in Metric (grams per Liter). If you prefer PPM (parts per million), push the “Diagnostic Button”next to the display 5 times. The display will now show the instant salt readings in Metric. While the salt reading displayed, move the main switch from AUTO to SUPER CHLORINATE to AUTO. The display will instantly change to PPM.[3]


  • When the cell is in the non-generation time the generating light is still illuminated but your readouts will show the cell not generating, as it is not.[4]
  • The cycle is 180 minutes. So, 48% means 86 minutes on and 94 minutes off. Then, the polarity reverses and a new cycle begins.[5]
  • During the off part of the cycle, the instant salinity and amps will be 0.[6]
  • The PureLine is similar to the Hayward but it's not made by Hayward. The manufacturer is CF Electronics - Tech Life.[7]
  • Pureline is an inyopool label for Chinese supplied equipment. You can buy replacement salt cells directly from inyopool or direct from the company in China via alibaba. There are a number of options to purchase a compatible replacement cell.[8]