Booster Pumps - Further Reading

Booster Pumps

Booster pumps are a specialty 3/4 horsepower pump for pressure side pool cleaners. You will find Polaris/Jandy, Hayward, and Pentair each have a standard 3/4 Horsepower pump and an newer "Energy Efficient" model pump. Since booster pumps are typically run for a few hours per day at most you will need to decide the value of an energy efficient booster pump for your pool.

A Pool Professional member tested, on several occasions, the Polaris PB4SQ and Pentair LA-MS05 Boost Rite with a true watt meter to show customers and found both use about 45% less energy than a standard booster.[1]

Almost all of the booster pumps are 3/4 horsepower single speed pumps with a 1.5 SF giving 1.25 THP.

  • Polaris/Zodiac/Jandy PB4-60 pump - dual voltage (230/115V); .75 HP motor with 1.25 THP; 3/4" Softube Quick Connect fittings
  • Polaris/Zodiac/Jandy PB4SQ pump - dual voltage (230/115V); 3/4" inlet/outlet size; 4 stage impeller; comes with 4 quick connectors and softube hose. The Polaris PB4SQ booster pump has been plagued with pinhole leaks and cracks in the housing. Polaris now has a redesigned housing with visible reinforcements. See Polaris Pool Cleaners for pictures of the reinforced housing.
  • Hayward 6060 booster pump - dual voltage (230/115V); .75 HP motor with 1.25 THP; does not include optional 3/4" retrofit hose kit, P/N 6060HKIT; uses 1½″ union fittings or 3/4″ hose barb union adapters
  • Hayward Booster Pump 300 - dual voltage (230/115V); .75 HP motor with 1.25 THP; single stage impeller; includes hose kit with 1½″ union fittings, 3/4″ hose barb union adapters and flexible hose
  • Pentair LA01N pump - dual voltage (230/115V); .75 HP motor with 1.5 SF giving 1.25 THP; provides 50 psi at 12 GPM; single stage impeller; hose and adapters included
  • Pentair LA-MS05 Boost-Rite booster - dual voltage (230/115V); 1.1 HP motor with a 1.0 SF; provides 50 psi@ 13.2 US GPM; 1" inlet/outlet; 5 stage impeller; includes Hose Adapter Kit (353040)
  • Pentair HydroBoost™ Booster Pump - replaces Boost-Rite pump - dual voltage (230/115V); 0.8 HP motor; provides 50 psi at 13.2 GPM; 1" fittings; 5 stage impeller; includes Hose Adapter Kit (360526)
  • Waterway Universal Booster pump - dual voltage (230/115V); .75 HP motor with 1.25 THP; single stage impeller; includes hose kit
  • PuriTech Uniboost Booster Pump - dual voltage (230/115V); 1.5 THP, multistage impeller; 1" inlet/outlet; includes hoses and adapters. Looks like a copy of the Pentair LA-MS05 pump.[2]

Booster pumps can be connected to the pool plumbing using using flexible hose and hose barbs or hard piped and unions.

Some pool builders use 1.5" plumbing all the way to the dedicated cleaner port in a pool. They can be used for suction or pressure cleaners depending on what comes out of the ground. Others have 3/4" plumbing coming out of the ground that can't be converted to suction-type cleaners. Other builders used 3/4" - 1" plumbing all the way to the pool as they never intended anything other than the original Arneson Pool Sweep to be used (Polaris wasn't out yet).[3]

Booster Pump Installation

Unless required by a local code, the booster pump need not be bolted down.

Installation should be as close as possible to a filtered water return line and a convenient location for servicing.

The booster pump must always be connected to the return line on the discharge side of filter. Never connect the suction side booster pump ahead of the filter.

Suction side of the booster pump must be connected to the return line after the heater. Except on solar installation,never connect suction side of booster pump ahead of filter or heater. Keep the booster pump a minimum of 3 feet from the heater.

NEC requires all pool pumps, including booster pumps, to be connected to a GFCI circuit breaker.