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Pentair Automation System Comparison is a chart comparing the features and capabilities of the various Pentair automation systems.

Pentair 2023 Automation catalog lists the various systems and accessories available.

Pentair Automation Parts Catalog lists the parts available.

Pentair Automation Programming

Aux Circuits and Feature Circuits do exactly the same thing, except that Aux Circuits are connected to relays and Feature Circuits are not.

Aux Circuits are normally used to control external things that need 120 or 240 VAC power, such as Single Speed pumps, lights, blower motors, etc.

Feature Circuits are used to control Internal things, such as VS pump speeds, valve movements, anything that the main board controls.[1]

You can use a Aux Circuit to do anything that a Feature Circuit does, but it would just be a waste of a relay.

Once you program one action, things start to fall into place.

Aux Circuits are fixed and can't be changed.. Such as Aux1, 2, 3, 4, etc and Feature 1, 2, etc...

Circuit Names are what you call a Circuit so that you know what the circuit does.. So you can Name Aux 1, "Pool Lights" or anything else you want.

Circuit Functions only need to be used for specific things. They are used when you want to tell the automation that this Circuit is special. A good example is if you have IntelliBrite lights. The system has to know these are special lights so that it can control them using the right on/off cycle of the relay. I recommend that you never use a Function unless it is absolutely needed. You can always add it later.. Functions can cause weird problem and are not needed in most cases.

If you have an IntelliFlo VS pump, it is controlled by serial cable and not a relay, so the IntelliFlo's AC power does not go through any relay. It is wired from the breaker directly to the pump.


IntelliCenter Quick Reference/Information Guide answers basic questions recently regarding IntelliCenter installation, configurations and standard operation.

IntelliCenter is Pentair's newest automation system that was released in the fourth quarter of 2018. The IntelliCenter is based on similar automation logic as the EasyTouch and updated the hardware. The IntelliCenter outdoor panel has a color touch screen controls, integrated WiFi and app communication (while the EasyTouch requires adding ScreenLogic), firmware updates to the panel by USB key or OTA (Over The Air), and other improved features in the software. Pentair future development is going into the IntelliCenter and not EasyTouch.

The IntelliCenter has 100 schedule/programs.

The IntelliCenter has integrated remote control by a PC, phone or tablet. IntelliCenter does not need optional ScreenLogic that is used on the EasyTouch and IntelliTouch systems.

The screws holding the front panels are 8x32 threads 5/8 inch long.

Pentair IntelliCenter Review and Information covers user experiences with the system.

How Many Valve Actuators Can the IntelliCenter Have?

If you put three expansion enclosures on an intelliCenter you can control 8 valves - A through H. Basically 2 additional valves for each panel beyond the POOL/SPA suction and return valves. Total of 10 valves.

According to this Pentair document you can also add valve module P/N 520285 to an expansion enclosure and it gives you 3 additional valves.

IntelliValve Support

The 5-position feature of the IntelliValves will NOT function until Pentair releases the applicable firmware update.

That firmware update is reported now to occur in two phases (Phase I - adding RS-485 support on both the actuator side and IntelliCenter side and Phase II. - more advanced valve controls added to IntelliCenter features.)

Completion of Phase I should occur sometime after this next IntelliCenter firmware update (coming soon) and Phase II completion around Q4 of 2023. It's reported that IntelliValve support is the next major project for the software dev team after this next update.[2]

EasyTouch/IntelliTouch versus IntelliCenter

The IntelliCenter is easier to operate, you don't need add-ons to get remote access, and it is overall more responsive. It's control panels are better laid out, are cheaper, and it is network ready on the board. It is also much more capable and the firmware can be upgraded OTA. There is already equipment on the market that includes heaters, pumps, and chemistry controllers that will never have full support on a Touch system, even with a firmware upgrade. Maybe the EasyTouch/IntelliTouch will be ok today but that concrete pond will be there a while.[3]

We don't know whether Pentair is still continuing full production for Touch systems but guess they are on the other side of the hill toward the end of life. It has had a good run but the processes used to create the boards, processor, and supporting chips don't have the factory space like they used to and the writing is on the wall.

EasyTouch/IntelliTouch Upgrade to IntelliCenter

Pentair has the IntelliTouch/EasyTouch to IntelliCenter Upgrade Kit.[4] This replaces the top panel with the IntelliCenter board.

This pool automation upgrade kit will bring your EasyTouch® or IntelliTouch® Control System up-to-date with all the features of the IntelliCenter Control System.

There are six different SKUs depending on if your Load Center was built between 2003-2012 or 2012 or later. And if you need Pool only, Pool/Spa, or Dual System controls.[5]

IntelliTouch/EasyTouch to Next Gen Upgrade Kit SKUs
Load Center i10P i10PS i10D
2003-2012 522045 522046 523218
2012 or later 522047 522048 523049

Each Upgrade Kit Includes the outdoor control panel; i10P/ i10PS/i10D personality board, shared equipment (board depends on P/N ordered); Transformer bracket assembly; Wireless antenna kit. The 2012 or later kits also include 4-AMP and 5-AMP circuit breakers.

This thread described how to upgrade an EasyTouch to IntelliCenter. Even if you have an IntelliChlor SCG reset button bracket that the manual says cannot be done.

IntelliCenter Alternative Web Clients and Home Automation Integration

IntelliCenter Web Client and its Possible Alternatives and IntelliCenter Home Automation Integration and Control discuss member development in connecting to the IntelliCenter.

IntelliCenter High Power Wireless Link Kit

A new “High Power Wireless Link Kit,” has replaced the EnGenius WiFi Link Kit (Primary Client Bridge) (P/N 522475Z).[6] These new link kits (523557) began shipping with newer IntelliCenter bundled kits, January 30, 2021. The new kits have two (2) transceivers. One transceiver connects to the user’s router and the other connects to the IntelliCenter. The following is reported:

  • Connection range is significantly better.
  • Establishes a proprietary secure bridge between the two transceivers which automatically negotiates the connection.
  • Allows for auto configuration and formatting (plug and play).

Note: For any users that are experiencing Wi-Fi issues with the older wifi kit and if your unit is under warranty, contact Pentair Tech Support for assistance. The older wireless kits are “field replaceable” with the newer kits.

Pentair kit 523557 (XCVR ASSY HPW 900MHZ INTELLICENTER) - includes 523434, 544425 and a blue ethernet patch cable:[7]

  • 523434 (LINK WIRELESS HIGHPOWER WETH) - includes indoor and outdoor transceivers, power adapter and 4 conductor wire for RS-485.
  • 544425 (CABLE POE/ETHERNET HIGH POWER WIRELESS BUNDLE) - includes gray ethernet cable, black PoE adapter and cable restrainer.
Pentair IntelliCenter 900Mhz Link Kit.jpg

IntelliCenter Alternative Wireless Link

A member successfully used the TPLink CPE210, in Client mode, placed inside a TICONN Enclosure and the the POE connector found in Pentair's High Power Wireless Link PoE/Ethernet Cable Bundle (Pentair 544425) to connect to his network with no issues.[8]

IntelliCenter EnGenius WiFi Link Kit Does Not Find WiFi Network

The EnGenius WiFi Link Kit included in the early IntellCenter units seems to have a problem with WiFi networks where the SSID name has non-alphabetic characters. If the IntelliCenter is not showing your WiFi network make it a simple name with all letters.[9]

Some people will configure their guest network name to work with the EnGenius WiFi Link Kit.

The EnGenius WiFi Link Kit uses the 2.4ghz WiFi band and it has to be enabled. The EnGenius WiFi Link Kit will not connect to a 5Ghz only WiFi network.

IntelliCenter Network Communications

IntelliCenter stands up a server on the Outdoor Control Panel (OCP) that is truly local and on the local network. For its relay functions in the cloud, a socket is established to relay the information from the local server to the gateway proxy in the cloud. In both cases a TCP over Ethernet connection must be established to the OCP. This can be either Wifi or a direct hardwired Ethernet LAN connection. All the wireless bridge or the long range adapter is doing is connecting the OCP to your LAN via Ethernet.[10]

So there is no difference between a Wifi connection to IntelliCenter vs a hardwired LAN connection except that Wifi can have spotty connectivity. In the case of the original EnStupid adapter it had issues renegotiating after a connection was interrupted. It is just a consumer device that can be used to connect a wired network device to a wireless network that overpromised and underdelivered.

Bear in mind your pool equipment is typically installed in a location that has little or no Wifi connectivity. The path from your Wifi antenna doesn't like it when you travel through walls embedded with chicken wire or through that SUV parked in the garage. These days a wired Ethernet connection should be standard on a pool pad. For that matter it should be in garages as well. We are dealing regulated consumer radio so the range and reliability is dramatically reduced when you try to travel through walls, refrigerators, cars, stucco, or metal siding.

If you are losing connection consistently, improving the signal between the OCP and your network will likely alleviate the drops. In an effort to improve this connection, Pentair began shipping a point-to-point wireless bridge that has better reliability and greater range. The primary difference from EnStupid is that the transceiver radios are matched to communicate with each other. This both limits the traffic over the radio and improves the reliability because the frequency can be reduced and the antenna power can be increased. Hence the improvement at the outer reaches of the network. Bear in mind this is not a proprietary tech device and any bridge will do. Heck you can get versions of these that will reliably link to equipment that is miles away if you don't mind having to drive to your pool.

Pentair was also smart enough not to include a wireless connection on the motherboard. Imagine how effective that would be inside a metal box. Even with an external antenna the chances of success would be terrible given all the signal noise on the pad. And kudos to them for not foisting a proprietary comms device on its users this time around.

Where this differs from the ScreenLogic implementation for EasyTouch and IntelliTouch is that the socket server is located on the bridge hardware (ScreenLogic Adapter) and connected to RS485 over radio. This adapter then connects to the local LAN and relays to the cloud. With IntelliCenter, Pentair has simply eliminated the need for external proprietary hardware. The capabilities of the processor on the main board have been dramatically improved. It is also using some of the most current SoCs for Ethernet connectivity. The ScreenLogic Adapter is simply a wireless RS485 transceiver with a web socket server running on it. Unfortunately, its firmware makes it proprietary.

IntelliCenter Firmware Updates

There has been the following major firmware releases for the IntelliCenter:

  • 1.047 - Initial IntelliCenter firmware
  • 1.064 - first release to support Over The Air (OTA) updates and IntelliCenter2 app and website
  • 2.006 - released in January 2023 and then pulled back by Pentair due to any bugs.
  • 2.017 - released in June 2023. FW Version 2.017 has all the enhancements of previous builds including 2.006. Reported fixes are:[11]
    • ICENTER-1492 The Opened/Closed state of covers on OCP does not reflect on app. << critical fixed
    • ICENTER-1417 FW v2.010 Shared Body: A new Pool schedule (set for a future time) causes running Spa schedule to turn off in subpanels << critical fixed
    • ICENTER-1407 FW v2: VSF pump does not run when Speed/Flow circuit is set for a heater
    • ICENTER-1351 SPACMD button LED does not remain on for pool in single body
    • ICENTER-1199 Solar cooling does not turn off upon solar temperature change
    • ICENTER-1226 No pool covers shown in single body
    • ICENTER-9732 THW getting stuck at "Loading Please Wait." window after reset (Press and Hold Reset button for 10 seconds) - Reported by ******* (Field Testing).

Updating IntelliCenter with USB Drive

Backup your system settings to a USB drive before initiating a firmware upgrade.

Settings --> Advanced System Configuration --> Import/Export --> Export System Configuration --> Export to USB


  • Use a 4GB to 8GB USB drive.
  • Do not have any other software installed on the USB stick.
  • Shut down power to the load center, wait for half a minute then re-power the load center then try to access the stick.
  • You must update to 1.047 before you can update to 1.064. Once you are on 1.064 the updates can be done over the network connection.
  • Make sure you choose Update From USB and not try the other options first.
  • Do not remove the USB adapter until you have the screen says to remove it.

In the worst case scenario you may need to reset the panel to factory settings. Before you do that back up the current configuration so you can restore it later.[12]

How to Revert Back IntelliCenter Firmware

To go back to a previous firmware, hold the reset button on the panel until the screen goes blank. Once it comes back on you’ll see the Pentair on the screen. On the lower right corner of that page will be a cog/settings icon. If you tap on that, there is an option to revert back to previously installed firmware versions.[13]

1. Press RESET on the panel.

2. Once the OCP reboots, press the gears icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

Pentair IntelliCenter Boot Screen.jpg

3. In the Options Window, select the Switch Firmware Version

IntelliCenter Boot Options Screen.jpg

4. Find Firmware v1.064 and select it.

IntelliCenter Switch Firmware Version Screen.jpg

5. Press the checkmark.

6. Tap the "Back" Arrow.

7. The OCP should then revert back to v1.064

IntelliFlo Pump Out-of_Date Firmware Warning

Pentair IntelliCenter Intelliflo Firmware Warning.png

If you have a Intelliflo 011056 pump you will need to call Pentair to send someone to update the pump firmware (3.03/3.04 were troublesome).

If you have a Intelliflo3 pump (011075, 011076, 011077) you should be able to initiate a firmware update thru the Pentair home app with the IntelliCenter in service mode.

IntelliCenter RS-485 Connections

If you have the IntelliChlor Power Center card it has three RS-485 COMM connectors on the bottom, left, and right sides. You can insert two wires under each screw without problems.

IntelliCenter IntelliChlor Power Center card.jpg

Pool Cover Card

Pentair has a Pool Cover Card P/N 522039Z that installs in the expansion slot of the IntelliCenter and tells the IntelliCenter if the cover is open or closed. The Pool Cover Card Installation Manual can be found attached to this post.

A member reported the following about the Pool Cover Card[14]:

I did have a Pentair rep out to the house to help my PB set up my new Intellicenter (this is new for them, this is only the 2nd one they have done, use Easy Touch as standard), and I did talk with him about it. He told me I need a separate low voltage wire to the cover box, and that hooks up somewhere on the motor side of the cover. Luckily, we did run a separate conduit to the cover, as this new wire should not run in the same conduit as the high voltage wire.

Once hooked up, we can program the Intellicenter to know if the cover is open or closed. With that information, we can then control the SWCG to run at different percentages if the cover is closed or open, have the lights not turn on if the cover is closed, and even program the Intellivalves to not turn on if the cover is closed. Or, if the valves are on for a water feature, the cover could not be closed until they are turned off. We have a slide, and will eventually be able to be controlled by the app. If the cover is closed, the water will not turn on. If the valve is on and the slide is running, we wont be able to close the cover from the keypad until the slide is turned off.

From talking to the Pentair rep, the install of this board in the Intellicenter and the hooking up of the low voltage to the cover motor is pretty easy. The parts aren't that expensive. I would make sure your pool builder runs a low voltage wire from the cover to the Intellicenter, and set up the board inside the panel for you. I haven't seen a different way to do it other than with this expansion board, and still not sure what gauge wire, or how many wires to run (18 gauge, 4 pair for example, or 16 gauge 2), but the PB should know, and the instructions that come with the expansion board should tell you. From what I could see, the instructions for installing the board and programming are not available online.

Adding IntelliChlor Power Center to IntelliCenter Cabinet

You'll need four parts to make this happen.[15]

1. Pentair Load Center IntelliChlor SCG XFMR 521441.

2. The Circuit Breaker. That circuit breaker will be a 12 amp low voltage rocker-type breaker, gray in color.

3. Pentair PCBA# 521593.... This is the IntelliChlor Controller Circuit Board which mounts on the back wall of the Load Center Low-Voltage compartment just to the left of the low-voltage circuit breaker mounting bracket.

4. PENTAIR 520724 - INTELLICHLOR CELL/PCBA CONNECTION CABLE... Female cannon plug mounts at the bottom of the low-voltage raceway in the knock-out provided for that purpose (mounts with 4 small bolts). The 4 pin white/clear female connector runs up the race-way and into the low-voltage compartment and connects to the 4-pin white/clear plastic connector from the IntelliChlor Controller Circuit Board.

IntelliCenter Programming

MasterTemp Heater

The IntelliCenter configuration must be set to the correct control interface being used on the MasterTemp heater:

  • If the MasterTemp is connected to the IntelliCenter using RS-485 then settings: system configuration: other equipment: heaters and set the heater type to "MasterTemp". When you save it the Heater Name will become MasterTemp and the Heater Type will become Connected Gas.
  • If the MasterTemp is connected to the IntelliCenter using the 2-wire fireman’s switch at J2 then settings: system configuration: other equipment: heaters and set the heater type to "Heater".

If you have the incorrect configuration settings you need to delete the heater and then add it. You cannot edit the Heater Name or Heater Type.

The heater type will say Gas if configured for the Firemans Switch[16]...

Pentair IntelliCenter Gas Heater Configuration.jpg

The heater type will say Connected Gas if configured for RS-485 control...

Pentair IntelliCenter Connected Heater Configuration.jpg

The Heat Mode button on the IntelliCenter will say MasterTemp if configured for RS-485 control and say Heater if configured for “fireman’s switch” control.

Pentair IntelliCenter SPA Heat Mode MasterTemp.jpg
Pentair IntelliCenter Heat Mode.jpg


Each set of lights is wired to a high voltage AUX relay for control. When you configure the AUX circuits you select the Circuit Function.

If you have a standard incandescent pool light then the Circuit Function is LIGHT.

If you have a Pentair LED light then set the Circuit Function to IntelliBrite, GloBrite, or GloBrite White. For MicroBrite lights select GloBrite. If you set the Circuit function to LIGHT with color changing LED lights you will not have the color selections controls.

Setting and Recalling Non-Standard LED Colors

See Pentair Color Hold Recall thread.

Cleaner Booster Pump

Setting the cleaner booster pump AUX circuit to Master Cleaner will:

  • Force the filter pump on five (5) minutes before the cleaner.
  • Turn the cleaner off when the spa is on.
  • Turn the cleaner off for five (5) minutes when the solar heating begins.

If you have a cleaner booster pump AUX circuit designated the Master Cleaner it will have a 5 minute delay between when you turn on the circuit and the time the booster pump turns on. Initially you will think the booster pump is not working. Give it a few minutes and the booster pump will begin running.

Also, the automatic cleaner pump will turn off when the spa and/or solar is turned on.


You will not find the thumper function in the Web App or Mobile App. It is only available in the Wireless Controller, Indoor Controller, and at the Outdoor Control Panel. If you have a valve that is part of the Laminar functionality go to the Valves configuration and assign it to your laminar circuit.[17]

Connecting AquaCal SQ166R Heat Pump to IntelliCenter

Reports are the RS-485 "enhancements" in 2.006 don't work with the AquaCal heat pump. After the HP spins up, there is a RS-485 glitch, the compressor coasts down, and the HP shows a comm fault. Reverteing back to 1.064 gets the HP works perfectly again.[18]

Your AquaCal HP needs to be a newer unit (with HP9 microprocessor and 5 buttons display) to be controlled by the RS-485 comm line. Older units with an HP7 microprocessor and an either 3 or 4 button display can't and need to use the 2 wire dry contact connection for HEAT only.

This AquaCal video shows how an older HP can be upgraded to HP9 controls.

Connect green and yellow wires from the heat pump's "Port B" of the AquaCal HP control board to an available RS-485 comm port inside the IntelliCenter.[19] The wire size connecting the heat pump to the IntelliCenter must be 22- gauge, 2-conductor, low-voltage wire.

You need to connect a 10K resistor or temperature thermistor to the solar temp sensor to make the IntelliCenter happy with the heat pump. This is not used but required for the IntelliCenter to properly control a HP.

Setup your AquaCal as "UltraTemp" when adding a heater in IntelliCenter. Turn "Cooling Enabled" on.

IntelliCenter Add Heater Aquacal.jpg
IntelliCenter AquaCal HP as Ultratemp.jpg

On the AquaCal HP, go to the installer's menu. The code is 17. Select "SET EXT. CTRL MODE" to "SMART". Exit the setup menu.


After a short wait, the main display should indicate "UNDER REMOTE CONTROL" on the bottom line.


At this point, you're connected. To turn the AquaCal HP on, go to IntelliCenter: Pool --> Heat Mode --> UltraTemp Only. Set your desired heat and cool setpoints. The AquaCal HP will turn on if there is a call for heat or cooling.

For more information see page 20 in AquaCal Installation Manual.

IntelliCenter Guest User Account and Privilege Setup

See IntelliCenter Guest User Account and Privilege Setup thread.

IntelliCenter Parts

Circuit Breaker - IntelliChlor 12A

A replacement circuit breaker can be obtained from Digikey or Grainger It is a Carling Technologies CTB-B-B-12 Circuit Breaker Thermal 12A 250 V AC 50 V DC Push to Reset Panel Mount.

IntelliCenter Lite

In March 2023 Pentair released a LITE version of their flagship IntelliCenter automation.[20]

Much like the Easytouch PL4/PSL4, this control system appears to be modeled primarily for pool owners who do not need the load center.

However, UNLIKE the prior EasyTouch Lite, the new IntelliCenter LITE system is not crippled in feature and function, and operates the same as its IntelliCenter big-brother. They will also be upgradable for items such as future relays etc, just as the standard IntelliCenter. While it can be expanded, IntelliCenter Lite will only come with the i5P/S personality kit and 5 relays which is unsurprising, as most who would be interested in this product are not likely to have complex pool builds and would not need the i10.

There will be several versions available to purchase, and these versions will include various options such as Wireless Internet and actuator bundles. The SKUs are conflicting on the partner documents, so both versions are listed until we are sure which they will actually be.

What are the new IntelliCenter Lite SKUs and how are they different from IntelliCenter?

The new IntelliCenter Lite systems use a power center, rather than a load center. This will feature a 125AMP breaker bus. There are also versions that will forego the wireless connection kits, to allow additional savings for those with a hard-wired cat-5 Ethernet connection available at their equipment pad.

IntelliCenter Lite bundles do not currently include SWG cells or other chemistry management solutions. These will need to be purchased separately. It also appears that the IntelliCenter Lite is not provided in a "salt ready" setup in any version, as they all lack the transformer.

  • 523623 IntelliCenter® Lite System (power center with i5P personality kit) (released 1/2023)
  • 523624 IntelliCenter® Lite System (power center with i5PS personality kit and 2 standard valve actuators) (released 1/2023)
  • 523625 IntelliCenter® Lite System (power center with i5PS personality kit and 2 IntelliValve® actuators) (released 1/2023)
  • 523688/523669 IntelliCenter® Lite System (power center with i5P personality kit) without High Power Wireless Link (available 3/2023)
  • 523699/523669 IntelliCenter® Lite System (power center with i5PS personality kit) without High Power Wireless Link (available 3/2023)

How does the IntelliCenter Lite compare to the Easytouch Lite?

Short version, they really don't. Arguably, the biggest drawback with the Pl4/PSL4 systems were the software limitations. Though a hack existed to change this, the general consensus is the ET Lite systems were a poor investment given the combination of the software and hardware limitations. Though several Easytouch models exists with the same physical limitations as the ET Lite, the standard ET included full featured software without having to violate warranty to get it.

In the case of the IntelliCenter Lite, it will also always feature one more relay (5) than the Easytouch Lite (4), and all previously mentioned standard IntelliCenter features and expansion.

The Intellicenter Lite can also come with built-in remote access via wifi, which always required the $500+ ScreenLogic bundle for the ETL.

Below is a brief comparison of the ET Light, standard ET and the IntelliCenter/IntelliCenter Lite:

EasyTouch Lite EasyTouch IntelliCenter & IntelliCenter Lite
4 Relays (Filter pump + 3 pieces of equipment) Up to 8 relays Up to 40 relays (up to 3 expansion enclosures)
1 Filter Pump Up to 2 IntelliFlo® pumps Up to 16 IntelliFlo pumps
2 Feature Circuits Up to 8 feature circuits Up to 32 feature circuits, and 16 groups
4 Schedules Up to 12 schedules/programs Up to 100 multifunction schedules/programs
2 bodies of water 2 bodies of water 2 bodies of water (multiple bodies on product roadmap)

IntelliCenter upgrade kits available for all IntelliTouch, Easytouch and Easytouch Lite users

2003 - 2012 ONLY: Includes Outdoor control panel, i10P/i10PS/i10D personality board, shared equipment (board depends on P/N ordered); transformer bracket assembly; wireless antenna kit:

  • 522045 IntelliTouch/EasyTouch to Next Gen Upgrade Kit - i10P, for LC/PC
  • 522046 IntelliTouch/EasyTouch to Next Gen Upgrade Kit - i10PS, for LC/PC
  • 523218 IntelliTouch/EasyTouch to Next Gen Upgrade Kit - i10D, for LC/PC (was PN 52308)
  • 523530 IntelliTouch/EasyTouch to Next Gen Upgrade Kit - i10X, for LC/PC (was PN 52308)

2012 & Later: Includes Outdoor control panel: i10P/i10PS/i10D personality board, shared equipment (board depends on P/N ordered); 4-amp and 5-amp circuit breakers; system transformer; wireless antenna kit:

  • 522047 IntelliTouch/EasyTouch to Next Gen Upgrade Kit - i10P, for CLC/CPC
  • 522048 IntelliTouch/EasyTouch to Next Gen Upgrade Kit - i10PS, for CLC/CPC
  • 522049 IntelliTouch/EasyTouch to Next Gen Upgrade Kit - i10D, for CLC/CPC
  • 523529 IntelliTouch/EasyTouch to Next Gen Upgrade Kit CLC/CPC

If your EasyTouch or IntelliTouch has the horizontal low circuit voltage breaker configuration then you use the Legacy Systems: 2003 to 2012 kit.

Pentair Horizontal CB Legacy 2003-2012.png

If your EasyTouch or IntelliTouch panel has the square circuit breaker configuration then you use the 2012 and later kit.

Pentair Square CB 2012-Later.png


IntelliSync Pool Pump Control and Monitoring System is a new product released in 2021. IntelliSynch connects your pumps and water sensors through your WiFi network to Pentairs servers. You then use the Pentair Home app[21] to connect to the Pentair servers to communicate with your equipment.

IntelliSync Control and Monitoring System communicates through your WiFi router using a 2.4GHz wireless connection. A 2.4Ghz WiFi network is required and 5Ghz WiFi is not supported.

The Pentair Home app can control and monitor two pumps and two temperature sensors - an ambient air sensor and a water sensor - through IntelliSync. Through the Home app you can:

  • set schedules for the pump(s)
  • set pump RPM
  • set freeze protection
  • get alerts
  • display ambient temperature and water temperature

Intellisynch supports the following pumps:[22]

  • IntelliFlo® VS Pump
  • IntelliPro® VS Pump
  • IntelliPro® VSF Pump
  • IntelliFlo® i1 Pump
  • IntelliFlo® i2 Pump
  • IntelliFlo® VSF Pump
  • IntelliFloXF® Pump
  • IntelliProXF® Pump
  • IntelliFloXFVS® Pump
  • IntelliProXFVS® Pump
  • IntelliFlo® VS+SVRS Pump
  • IntelliPro® VS+SVRS Pump
  • IntelliFlo® 2VST Pump
  • IntelliPro® 2VST Pump
  • SuperFlo® VS Pump
  • SuperFlo® VST Pump
  • SuperMax® VS Pump
  • WhisperFloXFVS Pump
  • Max-E-ProXFVS® Pump

The IntelliSync supports the WhisperFlo VST with the RS-485 interface (green/yellow cables only). The firmware on the IntelliSync MUST be on 1.22 for the Controller Software and 3.40 for the IoT Software. Pentair has to push this to your controller to make it compatible with this pump.[23]

Pump Communication Cables are required and are sold separately.

  • IntelliFlo Communication Cable P/N 350122.
  • SuperFloVS Communication Cable P/N 353129Z.

IntelliSync Control and Monitoring System supports pump speeds (RPM), not pump flows (GPM). For IntelliFlo VSF pumps, pump speeds are supported.

Both the IntelliConnect and IntelliSync use similar hardware and all scheduling appears to be done on the pump and not the controller.[24]

Freeze protection requires that your wireless connection, Internet, and the AccuWeather weather service website all be working or the freeze protection feature will not be operable.

Pentair Discontinues the IntelliTouch, EasyTouch, and EasyTouch PL4/PSL4 Pool Control Systems

Pentair announced the following in April 2023:

Pentair is discontinuing the IntelliTouch, EasyTouch, and EasyTouch PL4/PSL4 Pool Control Systems.[25] These products will no longer be available to order starting:

  • July 31, 2023 for all IntelliTouch Systems
  • September 29, 2023 for all EasyTouch Systems

We recognize these products have been in high demand for many years. However, given advancements in Pentair innovation and evolving industry demands, we are transitioning focus to the latest technology standards included with the IntelliCenter Pool Control System.

Pentair FAQ:

What control system should I order? The recently updated IntelliCenter and IntelliCenter Lite Control Systems are the flagship automation products at Pentair, with both systems offering best-in-class technology and the most versatile control for most pool types.

Will warranties still be honored for my customers’ existing control system? Warranty and replacement parts will be honored as available per our standard warranty policy. For more information, please review the EasyTouch and IntelliTouch FAQs.

Will obsolete products continue to be supported? Products moved to obsolete status will continue to be supported under warranty. Pentair will replace legacy systems under warranty with comparable equipment while parts are available. If replacement parts are unavailable for existing systems under warranty, the IntelliCenter Upgrade Kit for EasyTouch, EasyTouch PL4/PSL4, and IntelliTouch systems may be required.


Pentair Easy Touch2 showing wiring.jpg

There are two EasyTouch system configurations available; EasyTouch 8 (auxiliary circuits) and EasyTouch 4(auxiliary circuits).[26] The EasyTouch system is factory configured to operate with a “shared” equipment systemor with a “single body” system. The EasyTouch system has 12 schedule/programs.

The basic EasyTouch system will not control anything using your PC or phone. You must add ScreenLogc, which costs about $500.

EasyTouch Lite

The EasyTouch Lite PL4/PSL4 is not recommended because only comes with 4 schedules/programs and only 1 or 2 feature circuits, no load center, etc. The PL4/PSL4 does not have a Load Center for circuit breakers and is a cheap imitation of the real thing.

Easytouch PSL4-Front-Panel.jpg

With the EasyTouch Lite you can only have 4 schedules/programs/egg-timers and run-once items and that includes any egg-timer that is not set at the default of 12 hours. Unfortunately, ScreenLogic will allow you to enter a billion schedules, but the EasyTouch can't use them.

None of the EasyTouch lite versions come with the built-in IntelliClor SWCG power center.

Lite boards come with a jumper wire on the J23/Modtelspa port. Snip that off, and provided you've got a later firmware it won't be a Lite anymore.[27]


ScreenLogic is an optional component that enables remote control and programming of the EasyTouch from a PC, phone, or tablet.

With ScreenLogic EasyTouch talks to a "Protocol Adapter". The link between the ET and the Protocol adapter can be either a 4 wire cable OR the wireless link that is included in the kit. The plus side to hardwired is no wireless to screw with. The downside is that a nearby lightning strike can come in on the hardwire and take out the protocol adapter, a router and several Ethernet units connected to the router as happened to one member.[28]

The Protocol Adapter speaks "Pentair" on one end and Ethernet on the other end.It is a "translator".

The ScreenLogic kit is P/N 522104.

ScreenLogic Remote Connection Error

If you get " ERROR Cannot connect” after replacing the router, then you will have to reset the Protocol Adapter because you changed the router.

Push the reset button 3 times. It is inside the little hole in one end of the adapter.[29]

ScreenLogic Not Connecting with Quickly Flashing Power Light

The quickly flashing power light indicates the inside transmitter is trying to connect to the outside but there was some interference. Move the transmitter around to find a better location that it connects with.[30]

Screenlogic2 Password Reset

Connect via Local into Config. You can then set up a new password for Remote access.[31]

The PC software, if on the same network as the protocol adapter, should auto populate the IP address of the adapter. No password needed.

Operating Modes

  • Auto - is where the system should be set most of the time. This means that the system will automatically do what you have scheduled.
  • Service - Is designed when you do NOT want the system to do anything automatically.. As an example, this mode is used when you want to clean your filter or open the pump lid. You don't want something coming on automatically when you are doing that. It is basically used by someone "Servicing" the pool.
  • Time Out - is the same as Service, except it will time out after a period of time and go back to auto. I know of no one that used Time-Out.

How to Setup Spillover Mode in EasyTouch

To set up your EasyTouch for a spillover function you only need to do three things.[32]

1. Use your PC and go into the ScreenLogic set up page 2 of 5... Select an unused Feature Circuit and Name it "Spillway" and set the Function to "Spillway".

Pentair EasyTouch Circuit section.png

2. Go to set up page 4 of 5 and add "Spillway" to your IntelliFlo pump and a speed of say 1500 RPM.. (You can use this to adjust the amount of spillover you have".

Pentair EasyTouch Heater Speed.png

3. In your normal ScreenLogic page, go into schedules and add a schedule for "Spillway" for say 30 minutes a day.. (You may want to do this twice a day.. The idea being to keep the spa chlorinated..)

Pentair EasyTocuh Schedules.png

Keep in mind you can only have a max of 4 schedules with a Lite system (PL4/PSL4) or 12 total schedules and that includes any egg-timers.

You may also have to adjust the cam stop on your return valve actuator to fully close the return valve when in POOL mode.

Temperature Sensor

EasyTouch temp sensors is 520272[33].

RS-485 Connected Devices are Not Working Properly

EasyTouch and other Pentair automation panels use the RS-485 data communication protocol to communication between the panel and device. RS485 reads the differential voltage between that green and yellow wire. Any connection problem, corrosion, or unbalance between the wires can cause communication errors.

RS-485 problems have been fixed by using the RS-485 expansion board so each device gets its own connection. Connecting multiple devices to one set of screws can cause problems.

Splicing RS-485 wires can cause problems. If a comm wire is too short a new wire should be run.

Devices that communicate with the EasyTouch using RS-485 include:

  • Screenlogic
  • VS pumps
  • Intellichlor
  • IntellipH

RS-485 Comm Link Not Working

The RS-485 comm link can stop working due to a failure of the RS-485 chip or failure of the circuit in the processor. The chip can be replaced but a failed processor is not repairable.

How to Determine if your Easytouch Com (RS485) can be repaired explains how to troubleshoot the RS-485 chip on an EasyTouch.

The Easytouch motherboards DO NOT have any RS485 surge protection circuits. So after you install a new motherboard, (Or repair a repairable board) You can install a RS485 surge protector inline with the "Green" and "Yellow" com wires to your Easytouch.


Code 1 Error

Code 1 error means a self test had been initiated from a human @ the ICP, or at the controller, and is reporting an LCD display light problem. If you are getting a CODE 1 without initiating a self test, you may have bigger problem with the controller i.e. a stuck button or worse, a short somewhere on the board.

EasyTouch Versions 1 and 2

There are two versions of the EasyTouch.[34]

Version 1 are EasyTouch boards shipped prior to 5/5/2008. They cannot be programmed with version 2.010 or higher. The flash memory on the older board is a MC9S12A64 1x16x64k device and doesn't have enough flash memory for the new firmware.[35]

Version 1 Easytouch will do basic VS control of a IntelliFlo pump. Version 1 Easytouch will not control using Flow Rate with Intelliflo VSF pumps.

Version 2 of EasyTouch uses a C9S12A128 1x16x128k device with double the memory.

Wireless remotes are matched with the EasyTouch version. There are two styles of transceivers and the FCC ids on the back of the wireless controller will be either P4HEASYTOUCH (old version) or P4HEASYTOUCH2A (new version). You can't run the new version of the wireless controller on the old version of the outdoor transceiver, and vice versa.

The firmware version on an Easytouch 1 board is frozen in time at 1.060, whereas the Easytouch 2 version is 2.180 as of January, 2020. The latest firmware can be downloaded from the Pentair website if for no other reason than to check the release notes (in a "master readme.rtf" file) to see what fixes and enhancements have been added to each firmware revision.

Intelliflo VSF support was added to EasyTouch 2 in Feb 2011, and then Intelliflo 2 VSF support in Dec 2016.[36]

Performing Firmware Updates on Pentair Controllers

The thread How to perform firmware upgrade on Pentair* controllers has a discussion on the equipment needed to update firmware in the EasyTouch.

The Easytouch firmware added support for the new "VSF+SVRS Intelliflo Pump" in 2.090

Firmware 2.19 fixed problems communicating with the UltraTemp Heat Pump.[37]

EasyTouch Board Conversions

Pentair uses the same exact hardware for all EasyTouch boards (ET4/8/Lite and pool/spa/both combinations) and relies on a "hardware id" to enable/disable features.[38]

They now have a single firmware file that gets uploaded to all of them, and they use the two resistors r41/r42 and the j23 jumpers to identify the board type. When the board boots up, the firmware checks these three parts (for six possible iterations of board types) and determines which features to allow.

Pentair EasyTouch R41 R42.jpg

The original Lite boards didn't share the firmware so cutting the jumper didn't do anything until you updated the firmware

Hardware-id schemes like this are common and manufacturers do it to save manufacturing costs. It makes sense when the cost difference for the parts needed for each type is negligible compared to the cost to design, build, test, and support six different versions of the board. Sometimes, as is the case with some of my Fluke test gear, they'll manufacturer a single board for their entire model range but not populate expensive parts that aren't required for a particular model

Convert an EasyTouch 4 to an EasyTouch 8

All you have to do is add resistor to R42 with same resistor value that is on R41. those resistors are soldered right under the screen. Once you add the resistor the panel will automatically activate the rest of the relay ports.[39]

It is a standard through hole resistor. Most challenging part will be removing the old solder and the leads from the factory installed (and then cut out) resistor. If you are familiar with solder braid or have a solder suction bulb it should be fairly simple. If not, get someone with soldering experience or spend a good amount of time practicing on an old radio.

You can then add additional relays that the firmware will control.

Your 4 button wireless remote will work, but only relays 1-4 will be controlled the additional 4 will not.

Earlier versions had separate firmware forks, which may have required a hardware AND firmware change, but at some point they merged (We think as of 2.130?) so you can "upgrade" any board by just adding the right resistors. *Note that the earliest ET boards have a smaller chip that won't take the current firmware.

The firmware scans the pins that those resistors are connected to, and detects a high or a low to set the board type.

R41 and R42 are 1k 5% 1/4w resistors.

Convert a Single Body EasyTouch to a EasyTouch P&S

If you bought a single body panel and want to activate for P&S you will be missing R41. Just add R41 and it will become a Pool & Spa panel.[40]

When you look at a board and it has both resistors R41 and R42 then it is a pool & spa EasyTouch 8.

Convert an Easytouch Lite PSL4 Indoor Controller to an Easytouch 8

A hack to Convert an Easytouch Lite PSL4 Indoor Controller to an Easytouch 8

If you snip the J23 jumper on an EasyTouch Lite board and power it up it should no longer be a Lite. If that doesn't work, it's likely because you've got an old firmware version and you can update the firmware to make it an ET4 (and then add both resistors to make it an ET8). If the board won't run you can resolder the jumper to go back to a Lite.[41]

The EasyTouch lite used to have it's own firmware but now it's all the same binary as the EasyTouch 4/8.

Pentair EasyTouch PL4 J23.jpg

Adding IntelliChlor Power to EasyTouch Load Center

When the EasyTouch Load Center is purchased as part of a Pentair bundle that includes the IntelliChlor IC40 cell the SWG electronics to power the cell are included in the Load Center cabinet.

If you want to add the IntelliChlor afterwards you either need to wire in the IntelliChlor Power Center or add components to the EasyTouch Load Center.

You would need the following parts to install in the Load Center:

  • Pentair Load Center For Intellitouch, Intellichlor Scg Transformer, Easytouch And Easytouch Pl4/Psl4 Control System 521441 SWCG transformer
  • Pentair Load Center IntelliChlor SCG Surge Board PCBA 521218
  • Pentair Power Cable 520724 - Cable from Surge card to to connector at bottom of the cabinet where the cell would connect
  • Fuse assembly and wiring
  • RS-485 Cable from the main card to the surge card.

It is cheaper to just buy the external Power Center.

Replacing a High Voltage Relay

All of the newer relays used by Jandy, Hayward, Pentair are nominally 24v dc and are completely interchangeable. The one marketed for Hayward may be half the price of the ones from Pentair or Jandy.

The Omron brand was available at wholesale until the big three said they would pull their product if the wholesalers continued to offer them.

Replacing a Failed AUX Circuit Relay Driver

If you have isolated an AUX circuit not turning on to the board it may be due to a blow driver chip. Help! My aux circuits (or valves) stopped working!! describes how to replace the ULN2803A relay driver chip.

The chips are on the LCD side of the main card and note how they are installed when removing them since they can be installed in 180 degrees the wrong way.

Pentair EasyTocuh AUX Relay Driver Chips.jpg

Replacing EasyTouch LCD Screen

The Winstar WH1604A-TMI-JT has been used but seems to be unavailable.

These displays seem to be the exact same pinout and form factor as the Winstar ones. You can compare it to the Winstar data sheet here.

You will find tips on desoldering the board at this thread.

You solder each pin, one at a time. Then clean, inspect for a possible short, and use desoldering braid to clean between any two pins that appear bridged.[42]

Calibrating a Temperature Sensor

You can calibrate the air and water temperature sensors if they're a little bit off.[43] If it was only a degree or two, I would do the recalibration. If it's way off, I would replace the sensor with part number 520272.

To calibrate the water, air and solar temperature sensors: MENU>SETTING>CALIBRATION>CALIBRATION

  1. Press the Mode button on the control panel to place the system in “Service” manual mode.
  2. Press the Filter Pump (F) button to switch on the pool/spa filter pump.
  3. Place the thermometer in the spa or pool water. Take an accurate temperature reading. When calibrating the air sensor, place the thermometer next to the air sensor. The air sensor is normally located near or under the EasyTouch PL4/PSL4 Control System Power Center enclosure, not inside the enclosure. Take an accurate temperature reading in the shade.
  4. Use the Up or Down buttons to raise or lower the water temperature to match the corresponding thermometer temperature reading.
  5. After calibrating the water sensor, use the Right button to move to the “AIR” setting and repeat step 4 and repeat the procedure for the solar sensor. Ensure that the solar sensor is in the sun for accurate readings.
  6. After calibrating all the sensors, press the Menu button to save the settings and to return to the Settings menu options. Press the button again to return to the main menu options or press again to return to the main screen.

The air and water temperature sensors can also be calibrated using Screenlogic on the General Settings page.

Pentair EasyTouch Screenlogic Set up page 1.jpg

Inoperative Buttons

The MODE button cycles the EasyTouch and IntelliTouch panels between AUTO, SERVICE, and TIME OUT modes. The button can wear out and no longer respond and you can be stuck in a mode.

If the button is broken you can short the button with a small piece of wire. You may have to note which button it is and do it from the backside of the board.[44]

The tactile buttons on the boards have 2 pairs of legs (4 legs total). The top two legs are a continuous piece of metal, as are the bottom 2 legs. So if you connect either of the top 2 legs to the bottom 2 you will "press" the button.

The image below is an Intellitouch indoor and the buttons are the same on an EasyTouch. The yellow lines show the internal connection of the button, and the red loop is the jumper you would use to momentarily close the button.

Pentair IntelliTouch Mode short a button.jpg

The switch an be replaced by a 9mm surface mount C&K switch from Mouser. The datasheet shows through-hole switches, but just scroll down to decode the surface mount part number and find the dimensions.[45]

Pentair EasyTouch Buttons Replaced.jpg

A few tips:

  • You can hand solder the replacements, which isn't what they recommend, unless you have a reflow oven.
  • If you're using a hot air gun to remove the old one, be sure to shield the other parts so you don't melt the other button actuators (the blue "stems" in the above photo).
  • Clean off the pads with some solder wick before fixing the new button or it will be mis-aligned (think leaning tower of Pisa)
  • The actuator length you want is 9.5mm


Changing the name from Pool to Lo-Temp or Spa to High-Temp designates the system as a single body of water instead of a dual body with shared equipment.[46]

This changes the logic (for example, freeze protection and switching from Spa to Pool).

Changing the name from Lo-Temp back to Pool designates the system as dual body with shared equipment and the valves for Pool and Spa should work again.

From the EasyTouch Installation Manual:

SPA (Hi-T) or POOL (LO-T) : Displays when the Spa/HI-T or Pool/LO-T button is pressed to rotate valve actuators and activate the filter pump and heater. This line on the screen is blank when no spa or pool function is active.

Note: Depending on the configuration of the PL4/PLS4 Control System, the screen displays SPA (shared equipment - EasyTouch PSL4 Control System), HI-T (single body of water - EasyTouch PL4 Control System), POOL (shared equipment), LO-T (single body of water system).

Indoor control panel.

Hi-Temp/Lo-Temp Controls for Single Body System For an EasyTouch PL4 Control System single body system, you have the option to control your pool and spa temperature settings using the Valves (V) button or the Spa (Hi-Temp) and Pool (Lo-Temp) button on the optional Indoor Control Panel.

Change the circuit name SPA to HI-TEMP and POOL to LO-TEMP so that the display shows the correct temperature controls for your single body system.


An IntelliTouch control system can include five (5) to 40 high voltage relays circuits that can be used to control any combination of pumps, lights, water features.[47] A maximum of ten (10) relays can be housed in an IntelliTouch control system Load Center or Power Center.

Up to three (3) Load Centers or Power Centers can be connected to a main Load Center for a maximum of 40 relays. User-configurable circuits can be used to control equipment.

The “Feature Macro” circuits feature allows any number of circuits to be combined and controlled by a single button.

An optional IntelliTouch control system Dimmer Module (P/N 520406) can be installed for use to dim any high voltage incandescent light such as Pentair Amerlite® and Pentair SpaBrite® Lights. The dimmer module supports multiple lights from 100 watts up to 1,000 watts and installs in a standard relay location. Any number of dimmers (up to 10 maximum) may be used with a maximum combined load of 4,000 watt in a single Load Center.

ScreenLogic is an optional accessory that adds remote access by PC, phone, or tablet to the IntelliTouch.

Freeze Protection

There is a report in April 2020 by a member that Pentair changed the behavior of freeze protection in a recent version of his IntelliTouch.[48]

Freeze protect mode worked fine for him for 2 years, then wasn’t working this spring. It would previously move the valve between the waterfall and the pool circulation every 15 minutes when the air temperature was below 36. After much trouble shooting and having the pool guys come look at it, they finally spoke to a Pentair rep who explained that the recent firmware update would no longer allow for the valve to be controlled by freeze protect mode. It had to be switched to assign the waterfall to the spa circuit (He did not have a spa).

If you have freeze protect mode set up you may need to confirm that it is still working after this firmware update.

IntelliTouch iLink

iLink connects to the IntelliTouch RS-485 comm bus and provides an RS-232 interface to third party automation systems including Crestron, AMX, Control4, Vantage, and Lutron.

Blown Intellitouch iLink describes how an iLink board was repaired after taking a lightning strike which took out both the RS-485 comm chip AND the RS-232 serial chip.


IntelliConnect is an entry level automation system for simple pools. IntelliConnect can control Pentair IntelliFlo VS pumps, a Intellichlor or iChlor SWG, up to 5 pool devices, operates almost any 2 on/off items through two 20-Amp, 2 HP relays, and works through an app for smart devices.[49]

Pentair IntelliConnect Relays.jpg

The IntelliConnect does not have a Load Center for circuit breakers like the EasyTouch and IntelliCenter can have. The IntelliConnect has no valve control drivers to control actuators for valves or water features. The Intelliconnect has separate high voltage and low voltage wiring compartments with 1/2-inch conduit knockouts. One knockout for incoming power to power the unit and one knockout for each relay and a webbed low voltage cable snap bushing.

The IntelliConnect can be powered by 120V or 240V AC.

The IntelliConnect only has a control panel on the box at the equipment pad. It is controlled only by the e "app" which is just a web browser that needs to go through the the Link2O website to communicate with the control box by the pool. If the Pentair servers are down you lose the ability to communicate with your pool system.

The only way to change settings and run devices manually is with the Pentair Home app, which unlike the previous Link2O, is only available for iOS or Android devices--not a Windows web browser. However, it will run with the Bluestacks 5 Android emulator for Windows, as will many other "phone" apps.[50]

Users are reporting that the Pentair Home app is working better then Link20. Pentair Home can be downloaded. You have to re-sign up with a login and password, then it will ask you to connect your Link2o account.[51]

The Intelliconnect reports the air temperature but via Accuweather, not a sensor.

With a single speed pump you are able to run only one schedule per day. A workaround is pigtailing the pump to relay 2 to run two schedules per day.

With the IntelliFlo pump, only four programs are accessible from the app, even though the pump itself supports up to 8 programs.

IntelliConnect is not compatible with IntelliFlo VF (P/N 011012), IntelliFlo VS (P/N 011013) and IntelliPro VS (P/N P6E6T4H-209L) pumps.​

Both the Superflo VST and the Whisperflo VST pump manuals state that they are not compatible with the IntelliConnect which some may question since they both have a RS-485 interface. It was deduced from Pentair documentation that instead of the IntelliConnect controlling the pump speeds/times directly it relies on the pumps own built-in scheduler. Whereas the Intelliflo can be programmed with up to 4 schedules at different times and durations, the Superflo only has 1 scheduled start time with up to 3 different speeds of varying duration (running after one another).[52]

If the IntelliConnect will control a gas heater or heat pump a water temperature sensor, that is sold separately, must be installed between the filter pump and filter.

Freeze Protection on the IntelliConnect System

This Pentair document says the IntelliConnect uses Accuweather through the Internet to get the air temperature, which controls freeze protection. The correct zip code needs to be entered to get the correct air temperature for freeze protection to work properly.

When freeze protection is in the OFF position in the app the temperature will not update. It will also not update temperature when the unit is in service mode.

IntelliConnect will Not Control Superflo VS or VST or WhisperFlo VS Pumps Using RS-485

You can setup a Superflo VS or VST pump as a Single Speed Pump on Relay 1 and control the speeds using the pump control panel.

The Superflo manuals say:

External Control via RS-485 The following instructions only apply to SuperFlo® VST and SuperMax® VS pumps manufactured after 10/15/20. For all other pumps, refer to External Control via Digital Inputs on page 6.

These pumps can be controlled from certain Pentair control systems, via an RS-485 signal, when paired with the RS-485 Automation Wiring Kit (P/N 356324Z - Black).

Note: IntelliConnect® Control and Monitoring Systems can NOT externally control this pump via RS-485. The pump will need to be connected via digital inputs. Refer to External Control via Digital Inputs on page 6.

IntelliConnect control of IntelliChlor SWG

For the Intelliconnect to control the Intellichlor settings, you must also have a separate temperature sensor installed. It is surprising to learn this, since the Intellichlor has its own temp sensor,[53]

DISPLAY NOT ACTIVE flashes on and off on VS pumps

It's normal for the IntelliConnect to cause the pump to flash between "display not active" and the normal screen.[54]

Intelliconnect restarts Intelliflo VSF every 15 minutes

Pentair IntelliConnect devices have two different board versions in distribution denoted by PIF or PNR. This problem is with the PNRA1 firmware. If you have the problem with the PNR version exchange it for the PIF version.

Pentair support said in September 2021 it's a firmware issue they're working on and currently testing a beta fix.[55] In 2023 we have heard Pentair now has PNRA boards with updated firmware that fixed this problem.


Compool systems are from the mid-1990's. Compool was bought by Pentair. Compool systems consists of the LX3800 outdoor panel and the CP3800 indoor control panel.

Cp3400 POOL-SPA CONTROL SYSTEM Installation & Operating Instructions

How to Upgrade Compool LX3800 to EasyTouch

Compool Upgrade to EasyTouch by Pentair Model 521107 will to change a Compool system into an EasyTouch.

The Compool EasyTouch upgrade board is different then the boards in the EasyTouch systems. One differnce is the Compool upgrade boards have the drivers soldered to the board vs in sockets.[56]

Pentair-compool-521099Z 63619.jpg

This is one members experience upgrading his Compool LX3800 to the EasyTouch system[57]:

The kit arrived Saturday. I prepped by shutting off power to the equipment pad at the main breaker. I was replacing an LX3800 controller board that stopped working well with my remote station with the new Pentair upgrade board. I was able to reuse my existing transformer (YMMV). 1 screw is all it takes to open the old panel. Opened it up, cleaned out the spiders, and was surprised it looked in pretty good shape...brand new even. Took a photo of the panel while it was still wired. Took some tape and a sharpie and labelled all of the wires. Referenced the new board schematic to see where the wires would go. Noticed that the heater wire was going to be a bit short as the location for those wires on the new board is nearer the top. Started carefully disconnecting. Once everything was disconnected, I removed the LX3800. Slid the new panel onto the hinge and started re-wiring. Most of the wires can be re-used and just snapped back into place. I did have to splice an extension onto the heater wire and you'll have to replace the temp sensors...not a big deal. For me this also required widening the hole in the PVC for the water temp sensor. Once everything was hooked back up, I turned on the juice and to my surprise everything just 'worked'. When does that ever happen with a DIY?

Start to finish, about 45 minutes. The hardest part was sliding the new panel onto the hinge as I had to temporarily take the transformer out to create a bit more clearance. I take that back... the hardest part was figuring out the programming because the manual is terrible. But still, that's not bad if you have experience with automation.

CP3800 Display is Intermittent

If the CP3800 panel display is intermittent then check the cable from the LX3800 to the CP3800.[58]

How to Replace the CP3800 Battery

Turn power off and open the door in the picture, screw under handle. Carefully open and you will see the board. The battery is circular under a small clip.[59]

Compool Relay Replacement

Replacement relays are available on Amazon. It is listed as Pentair Compool RLYLX, 20 Amp DPST (Midtex 187-26C2L1).

Programming Compool to run 24 Hours a Day without Stopping

Set a second program (layer) to run during the time that the first program has it turned off.[60]

Follow instructions on your right hand door. After you finish programming first layer by hitting the program button, hit it again, then hit the same aux you just programmed. Your new program should be displayed.

Now hit the same aux one more time. Now display should read PROG2. Go ahead and now program the aux to run in the time that the first program has the pump shut off, (start time and run time) . And of course, when you are done, hit the program button to exit programming.

ERR1 Error

ERR1 is a Compool error, and is the water temp sensor which should be located somewhere between the filter pump and the filter. ERR1 indicates that the system cannot "make sense" of the resistance the temp sensor is giving, OR the wire has become disconnected from the board (rats/mice).[61]

Compool temp sensor is Compool: TS5L

Calibrating Compool Temperature Sensor

The Compool temperature display can be calibrated by:

  1. Press the Program key.
  2. Press the Spa Heat Source key.
  3. Enter correct pool temperature (using the up and down arrow keys) and press Spa Heat Source key.

At this point, you can just hit the Program key and exit calibration.

  1. Enter correct solar temperature and press Spa Heat Source key.
  2. Enter correct air temperature and press Spa Heat Source key.
  3. Enter number of days between backwash and press Spa Heat Source key.
  4. Enter number of minutes to backwash and press Spa Heat Source key.
  5. Enter floor cleaner valve cycle time and press Spa Heat Source key.
  6. Press the Program key to end.

Compool Outdoor Panel to Indoor Control Panel Connection

When the CP3800 indoor control panel buzzes or blinks on and off it could be a problem with the 6 wire telephone cable between the indoor panel and the outdoor cabinet. A critter could have chewed on the cable or a weed wacker could have nicked it.

There is a diagram on the inside door of the outside control box down near the bottom, on the sticker. The sticker is a picture of the pc board. it is there to show where things plug onto the board.[62]

If you put both ends of the cable (the plugs) next to each other, the colored wire on the left of the plug should be in the same spot on both plugs. In other words, if there is a blue wire on the left of the plug, then the other plug should look identical.

Those units used to come from the factory with a "patch" cable (3 to 4 feet) attached inside the outdoor control box. If yours is still there you can remove your indoor panel from inside the house, bring it to the outdoor controller and plug in your inside unit directly to the outdoor panel at the bottom of the PCB. Some boards had two plugs, others had only one. If you only have one, disconnect the cable from it and plug in your patch cable. If your controller works, then you know your cable between the indoor and the outdoor has been damaged.[63]

This system will work without the indoor unit as long as it has been set up with run times first. The programming resides in the outdoor unit.

4 Button Remote Not Working

The Compool 3000 series controllers have the ability to detect a problem with the 4 button remote, and disable it. However, this only applies to a button that is shorting one or more buttons to ground (not an open condition).[64]

If the system receives a signal (contact) from the button(s) with a high frequency for 30 seconds (considered abnormal use), the system will disable the button and display the Error 5 fault.

When a repair is made (replacement) to the button, you need to also clear the lockout. In the lower corner of the indoor panel there is a button labeled disable spa side remote, or something to that effect.

This has a red LED above the button that illuminates when the remote is disabled. Make sure that your LED is NOT illuminated. If after this is done and the button is still not functioning, the board is the issue. This could be something as simple as a solider connection, to something more involved like a component on the board that has failed.

The remote reset button is on the internal remote under the programing buttons shield on the bottom right.


iS4 Spa-Side Remote Control

Pentair Spaside 4 Button Remote Schematic.jpg

The iS4 Spa-Side Control can be used with the Pentair® IntelliTouch®, EasyTouch® Control Systems and the Compool® CP series Control Systems to provide remote switching of four control circuits from the spa location. It is typically used for activating spa circulation and three auxiliary pieces of equipment (such as lights, jet pump, air blower, etc.). One iS4 spa-side control can be installed per control system. It is possible to install two iS4 remotes on a single control system, however, the two iS4 remotes will mirror each other in functionality.[65]

Most of the time, the remotes are the problem, but the main board can also be a problem.[66] The remote is nothing more than a few momentary buttons that pass a ground or +5 VDC through one of the buttons to an IC chip that responds. If the chip is bad, the buttons will not work. You can just use a jumper wire to see if the problem is the remote or the board. Another possible problem could be that you have lost the program/memory that tells the system what each button is supposed to do.

Here is the schematic for the Pentair remote.

Controlling Hayward Aquarite SWG with Pentair Automation

Aquarite to Easytouch wiring.jpg

The Pentair EasyTouch, and probably any of the Pentair automation systems. can actually control the Aquarite. This allows the cells output percentage to be adjusted, turns the cell on and off with the pump, and if you have a spa you can set the cell to a much lower percentage automatically when in SPA mode.

The wiring diagram is to the right. Note that the colors do not match between the Hayward and Pentair wiring blocks.

Aquarite Pentair

SolarTouch Solar Controller

Pentair SolarTouch Controller.png

The SolarTouch solar controller uses two temperature sensors, for water and solar, to decide when heat is available from the solar collectors and automatically diverts water to the solar collectors. When a cloud passes over and the collectors cool it turns off the water flow to the water collectors. That cycle repeats to maximize the solar heat efficiency.

The SolarTouch system consists of a four button controller, a valve actuator, a diverter valve, and two temperature sensors. The target water temperature can be set on the controller with the Less and More buttons.

The solar roof sensor must be 6F higher then the water temperature and the pump on for the water to be diverted to the solar collectors. When the roof sensor and water temperature sensor are within 3F of each other solar heat switches off. These differential settings are adjustable in the Advanced Menu Settings.

The solar controller can control selected Pentair Variable Speed pumps. The controller will ramp up the pump speed when solar heat is on and the pump will revert to a lower speed when solar heat is off.

IntelliFlo and IntelliPro Pumps recommended for use with SolarTouch Controller:[67]

  • IntelliFlo/IntelliPro 4x160 (Mfg. 2005 -2011- P/N 011013).
  • IntelliFlo/IntelliPro Variable Speed (8 programmable time clocks - P/N 011018 VS 3050.
  • IntelliPro Variable Speed (8 programmable time clocks, P/N P6E6VS4H-209L).

IntelliFlo and IntelliPro Pumps not recommended for use with the SolarTouch Control System

  • IntelliFlo/IntelliPro VF 3.2 Kilowatts (P/N 011012)
  • IntelliPro VS+SVRS (P/N P6E6XS4H-209L)
  • IntelliFlo VS+SVRS (P/N 011017)

The temperature sensors can be calibrated with a +/- 10 degrees offset.

The SolarTouch can be powered by 120 VAC at 0.4 amp or 240 VAC at 0.2 amp.

The SolarTouch freeze protection function is active when the water and solar sensor are installed. Freeze protection is enabled whenever the outside temperature is 40° F (4° C) lower (this method is not recommended where temperature levels may drop severely). Freeze Protect will continue until both temperatures (solar collectors and water) reach at least 42°F (6°C).

Connecting a non-Pentair Heat Pump to Pentair Automation

We recommend you get the variable speed pump and SWG from the same manufacturer as your automation system so they all communicate together. Any brand pool gas heater can be controlled by any automation using the "Firemans Switch". Having automation control another brands Heat Pump can be more difficult.

Below is a way to connect control of Pentair automation - Easy Touch, IntelliTouch, IntelliConnect, IntelliCenter - with a Hayward Heat Pump.[68] Similar techniques should work between other brands of automation and Heat Pumps.

  1. Run AC power to the heater without any relays. Circuit breaker direct to heater AC input.
  2. Inside your EasyTouch, take an unused Aux relay and connect its two pin coil plug to the Electric heater output on the main circuit card. It has a two pin plug just like all the Aux relays do.
  3. At this point you should be able to turn the set point for the temperature you want up and down (on the EasyTouch) and make the relay go on and off.
  4. You may have to turn on the heat function in your EasyTouch first.
  5. Assuming you can turn the relay on and off, then open up your heater and find the wiring that goes to the flow switch (Marked FS D102 and Gnd... See your heater manual)
  6. Now wire your EasyTouch relay, that is now controlled by the electric heater output, in series with the flow switch inside your heater.
  7. If you now turn on your heater and set it for max temp, then "in theory" the heater should run until the EasyTouch see the temperature it wants. When that happens the relay opens and the heater stops due to a low flow interrupt.
  8. Once the temperature drops below the set point the relay closes again and "in theory" the heater will turn on.

Double Priming with VS Pumps and Automation

VS pumps like the Pentair IntelliFlo have their own internal priming cycle. The pump can sense when it is primed and stop the priming cycle. The pump control panel has priming settings.

Pentair automation like the EasyTouch and IntelliCenter also have priming settings.

With the Pentair IntelliFlo VS pump having priming settings, and the ET or IntelliCenter having priming settings, neither one overrides the other. They both run, first the pump's internal prime routine, then the ET's or IntelliCenter. Unless the user is smart enough to change that.[69]

The shortest time the ET or IntelliCenter prime can run is 1 minute, and it doesn't know whether the pump is primed or not; it just runs for the specified time. On the other hand, the pump itself can realize it's primed in 3 seconds. You can set the prime time on the ET to 0 minutes and the pump will no longer noisily and unnecessarily prime for a minute