What Is This? - Further Reading

Light Junction Box

Hayward Light Junction Box.jpg

Hayward light junction box.[1]

Autofill Pot

Autofill by Stetson.jpg

That's an auto-fill pot. The water level changes with the water level of the pool. If that float drops, it opens a water valve that directs water into the pool. It looks like a system made by Stetson.[2]

Check Valve Weight

Weight from the flapper from the check valve..jpg

Found in filter. Weight from the flapper from the check valve.[3]

Skimmer Basket with Weight

Skimmer Basket

Skimmer basket with weight on bottom.[4]



Used to plug skimmers when winterizing pool.

Jet Air Adjustment

Jet Air Valve.jpg

Sitting on top of the coping on the shallow end is a screw in plug when unscrewed water pours out.[5]

This is an air adjustment for for a spa jet.

Air tubes for step returns

Step Return Air Valves.png

Air tubes for the step returns. The step jets are probably venturi returns.[6]

Pentair Heater Air Grate

Pentair Heater Air Orifice Grate.jpg

Found in the pump basket during pool opening.[7] Pentair Air Orifice 77707-0111.

Grate from the heater that keeps debris out of the air orifice. It snaps in.

Coping Clips

Coping Clips.jpg

These are the coping clips to cover the seams.[8]

Solar Heater

Kokido Keops Solar Dome AGP Heater.jpg

Kokido Keops Solar Dome Above Ground Pool Water Heater[9]

Safety Grate

AquaStar 1.5" Safety Grate Insert.jpg

Grate that covers an equalizer line running to the skimmer.[10] AquaStar 1.5" Safety Grate Insert with 1.5" MPT

Pool Cleaner Ladder Baffle

Ladder Baffle for Pool Cleaner.jpg

The plate on the ladder is to keep an automatic pool cleaner like a Polaris from getting stuck behind the ladder.[11]