Pentair iChlor SWG - Further Reading

Pentair iChlor SWG

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The Pentair iChlor SWG is a lower end chlorine generators for pools with 15,000 gallons or less. TFP recommends that SWG capacity be at least 2X the pool volume.

The iChlor has two available models:

  • iChlor 15 (0.6) for pools up to 15,000 gallons Pentair says (TFP 7,500 gallons)
  • iChlor 30 (1.0) for pools up to 30,000 gallons Pentair says (TFP 15,000 gallons)

The iChlor cell can be mounted horizontally or vertically and powered by 120 volts or 240 volts with the PC100 Power Center or 120 volts with the IC15 External Power Pack.

iChlor chlorine generation levels can be adjusted in 1% increments and Pentair claims the cell can operate at flow rates down to 20 GPM.

The iChlor cell is a self contained unit with an integrated display and control panel. The only serviceable part is the Flow-Temperature Switch (P/N 523100) which it shares with the IntelliChlor and is replaceable. When the iChlor cell is replaced the controls are also replaced.

iChlor Power

The iChor30 connects to the Pentair PC1100 Power Center (P/N 520590) that it shares with the IntelliChlor. Through the PC100 Power Center the iChlor can connect to Pentair Automation Systems.

Output from the Power Center is 22-39 VDC @ 7.5 AMPS maximum.

The iChlor 15 uses its own External Power Pack with a 15 foot cord that plugs into a 120V outlet. The powerpack must be connected to a GFCI outlet.

The iChlor Installation Manual says:

CHLORINE GAS BUILDUP CAN OCCUR WITH IMPROPER WIRING: To reduce the risk of personal injury the iChlor SCG Power Center must be installed on an automation filter pump relay wired to the load side of the time clock, electronically controlled switch, or relay load side, so that it will receive power only when the pool pump is on. Otherwise, dangerous chlorine gas buildup can occur. The iChlor SCG should never be energized when the pool pump is OFF and water is not flowing through the unit.

Never use dry acid (sodium bisulfate) to adjust pH in arid geographic areas with excessive evaporation and minimal dilution of pool water with fresh water. A buildup of by-products can damage the iChlor SCG.

iChlor Salt levels

The iChlor Installation Manual says:

  • 3600 ppm of salt is recommended for optimum water condition.
  • Low salt concentration below 3000 ppm will reduce operating efficiency.
  • Low salt concentration below 2600 ppm will cause the unit to reduce production.
  • Low salt concentration below 2000 ppm will cause the unit to turn OFF.
  • High salt concentration above 4500 ppm may cause excessive corrosion or deterioration to pool equipment and surrounding surfaces in and around the pool.

Note: Salt measurements will vary between measuring devices (salt test strips, electronic testers, and titration). The salt sensor reading is within +/- 300 ppm accuracy.

iChlor Features

SmartSense Flow Detection

The SmartSense Flow Detection requires the PC100 Power Center and an Intelliflo VS pump. When the PC100 and the IntelliFlo Pump are connected together with a RS-485 connection the iChlor will only generate chlorine when the pump is running. In this standalone mode no timer or automation is needed to control the iChlor power.

SmartSense will not work with SuperFlo VS, VST, or other Pentair VS pumps.

The comm port on the IntelliFlo pump...

Pentair IntelliFlo Pump Comm Port.jpg

is connected using the Pentair Communication Cable for Intelliflo Pool Pumps (350122) that should have come with the pump...

Pentair IntelliFlo Comm Cable.jpg

to the green and yellow RS-485 connections in the PC100 Power Center.

Penatir PC100 RS-485 Connection.jpg

The red and black wires do not need to be connected.

SmartSense Cover Detection

SmartSense Cover Detection technology allows iChlor cells to receive a “pool cover” signal and reduce the chlorine output when the cover is closed

  • Will detect pool cover closed, and default to 5% output the first time.
  • Will allow user to set desired output for “cover closed” and will keep the setting for future “cover closed” events.
  • Under “cover closed” condition, will limit max. Output setting to 50%.
  • “Cover closed” signal is a dry contact input to the PC100 power center board.

Cover detection requires the Pentair iChlor PC100 PCB Control Board Pool Cover Capability Upgrade Kit 523216. The kit adds a board to the PC100 Power Center.[1]

The C on the display indicates the cover is closed and chlorine % is limited to a maximum of 50%.

Pentair iChlor with Cover Indicator.jpg

Cold Water shutoff

The iChlor will not produce chlorine below 52° F ±3° F (11° C, ±1.67° C).

Diagnostic Mode

To enter “Diagnostic Mode” press and hold the MORE button for 3 seconds, until light indicates you are in diagnostic mode.

While in “Diagnostic Mode”, you can advance to the next screen by pressing the MORE button. You will not be able to go back to the previous screen. You can only advance by pressing the MORE button.

The LESS button has different functions during diagnostic mode and will be explained further below.

Note: Be sure you are not in Output Percentage mode (Output flashing). In this mode, pressing and holding the MORE button will only fast-forward the output setting.

Usage Hours Meter

The iChlor provides a built-in cell “hours used” meter that reports how many hours iChlor has been operating. The iChlor SCG is designed to operate for approximately 10,000 hours before replacement is needed or roughly five (5) years of average use.

To access the usage meter through Diagnostic mode:

  • Press and hold the MORE button for three (3) seconds until the lights scroll across the unit.
  • The iChlor SCG will enter its diagnostic mode, showing hours of operation on the display.


Displays water temperature in either °F or °C.

While on this screen the user can switch between °F and °C by pressing the LESS button.


Displays last salinity level (ppm) recorded by the unit.

While on this screen the unit is able to take real-time salinity readings, which can be accessed by pressing the LESS button.

Cell Voltage

Displays last cell voltage recorded by the unit.

While on this screen the unit is able to take real-time cell voltage readings, which can be accessed by pressing the LESS button.

Note: If front panel orientation is flipped 180°, displayed voltage will not show the decimal point as it shows during factory-set orientation. For example, 22.4V will be displayed as 224.

Firmware Revision

Displays current firmware revision (r X.XX)

While on this screen the orientation of the user interface can be flipped 180° by pressing both (LESS and MORE) output buttons. This will allow for multiple types of installations.

Note: After flipping the user interface the button functionality will be swapped, and the display will be upside down. You will need to install a 180° overlay (included with every unit) in order to operate the unit in this mode.

iChlor Test Kit

Pentair has the iCHLOR SALT CHLORINE GENERATOR (SCG) TEST KIT (P/N 523449) that contains a cell stand and flow switch activator to test the cell off of the pool equipment pad.