Water Leaks - Further Reading

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Water Leaks in a Pool

How to handle a suspected pool leak is described in Leak Detection in TFP Pool School.

Water Leak Detection

Anderson Manufacturing has many products for leak detection and repair.

Water Leak Repair

Pool Repair Epoxy Putty

LeakMaster by Anderson pool repair putty[1] is an epoxy leak repair material for topical concrete and fiberglass pool repair. It is available at Amazon and other retailers.

Flexible Sealer

Flexible nitrile rubber-based sealant provides a strong adhesive bond to most any material found around the swimming pool, even vinyl. Squeeze from the tube directly onto the material to be sealed. Flexible Sealer will skin over in seconds allowing it to be flattened with a wet finger. Cures flexible in minutes to hours depending on application thickness.

  • Seal vinyl leaks with or without a patch.
  • Seal between liner and face plates or fittings.
  • Use as a thread sealant or on small suction side plumbing leaks.
  • Seal small cracks in gunite or plaster.
  • Can be applied underwater.

Fitting Repair

Anderson Manufacturing Fitting Saver System.jpg

Anderson Manufacturing has a Fitting Saver System that utilizes expandable rubber gaskets to fit the most popular pool fittings and seal leaks in the pipe joint and fitting body.

Pipe Repair Coupler

Anderson Manufacturing Kwik Repair coupler.jpg

PVC lines can be repaired by using a coupler with a sliding sleeve to repair a pipe without bending or flexing of the existing pipe.

They are available to fit pipes form 1/2" to 3".

Pipe Repair Fittings

Anderson Manufacturing Extender Fitting.jpg

Pipe Repair extender fittings can be used when replacing a standard glued in fitting, valve, etc. It extends the length of the new fitting so it can be re-glued onto the existing pipe. One end of this fitting goes over existing PVC pipe the other fits inside another plumbing fitting. Use this to repair plumbing or replace fittings where at least 1-1/4" of exposed pipe remains.

Anderson Manufacturing Inside Connector.jpg

An inside connector can join two pieces of schedule 40 PVC pipe together. Use when pipe has been cut off flush with concrete or buried underground.