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Intex SWG

Hard Plumbing Install

If you have purchased the Intex SWG and want to install it to a non intex pool that has hard plumbing then here is what I have found works. I found this out the hard way. First of all, I could not find a way to make the flex line work with any adapter though there are many modifications out there that folks have done.[1]

Parts Needed

Parts needed for 1 1/2" hard plumbing install using all sch40: Please note your prices and/or description may differ from this info, my prices at the store I use is a little bit higher. This info is from the Lowes website where I purchased all of these items. If you don't have a Lowes, your local Home Depot or hardware store should have this. Google these numbers for pictures and more info.

These parts are to do one side of the SWG so double the qty if you need to do both sides.


  • 2" PVC Female Adapter Item #: 115923 | Model #:E942JRL = $0.97
  • 2" x 1-1/2" PVC Bushing Item #: 23310 | Model #:pVC 00107 1000 = $0.84
  • 1-1/2" x 2' PVC Schedule 40 Pipe Item #: 256098 | Model #:pVC 07112 0200 = $2.80 (you wont need this if you have some 1 1/2" pvc sch 40 laying around)
  • AMERICAN VALVE 1 1/2" PVC Union SCH40 Socket Item #: 188223 | Model #:p240S 1 1/2 = $6.47
  • Oatey 1 Oz. Pipe Joint Compound Item #:23502 | Model #:31229D = $2.03 (this is the magic stuff, this stopped my small drip leak)
  • Teflon tape - was at Lowes for $1 but I cant find it on their site. You may have this already.


Basically here is the install - but first a word of wisdom. These instructions and list are for the model Intex SWG CS8110 purchased in June 2011 and for a hard plumbing system using all 1-1/2" sch 40. Also - though it may not seem to go on very easy and feels like you are going to strip the adapter, the 2"PVC thread does go onto the intex proprietary thread with care and the right process.

The instructions:

  1. Mount the 2" x 1-1/2" bushing into the 2"female adapter
  2. then put the appropriate size pipe you need into the 1-1/2"adapter
  3. then put the union after with the rest of your plumbing following after that
  4. put a nice amount (about 4 rounds of teflon tape on the intex SWG) remembering to wrap the same direction as you would thread the adapter which is clockwise if looking at the adapter straight on.
  5. put a generous amount of the thread compound (tube) on top of the teflon tape and also inside the 2" female adapter. Wipe it around to get it really good.
  6. screw the adapter onto the intex SWG, when it gets hard, use large pliers and continue turning. I tightened it with about 2 threads remaining (see pic)
  7. the reason for the union is you can break it apart (or loosen) and continue tightening if its not tight enough. I made this mistake and had to redo all my plumbing. The union will also allow for removal of the SWG without cutting all the plumbing away.

Take note, my first attempt at this had leaks with the teflon tape but after adding the thread paste, the problem was solved.

This was a 3 day project looking for all types of adapters and looking at all the rigged up ways to make the Intex adapter.