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Jun 16, 2021
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Pentair has just announced release of a LITE version of their new flagaship IntelliCenter automation.

Much like the Easytouch PL4/PSL4, this control system appears to be modeled primarily for pool owners who may already have a distribution/breaker panel and do not need the additional load center.
However, UNLIKE the prior EasyTouch Lite, the new IntelliCenter LITE system is not limited in feature and function, and operates the same as its IntelliCenter big-brother. They will also be upgradable for items such as future relays etc, just as the standard IntelliCenter. While it can be expanded, IntelliCenter Lite will only come with the i5P/S personality kit and 5 relays which is unsurprising, as most who would be interested in this product are not likely to have complex pool builds and would not need the i10.

There will be several versions available to purchase, and these versions will include various options such as Wireless Internet and actuator bundles. The SKUs are conflicting on the partner documents, so I will include both versions until we are sure which they will actually be.

What are the new SKUs and how are they different from IntelliCenter?

The new IntelliCenter Lite systems use a power center, rather than a load center. This will feature a 125AMP breaker bus. There are also versions that will forego the wireless connection kits, to allow additional savings for those with a hard-wired cat-5 Ethernet connection available at their equipment pad. IntelliCenter Lite bundles do not currently include SWG cells or other chemistry management solutions. These will need to be purchased separately. It also appears that the IntelliCenter Lite is not provided in a "salt ready" setup in any version, as they all lack the transformer.

523623 IntelliCenter® Lite System (power center with i5P personality kit) (released 1/2023)
523624 IntelliCenter® Lite System (power center with i5PS personality kit and 2 standard valve actuators) (released 1/2023)
523625 IntelliCenter® Lite System (power center with i5PS personality kit and 2 IntelliValve® actuators) (released 1/2023)
523688/523669 IntelliCenter® Lite System (power center with i5P personality kit) without High Power Wireless Link (available 3/2023)
523699/523669 IntelliCenter® Lite System (power center with i5PS personality kit) without High Power Wireless Link (available 3/2023)
The orange version is an alternate SKU shown in release docs. Most likely a typo, but both appear about the same frequency as each other.

How does this compare to the Easytouch Lite?

Short version, they really don't. Arguably, the biggest drawback with the Pl4/PSL4 systems were the software limitations. Though a hack existed to change this, the general consensus is the ET Lite systems were a poor investment given the combination of the software and hardware limitations. Though several Easytouch models exist with the same physical limitations as the ET Lite, the standard ET included full featured software without having to violate warranty to get it.

In the case of the IntelliCenter Lite, it will also always feature one more relay (5 ) than the Easytouch Lite (4), and all previously mentioned standard IntelliCenter features and expansion.
The Intellicenter Lite can also come with built-in remote access via wifi, which always required the $500+ ScreenLogic bundle for the ETL.

Below is a brief comparison of the ET Lite, standard ET and the IC/IC Lite

EasyTouch LiteEasyTouchIntelliCenter & IntelliCenter Lite
4 Relays (Filter pump + 3 pieces of equipment)Up to 8 relays
Up to 40 relays (up to 3 expansion enclosures)
1 Filter Pump
Up to 2 IntelliFlo® pumps
Up to 16 IntelliFlo pumps
2 Feature Circuits
Up to 8 feature circuits
Up to 32 feature circuits, and 16 groups
4 Schedules
Up to 12 schedules/programs
Up to 100 multifunction schedules/programs
2 bodies of water
2 bodies of water
2 bodies of water (multiple bodies on product roadmap)

EDIT* I removed the IntelliCenter Upgrade Kit SKUs to shorten the post, as they've already been covered in the Automation Wiki.


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Mar 2, 2011
Honestly, they need to stop all of this idiotic version nonsense.

It’s horribly complex and no one understands it including the dealers and builders.

Customers end up spending too much or getting a system that does not meet their needs.

There’s only one person at Pentair that really understands the systems.

They keep him in the basement in a broom closet so that he does not make contact with anyone else.

Below is a picture of him trying to explain it to the other employees at Pentair.



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Jun 17, 2020
Those are the exact same specs as the regular IntelliCenter (P/PS) models. I'm missing something, is this just packaging? For instance, a regular IntelliCenter in a power center (expansion) panel. So not really a hardware/software change but a mechanical one.


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Looks like typical parts box packaging for different SKUs and options that many manufacturers do.
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