Pentair UltaTemp Heat Pump - Further Reading

Pentair UltaTemp Heat Pump

The Pentair UltraTemp is a Heat Pump with models having 70,000 to 140,000 BTUs of heating capacity. Some models include a chiller capability.

UltraTemp Power Requirements

All models require 230V AC power and except for the 70,000 BTUs, which requires a 40A circuit breaker, other models require a 50A circuit breaker.

Pentair Heat Pump Calculator

Pentair has a Heat Pump Calculator to determine the appropriate size Heat Pump for your location.

Automation Control

The UltraTemp Heat Pump can be controlled by Pentair automation - IntelliCEnter, IntelliTouch, Easy Touch.

UltraTemp and MasterTemp Heaters Together

You can have both a Pentair MasterTemp gas heater and a UltraTemp Heat Pump on a pool. They are plumbed in line and hooked up to the IntelliCenter via RS-485 cable. In the programming you have a choice of heaters for your spa and/or pool.

The automation is supposed to regulate temperature via the heat pump 1st - if it can not maintain temp it reverts to the gas heater. But after that it does not go back to the heat pump to maintain. You have to switch it manually.[1]

UltraTemp Chiller Mode

When in chiller mode Pentair forgot to link the temperature differential up to the chiller portion. So if you have a chiller set point of 87 degrees, and your temperature bounces back and forth between 88 and 87 degrees - your fan will cycle on/off, on/off, on/off until the temperature is a constant 87 degrees. That will eventually burn the fan motor up.[2]