Pentair Intelliph - Further Reading

Basic Operation

Pentair IntellipH

If wired correctly, the ipH can't pump while the filter pump is off, just as the IC40 can't produce. And the ipH doesn't dispense while the IC40 is producing, the ipH controller turns off the IC40 just before it dispenses.[1]

The ipH controller monitors the IC40 flow switch, and won't dispense without flow (or isn't supposed to).

Checking the tank contents should be a daily chore, along with spot checking the filter gauge, the leaf baskets, the water level, etc. The problem with automation is that it will eventually fail, so you need to treat every day as the day it might happen.

Two Different Peristaltic Pumps

522474 Pump

I have determined that the replacement peristaltic pump is indeed the old circa 2014 Shurflo pump. I made the request to Pentair to get me the new correct Stenner pump. I think the reason I ended up with the old one circa 2014 is because there is not a part number for the entire Stenner motor and pump head, but there is for the circa 2014.[2]

There are two types of tank mounted pumps:

  • black and white square pump 521348Z (old part, cheap) ShurFlo pump
  • blue cover semi-round pump 522474 (new pump) Stenner pump

Maintenance & Repair

The old pump had to be entirely replaced, the new blue pump can be repaired and you're expected to change out the white tube every year.[3]

You can order the super expensive pentair parts for replacement but it's a standard stenner econ pump head that pentair customized for their needs, so you can just order stenner econ replacement parts for not just the white roller tube but the rollers as well as they are the exact same part just a fraction of the price.

Also, pentair only sells you the tube two pack or a rebuild kit with one tube and the rollers for about $80. You can buy the stenner econ pump head roller alone (EC350, make sure you get the "white" version instead of the "black" version) for a fraction of the price ($15).


Intelliph Emptied Entire Tank of Acid

The warranty company for Pentair came out and they replaced my entire peristaltic pump on my Intelliph with a different pump. Now the peristaltic pump says Shurflow and it has 4 screws not a lever to replace the surgical tubing and/or the wheel. The Shurflow wheel appears to have only two rollers not three like the original. [4]

It sounds like they put the older pump head on. The newer one is a stenner style, the shurflo was the original.

Intellichlor ICXX Not Running

There was an issue where the ICs were having trouble running when connected to the intelliph. It seems these issues haven't been completely resolved.[5]


Dilute 31% acid 1:1 with water

Which means there's never more than about 1.5 gallons of acid in the tank at any given point. Not enough to be much of a concern should the system malfunction.[6]