SWG Generation Cycle Times - Further Reading

SWG Generation Cycle Times

Most Salt Water Chlorine Generators (SWG) adjust their chlorine output by turning their generation on and off. The user sets the % the cycle should generate chlorine. Different models automatically turn their chlorine generation on and off with different time cycles. The cycle time of the SWG you have or are thinking of using can interact with your pump runtime.

A SWG with a long cycle time will not work well with the pump running in many short cycles.

Pentair Intellichlor ICXX & iChlor

Chlorine Generation

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0% No LEDs lit - No chlorine produced - IntelliChlor SCG is off.
2% 1 LED blinking - Produces chlorine for 64 seconds of every hour.
4% 2 LEDs blinking - Produces chlorine for 127 seconds of every hour.
6% 3 LEDs blinking - Produces chlorine for 16 seconds of each 5 minute period.
8% 4 LEDs blinking - Produces chlorine for 21 seconds of each 5 minute period.
10% 5 LEDs blinking - Produces chlorine for 27 seconds of each 5 minute period.
20% 1 LED solid - Produces chlorine for 53 seconds of each 5 minute period.
40% 2 LEDs solid - Produces chlorine for 106 seconds of each 5 minute period.
60% 3 LEDs solid - Produces chlorine for 159 seconds of each 5 minute period.
80% 4 LEDs solid - Produces chlorine for 212 seconds of each 5 minute period.
100% 5 LEDs solid - Produces chlorine for 265 seconds of each 5 minute period.

Polarity Changes

Page 2 & 15 [2] ... The SWG cell has a self-cleaning cycle which reverses the cell polarity, reducing calcium buildup. This feature turns the cell on and off at regular intervals to minimize calcium and scale buildup and further maximizes cell life

For the first thirty (30) days of cell operation, the self-cleaning cycle, is factory set to two (2) hours. After thirty (30) days has elapsed, the IntelliChlor SCG will automatically set itself to a three (3) hour self-cleaning cycle. This feature will clean the IntelliChlor SCG blades more often during the initial installation, then go to a more standard self-cleaning cycle for longer cell life.

Hayward Aquarite

  • 180 minutes

At 70%, it will generate for 126 minutes and then it will stop generating for 54 minutes. While not generating, Prologic will say percentage met, or Aquarite will have the generating led stay on when the switch is in auto even when it's not actually generating. The instant salinity and the amps will be zero when not generating.

Then, it will reverse polarity and a new 180 minute cycle will begin[3]

Output is scaled back to 20% at 60° F and output stops at 50° F If the temperature is 60 degrees or lower the output percentage is 20% of the selected %.

With Firmware Revision 1.55 (5/8/2009) the cycle time (reverses polarity) changed from 120 minutes (2 hrs) to 180 minutes (3 hrs).

Jandy AquaPure

The AquaPure has a 3 hour cycle time. The percentage setting will control how much the cell runs during the cycle.

For example, at 50%, the box will say "Cell On" for 1.5 hours then "Cell Resting" for 1.5 hours. Then, there is a two minute off time, then the box will say Cell Reversing for 1.5 hours, then Cell Resting for 1.5 hours etc.

Jandy AquaPure Ei

Th Jandy Aquapure Ei has a 10 minute cycle time and a 5 hour time to reverse polarity. For example at 40% the cell will run four (4) min. every ten (10) min.

The Jandy AquaPure Ei is a reversable polarity cell which means that for every five (5) hours of operation the cell will switch its polarity to help prevent any build up of calcium on the cell plates. This is sometimes referred to as the automated cell cleaning feature. During the transition between changing its polarity there is a five (5) minute wait time when the cell will not produce any chlorine. Once it has changed polarity it will continue to make chlorine.

NOTE: ‘CLEANING’ will be displayed on the screen during the five (5) minute ‘WAIT’ period. The output level indicator will remain as set during the cleaning period).



  • 180 minutes


  • 120 minutes


  • The cycle is 180 minutes. So, 48% means 86 minutes on and 94 minutes off. Then, the polarity reverses and a new cycle begins.
  • During the off part of the cycle, the instant salinity and amps will be 0.[4]