Hayward TriStar VS Pumps - Further Reading

Hayward TriStar VS Pumps

TriStar VS is available in the following two models:

  • TriStar VS SP3200VSP, can operate by itself in Stand-alone Mode, or be controlled from third party controls and Hayward controls that are not software compatible, by using relay contacts and/or an actuator port. SP3200VSP includes a control interface on the pump. This model cannot communicate with controllers.
  • TriStar VS SP3200VSPND, can communicate with and be controlled by Hayward automation systems, such as ProLogic or OnCommand controllers. SP3200VSPND does not have a control interface on the pump and a control interface cannot be installed on this model.

TriStar pumps have the same form factor as EcoStar pumps and are a direct replacement.

TriStar VS Technical Guide

TriStar VS Technical Guide[1]

TriStar VS as a Replacement for EcoStar Pumps?

This was received by a member in July 2019 from a senior technician at the Hayward factory in North Carolina regarding improvements to the Hayward Tristar VS950 pumps[2]. Here is what he said:

"The new Tri Star 950 has a new style motor on it with a drive that looks the same as the Eco Star, but there have been changes made to it and extra protection has been added to help with the drive error pump has stalled code.

The Tri Star 950 has now been out about 2 years and I have not heard of any issues with it. I will tell you when the changes where made they put this pump thru a lot of testing in our R & D lab to see if it would stand up, and it has."