Calimar/Circupool/BD/Blue Torrent Pump - Further Reading

Calimar/Circupool/BD/Blue Torrent Pump

Asia Connection LLC, which imports products from China, sells the identical pumps through various distributors.[1] The pumps are sold by:

The pump is variable speed, 220V only, comes in 1.5 HP, 2HP and 3HP models, has a built-in control panel, and is Energy Star certified. The pump can operate at speeds ranging between 450 and 3450 RPM

Calimar VS Pump.jpg

All of these pumps show the same Energy Star partner with identical specs. Compare photos and look at manuals for each you can find. You'll see the same diagrams, parts, and instructions.

The B+D pump comes with an additional adjustable base "spacer/platform" that may optionally be used to position the pump a bit higher and minimize required PVC work on a pump swap.

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CircuPool SmartFlo Ultra-Efficient Variable Speed Pump - Installation and Operation Guide

Black+Decker Variable Speed Pumps Instruction Manual


Warranty's vary by the distributor:

  • CaliMar - 1 year
  • CircuPool - 3 year pump/1 year motor warranty
  • Black+Decker - 5 years
  • Blue Torrent - TBD?

Read the warranty and contact information in the back of each manual if you care about the warranty. The warranty and the price seems to be the main difference between the pumps.

One member reported the following experience with CaliMar warranty:

The pump was easy as any to install and get up and running. It was quiet and appeared to be a good deal. It has now failed (inverter hardware failure), Aug 2022, within the 1 yr warranty period. I have been trying to contact Claimar and they will not answer their phone, return phone calls, or return emails. If you purchase a Calimar pump I would assume that it actually comes with no warranty, not a 1 yr warranty. Either purchase another brand, an extended 3rd party warranty, or be prepared to throw it out if you have an issue in within 1 yr.[2]

Confirm the warranty you are getting, if you care, as they may change.


Parts are available for the CaliMar VS Pump that members believe can be used to repair the other models.


CircuPool has the SmartFlo Interface Kit and Calimar has their identical Automation Panel (which may cost less)[3] that seems to work with all the pump and operates a SmartFlo's motor with a 3rd party automation system such as the Hayward Goldline Pro Logic, Pentair Easytouch, Jandy Aqualink, and Intermatic controls using available high voltage relays. The automation board is compatible with the Calimar, Circupool, and B+D pumps and allows for control of the speeds with relays.[4]

CircuPool SmartFlo Automatic Adapter can select up to 3 speeds using a relay in the automation system for each speed. Speeds are set on the pump control panel, not in the automation system.

Freeze Protection

The CircuPool SmartFlo manual has the following description:

As a back-up, the SmartFlo has a built-in freeze protection mode to help ensure the water circulates when temperatures begin to get cold. If there is not already scheduled or manually set operation when temperatures get down to approximately 40°F, the pump will begin to run continuously at 1000 RPM. The snowflake icon on the display will turn on.

The Black+Decker manual has instructions for changing freeze settings.

Black+Decker VSP with DIY Pool Controller

This thread describes an impressive DIY controller setup with the B+D VS pump.