salt cell

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    No lights on pentair intellichlor IC40

    Just got this in at our office and I cant seem to figure out why there is no power to it. Customer said it WAS working the day before and now nothing
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    First time owner in Florida

    Hi everyone! Another new kid in town over here. I have a large salt water pool in Florida, and I’m worried about keeping up with algae this summer. The water is already 82 degrees. I’m not sure how warm pools typically get in Fl, but I’m worried that the heat coupled with frequent rain in the...
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    Need to replace Salt Cell

    The control panel for my salt water pool system had a check cell message so I took my Hayward TurboCell T-Cell-15 to the local pool store to test. They told me it failed the test and to replace it would cost $900. I nearly fell over. Then they told me that I could convert my saltwater system...
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    Calcium hardness and salinity for salt water pool

    Hello all, I’m new here to the site but not to pools. Grew up with a chlorine above ground pool, bought a house 5 years ago with a 25,000 gallon in ground pool that I converted to salt a couple years ago. Today I had to add 25 pounds of calcium chloride to increase my calcium hardness. Since...
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    Jandy fusionsoft cell connection melted

    So this happened. Not really sure where to begin troubleshooting. Maybe start with replacing the power cord?