Mineral Springs System - Further Reading

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What is Mineral Springs?

Mineral Springs is a branded packaging of chemicals and a Salt Water Chlorine Generator from Bioguard.

Mineral Springs SWG

The Mineral Springs SWG is an Hayward Aquarite SWG (Goldline) re-branded product.

The Mineral Springs SWG does not need special Mineral Springs chemicals and works fine with standard pool salt.

What are the Mineral Springs Chemicals?

The Mineral Springs products contain a mixture of salt, acids, and CYA. In addition to being quite expensive, they don't allow you to adjust each of those levels separately.[1]

What is in Beginnings?

Beginnings is a mixture of pool salt, borax, and CYA.[2]

What is in Renewal?

Renewal is a mixture of dry acid(sodium bisulfate), boric acid, and phosphonic acid (scale inhibitor).[3][4]

What Are Alternatives to Mineral Springs Chemicals?

Pool salt or water softener salt can be used with the Mineral Springs SWG.

Stabilizer/CYA can be added as needed.

pH is best controlled using muriatic acid.

Borates in pool can added separately with boric acid.

Scale inhibitors are not needed unless you have a high calcium hardness problem or metals in the water.


  • There are no minerals such as copper in the Mineral Springs chemicals