Hayward EcoStar Pumps - Further Reading

Hayward EcoStar Pumps

EcoStar is a line of Variable Speed Pumps (VSP). Models are SP3400VSP and SP3400VSPVR,

The EcoStar pumps use a three phase motor with a variable frequency drive that converts the power from single phase into three phase at the right frequency.

Consider the Hayward TriStar VS Pumps as a replacement for a failed EcoStar pump if you want another VS pump.

Replacing the EcoStar Drive

The drives are fairly simple to replace.[1]

  1. ensure all power is off to the motor and control board.
  2. open the top off the drive where high and low voltage wires are connected.
  3. take a pic of the wires just to be sure they go back on the correct manner.
  4. Remove high voltage wire and low voltage wires that power the drive. You will also have 3 large wires coming from the motor and connecting to the drive, disconnect for now but do not remove just yet.
  5. There are 4 1/4" mounting screws on the underside of the drive. These can be difficult to remove, I recommend an offset angle adapter on a impact drill to make life easy.
  6. Now you will be able to lift the drive up slightly from motor, but you will need to feed motor wires thru bottom off drive. All 3 will not fit thru the hole at same time, 1 at a time will do.
  7. install new drive in reverse order.

Note that your replacement drive warranty will expire on the same date as the pump.

Replacing the Motor if the Drive Fails

The wet end of the Hayward TriStar pump is exactly the same as the EcoStar. They use the same housing, diffuser, and impeller.[2] You can replace the motor of the EcoStar with a single or dual speed motor which will result in the same pump as the TriStar.

Hayward said you could swap in a single speed Tristar motor for that unit and convert it to a single speed motor. Spx3230z1ber would the part number for 3hp Tristar motor.[3] You probably don't need a 3 hp motor and if you replace the impeller and diffuser, you can go to a much smaller motor.

EcoStar Technical Guide

EcoStar Technical Guide-2.56


We have seen that failure for the EcoStar many times in the past couple of years. The control head dies. You can replace the control head but it is almost the same price as the whole pump. There are plenty of threads about it, but not solutions.

Some members have reported having positive results by calling Hayward. They know about the SP3400VSP pumps issues, and have been offering up replacement parts, and/or huge discounts on a new pump. Give it a try



If the impeller being hard to turn that's ususally motor/shaft/bearing issue.

If the the impeller being easy to turn that's usually a controller/drive related.


Remove the Blue, Black and Red wires from the drive and check each motor lead to ground.[4]

There should be no continuity.

Next, check continuity from lead to lead. Ohms reading should be between 0.5 and 1.0 ohms max.

If any of these readings are outside limits, replace motor. If they are within range, replace drive.


  • Shut off power for 10 minutes and then repower.[5]
  • Check the communication wiring.


  • Make sure the pump run button on the controller is off then turn power off to the drive & controller via the breaker and leave it off for at least 30 sec.[6]
  • Power on the drive first, and then after 30 sec the controller.
  • After another 30 sec, try to start the pump.

If it still does not work, repeat for a few more times doubling the wait time each round before giving up. Or if you want, just start with really long wait times. But 30 sec usually works.


Press the Menu button until the Diagnostic screen appears (fig 83). This menu provides important information about the performance of the pump that can be used during troubleshooting. Below are the different screens and their meaning. These are all real-time displays. Press the ‘>’ button to view information.[7]

When "Event Log" is displayed, press + to view the fault events.

Freeze Protection

The EcoStar does not have built in freeze protection. It does have a low temp setting that only keeps the drive at or above the low temp set point. It is not intended to protect the system from freezing.[8]

Low Temperature Operation

Press menu, press and hold < > and it will unlock configuration menu. Press > till you get to “low temp operation” it takes more than 7 presses to get to it. There you can enable or disable. I think the next press will get to the speed it will run at. Press again and you can set temp.[9]