Equipment Pad Best Practices - Further Reading

What are the Best Practices for a Pool Equipment Pad?

If you are building your pool here are things to discuss with your builder and contractor.[1]

Location and Layout

  • Consider location carefully. Many Pool Builders will put the equipment where it is convenient for them
  • Size - 5’ x 10-12’+
  • Pumps on one side, filter in the middle and heater on the other side.
  • No pipes coming up through concrete, bring them up through crushed stone.
  • All valves & pipes labeled for function and flow direction
  • Room to move around, put your feet between equipment, and get behind all equipment
  • Control panels on something solid like a structure wall or a wall created by posts and 2 x 10’s.

Ventilation and Sun Protection

  • Good airflow
  • Consider where heater exhaust will blow to
  • Protection from sun or at least spray paint pipes


  • Light overhead for night work
  • 120V GFCI receptacle


  • Water spigot
  • Drain area or to sewer for waste


  • Valves-make sure they are the rebuildable ones-Jandy and Pentair make some good ones. Do NOT allow "ball valves" from the big box stores.
  • Unions-make sure they use these on all of the equipment so you can service it without having to cut the pipe