Safety Drains VGBA - Further Reading

Since December 2008 the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act has required all drains sold in the US, and thus installed in new pools, to be VGBA compliant. These are safety drain covers that prevent anyone from being sucked onto the drain and entrapped. They are mandatory primary safety devices that should be installed on all new pools.

VGBA compliant drains either have two round intakes spaced at least 36" apart, a large square drain, or a wide horizontal drain. VGBA intakes can be placed on the pool floor or on a wall.

The pool industry also pushes a safety vacuum release system in their more complicated and expensive pumps as a secondary safety system. The problem is the sensor will false alarm and shutdown your pump unexpectedly. It may be hours or days before you notice it. So if you get the pump understand it needs to be checked on quite often to make sure it is working properly. It is best to skip these kinds of pumps.

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