Jandy Aqualink RS - Further Reading

Jandy Aqualink RS

Jandy Aqualink RS systems provide automation for your pool, spa, and backyard.


Controlling Pentair Intelliflo Pumps

Jandy Aqualink Installation Manual[1] section 3.2.7 describes how to connect a Pentair Intelliflo pump to the Aqualink.

While the Aqualink RS can control an Intelliflo VS pump it cannot control the VF functions of a VSF pump.

At one time Jandy's F/W was made to talk with the IntelliFlo VS. Then Pentair developed a new pump that was both a VS and VF pump, the VSF. Jandy's F/W has never been updated to drive the VF portion of the VSF pump.

Speculation is several years ago the Big Three (Hayward, Jandy and Pentair) decided to share their RS-485 code, so that they could control each others equipment. Not sure why that did not continue, but as time went on, the firmware running all these systems has changed, but the Big Three no longer keep this interchangeabilty in mind when they update their firmware.[2]

This is the main reason that we always recommend the same brand for products that need to "talk" to each other. It just makes things easier for installation and warranty issue.

Spa Drain/Fill

The spa water level can be drained or filled from the outdoor panel. SPA DRAIN and SPA FILL button are on the top left.

  • Put the panel in SERVICE Mode
  • Press SPA DRAIN. Turn off pump when spa at the required level
  • Leave panel in SERVICE mode while you do repairs
  • Press SPA FIL.
  • Turn off FILTER PUMP when spa is full
  • Return panel to AUTO
Jandy RS8 Control Panel

Auxilary Functions

Jandy RS Dip Switches

The dip switches are in the upper left of the load panel to the left of the control panel. See section 7 of the AquaLink RS Control Panel Installation Manual.[3]


Dip switch #1 makes AUX1 be labeled CLEANER.

If you have a pressure cleaner is powered by a pump then the booster pump should be connected to a relay connected to AUX1.

If a non-booster pump cleaner is installed, plug the JVA into the cleaner JVA socket.

Spillover Mode

If you have a pool and spa you can enable the Spillover function with dip switch #3 on the main panel. When switch #3 is on then AUX3 becomes the spillover control. If you have any relay connected to AUX3 you need to move it to an available Aux position.

With Spillover turned on by Aux3 the POOL/SPA return valve will move to the SPA position. Water will be suctioned by the pool and returned to the spa.

Automationg a Water Feature Valve

You may have a water feature that is manually controlled by a diverter valve. You can control that valve from your Aqualink in two ways:

1 - If you are not using a cleaner pump connected to Aux1 then you can...

- connect the waterfall JVA actuator to the CLEANER socket - put dip switch 1 ON that enables the cleaner function - if you have something connected to AUX1 you need to move it to another AUX relay as AUX1 becomes the cleaner - you will find AUX1 is labeled CLEANER and I believe you can rename it to WATERFALL

When you select AUX1 the JVA should turn and enable your waterfall.

Actuator control circuit

2 - Or you can control an actuator using a high voltage AUX relay using this circuit. Aux relays use two wires - 24 VDC and ground. Valve actuators use three wires - two 24 VAC lines and ground. AC on one line will turn the valve one way and AC on the other line will turn the valve the other way.

You could use the Aux relay to control the 24 VAC so that it will turn the valve using the following circuit. But normal Aux relays won't work as they do not have any Normally Closed contacts. You need a relay that has NC and NO contacts.

How to Upgrade Jandy Aqualink RS4 to RS6?

Jandy AquaLink CPU Board

Replace the CPU board.[4] Always some on ebay but be careful of warranty issues. The are very easy to swap out takes like 10 minutes. System will need to be totally re-programmed when done. The instructions that come with them explain what to do. Make sure to get a current rev though a lot of people sell their old boards when the upgrade.