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Hayward OmniLogic Controller Release Notes for Firmware Revision R1.2.0 MSP/WMT

OmniLogic VS Pump Communication

OmniLogic Low Speed Comm Bus
Ecostar Comm Ports
Hayward TriStar Comm Bus

HUA is Hayward Unique Address that the VS pumps possess.

1 & 2 green blocks are actually the same and you can connect to either one.

If you have an issue getting OmniLogic to recognize a pump HUA note that the low speed bus numbers are read R to L instead of L to R. You should wire the communication in the following order on the LS Bus, 4,3,2,1.

EcoStar Pump

COMBUS 7 in the pump connects to terminal 2 on the green plug in the Omnilogic. COMBUS 8 in the pump connects to terminal 3 on the green plug in the Omnilogic.

Ecostar pumps made prior to 2015 need a $300 Digital Display upgrade, Part#VSX3400LCD, for the 3400VSP to communicate with OmniLogic.[1]

TriStar Pump

Communication wires should be run from 2 & 3 on the RS485 connection green block on the OmniLogic to A & B on the pump. Terminal 2 - A and Terminal 3 - B.

OmniLogic Drops Connection Between Pool and Pump

If you find that the HUA of the pump being recognized in the Omnilogic unit matched the HUA of the Ecostar pump itself but the pump does not turn on then the OmniLogic may have lost the connection.[2]

Then go back into the config wizard and you may find the pool had no pump assigned to it. If so select the pump from the drop down menu while in config wizard, save, reboot.

Sometimes it does that with power surges or power cycles or if you are going in and making changes "too much" in the config wizard.