Jandy TruClear SWG - Further Reading

Jandy TruClear SWG

The Jandy TruClear is an entry level SWG that Jandy specifies as being for pools up to 35,000 gallons. TFP recommends a SWG be 2X the pool volume and the TruClear is best used in pools 17,500 gallons or less.

The TruClear cell will generate 0.93 lbs (420 gm) per day if run for 24 hours.

Power can be 120 volts or 240 volts 50/60 Hz using 2 to 4 amps. Output to the cell is 25 volts DC maximum.

The TruClear will operate at flow rates of 20 GPM and above.

There are two versions of the TruClear cell available. What Jandy calls the "Standard Installation" where the cell housing is glued in place and what Jandy calls the "Retrofitted Installation" which can be used in new installations where threaded unions are built into the cell housing.

TruClear Power Pack

Jandy TruClear Control Box.jpg

The power pack must be installed at least 2 feet (0.6 m) vertically off the ground. Ensure the power pack is protected from direct water exposure from sprinklers, water runoff from rooftops and drainage.

In the US, the power pack must be installed at least 1.5 m (5 ft.) from the inside wall of your swimming pool or spa; in Canada, the power pack must be installed at least 3 m (10 ft.) from the inside wall of your swimming pool or spa.

Power Pack is 10 in. x 4.5 in. x 13 in. (L x W x H)

The Jandy TruClear Installation Manual says:

The power pack must be interlocked/interconnected with the pool pump motor power source to ensure that the chlorinator only operates when the pool pump is operating. The flow sensor feature of the Jandy TruClear is intended to be used as a backup only and should not be used as the sole source of flow detection.

TruClear Cell

Jandy TruClear Cell.jpg

The cell must be installed horizontally with the cord facing upwards to avoid buildup of flammable gases which can result in FIRE OR EXPLOSION.

The cell must be installed on a 16 Inch (40cm) horizontal length of pipe after the heaters, pumps, and filters, as the last piece of equipment in the circulation plumbing system before the pool inlet. The removed segment will be 6 inches for a standard installation (no threaded unions) and 14.5 inches for the retrofit installation (with threaded unions).

There are arrows on the top of the cell that indicate the direction the water must flow. If the flow direction of the water does not match the arrows on the housing, the cell will malfunction.

The TruClear Installation Manual warns:[1]

  • If the chlorinator is used with an in-floor cleaning system, it must be installed in a separate dedicated return line or damage to the chlorinator will occur.
  • NOTE Do not install the chlorinator on in-floor systems that do not have a dedicated pool return as shown in Figure 8.

The cell is 6.5 in. x 5.5 in. x 12 in.(L x W x H)

TruClear Replacement Parts

There are few replacement parts for the TruClear system.

For the cell:

  • TruClear Cell, Replacement (no Housing) - R0693900
  • TruClear Housing, Replacement (no Cell) - R0694000
  • TruClear O-Ring, Replacement - R0694100
  • O-Ring Tail Piece - R0449200

For the Power Pack:

  • TruClear11P Power Pack Cover Replacement - R0663800
  • TruClear PCB, Replacement Assembly - R0802300
  • TruClear Cover Screw Set - R0609400
  • TruClear Transformer Assembly - R0802400

TruClear Connection to Aqualink

The TruClear Power Pack can be connected to an Aqualink system.

The Power Pack comes with a slide out RS-485 connector that gets connected to the Aqualink RS-485 block.

When connected to an Aqualink system the TruClear display will show STANDBY and 0%.

The TruClear does not capture a salinity reading from your pool. When connected to an automation system, the target salinity level of 3000ppm will be displayed. "General Error" will show as a result of low salt, low temp or a combination of both.

TruClear Flow Monitoring with Jandy VS pumps

The Jandy TruClear chlorination system with Firmware Revision F or later, can monitor the state of the Jandy Variable Speed Pump so that the TruClear does not operate if the Jandy Variable Speed Pump is not running.

A four wire RS-485 cable is connected between the TruClear Power Pack and the Jandy VS Pump to ensure that the chlorinator only operates when the pool pump is running. With this connection no timer for the TruClear is required.

TruClear Salt Requirements

Turn the power pack off by pressing and holding the ON/Off button for 6 seconds before adding any salt.

  • 3,000 ppm of salt is recommended for optimum water conditions.
  • Low salt concentration below 2,500 ppm will cause premature cell failure.
  • High salt concentration above 6,000 ppm may cause corrosion damage to pool fixtures.

TruClear Operation

Cycle Time and Polarity Reversal

Jandy recommends if your Total Hardness is above 400ppm or you reside in an area known to have hard water you should change the polarity reversal time from the default of 5 hours to every 3 hours.

To change the polarity reversal time to 3 hours press the up and down arrows simultaneously to access the Service Menu.


BOOST mode will give maximum chlorine output for up to 24 hours.

Press the UP and RIGHT arrow buttons simultaneously to turn on BOOST mode.

BOOST mode will turn off after 24 hours.

Press the left arrow button to turn off BOOST mode.

LOW Mode

LOW mode will minimize chlorine output.

Press the down arrow and right arrow buttons simultaneously to turn on LOW mode.

LOW mode will stay on indefinitely.

Press the left arrow button to turn off BOOST mode.