Sand Filter Use and Care - Further Reading

Sand Filter

Sand filters capture particles down to 20-40 microns.

A slightly dirty sand filter works better at capturing and filtering stuff. Only backwash when your filter pressure raises 25% over your baseline clean pressure.

Adding a small amount of DE (diatomaceous Earth) can improve the filtering capability of a sand filter. Pool grade DE should be used, food, pet or garden grade will not work.[1]

Sand and Alterative Media

The sand in a pool sand filter is #20 silica sand; 45 - 55 mm.

Be aware that members have had issues with Quiikrete pool sand.[2] A search in the Forum can provide more information about the issues.

TFP recommends using pool sand. There is no need for an alternative media like glass.

How to Deep Clean a Sand Filter?

Deep Cleaning a Sand Filter has instructions with pics of the deep cleaning process.


My sand is "channeled" how to fix it?

  • Open up the filter so the sand bed is exposed.[3]
  • Stick a garden hose into the sand and turn on the water. The sand should loosen up and all the dirt and gunk should float and overflow out of the filter.
  • You might need to stir up the sand a bit. Keep this up until the water overflowing out of the filter is clean.
  • If any sand is clumped together CAREFULLY break it up with something like a broom handle but BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO DAMAGE THE LATERALS. You will be surprised at how much stuff this gets out of your filter that backwashing doesn't and I feel this 'deep cleaning' should be done yearly.
  • This should take care of the channeling but if the sand has a lot of calcium deposits you might want to follow this up with an acidic sand filter cleaner from the pool store.
  • GENTLY tap on the sand tank with a rubber mallot and watch the pressure gauge climb about 2 psi.