Mineral Springs System - Further Reading

What is Mineral Springs?

Mineral Springs is a branded packaging of chemicals and a Salt Water Chlorine Generator from Bioguard.

Mineral Springs SWG

Mineral Springs SWG is an Hayward Aquarite SWG (Goldline) re-branded product.

What are the Mineral Springs Chemicals?

The Mineral Springs products contain a mixture of salt, acids, and CYA. In addition to being quite expensive, they don't allow you to adjust each of those levels separately.[1]

What is in Beginnings?

Beginnings is a mixture of pool salt, borax, and CYA.[2]

What is in Renewal?

Renewal is a mixture of dry acid(sodium bisulfate), boric acid, and phosphonic acid (scale inhibitor).[3][4]

What Are Alternatives to Mineral Springs Chemicals?

Pool salt or water softener salt can be used with the Mineral Springs SWG.

Stabilizer/CYA can be added as needed.

pH is best controlled using muriatic acid.

Borates in pool can added separately with boric acid.

Scale inhibitors are not needed unless you have a high calcium hardness problem or metals in the water.


  • There are no minerals such as copper in the Mineral Springs chemicals