Pentair IntelliFlo Pumps - Further Reading

Pentair IntelliFlo Pumps

IntelliFlo is Pentair's family of variable speed (VS) pumps that connect to Pentair Automation Systems using a RS-485 data communication cable. When connected to an automation system the pump is controlled by the automation system and the display on the pump display "DISPLAY NOT ACTIVE'. Otherwise the IntelliFlo pump is controlled by its control panel on the top rear of the pump.

The IntelliFlo and IntelliPro pumps are the only VS pump that can be fully controlled by Pentair Automation Systems. The IntelliPro pumps have Ste-Rite pump form factor and are drop in replacements for them.

The IntelliFlo control panel has 8 programmable speed settings and built-in timer. Four speed settings are accessible by buttons on the control panel and four speed settings are used for scheduled speeds.

The 2020 Pentair Pump Parts Catalog shows the parts commonality across the product line.


  • IntelliFlo VS - 011018 - Discontinued - is a basic VS pump
  • IntelliFlo VS - 011028 - replaced the 011028 - It has a new rotatable keypad for easy access and has an optional wall mount kit that’s sold separately. It has has 2" plumbing
  • IntelliFlo VST - 011055 - Discontinued - replaced by 011056
  • IntelliFlo VSF - 011056 - allows the pump to be set to maintain a speed or a flow in GPM. The pump will automatically increase pump speed to maintain the set flow.
  • IntelliFlo VS+SVRS - 011057 - The IntelliFlo VS+SVRS pump features a system that automatically shuts off when it detects drain blockage. This variable speed pool pump features a system that automatically shuts off when it detects drain blockage, providing an important layer of protection against entrapment. This pump is NOT RECOMMENDED unless required by local regulation. The SVRS feature is too sensitive to minor fluctuations and can find your pump shut off with no notice.
  • IntelliFloXF VS - 022055 - this is a drop-in replacement for WhisperFlo® pump and optional riser base for easy Challenger® pump replacement with 2.5" plumbing. Pentair says the pump can accommodate high flow demands that are needed to power water features like waterfalls, slides, negative edges and more.
  • IntelliFloXF VS - 022056 - same as 022055 with flow control

IntelliFlo VS+SVRS to VSF Upgrade

A member bought a SVRS pump that never worked because the pump site elevation over the pool is higher than SVRS vacuum trigger can tolerate.[1] Based on the parts catalog[2] he removed SVRS drive # 356910Z and replaced with VSF drive #356880Z keeping the old keypad. Cost was $530 without the keypad.

Pump Drive

The pump drive (VFD) is the control panel and electronics that control the variable speed motor. The drive connects to the motor using 3 wires. The motor is a 3 phase motor. The VFD converts the incoming single phase 240V AC to DC and then it generates a "digital" AC 3-phase output with the correct frequency based on the motor speed setting.[3]

The drive is not repairable and the motor cannot be hot wired to 240V AC without a functional drive.

The drive is an expensive component and based on the cost of the drive vs. the whole pump, you should consider buying a new pump versus the drive separately.

IntelliFlo Bonding Lug

IntelliFlo pumps have a odd bonding lug with a longer arm since they connect to the pump screw under the rear cover. These lugs can rust out after a few years. Pentair does not have them in their parts catalog or sell them.

The replacement is Panduit CO35-36SL-QY.[4] There are multiple sources for them online. [5]