T-15 Salt / Volt / Amp drop quickly


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Jun 14, 2021
I have a PS4 with a T-15 cell. Over the last 6 months, salt readings have been dropping. When pool and salt system starts, instant salt starts about 3600 (yes, my salt level is high at about 3900 ppm after committing the classic mistake of following the cell and not an independent test) and after initial rapid drop slowly to about 800 ppm (negative) and 1300 ppm (positive), with associated volts / amps dropping to match. Had the cell checked by Pinch-a-Penny and was "OK". Checked reading on the motherboard (voltages, fuse, rectifiers, transformer - everything on Hayward troubleshooting guide) and all are OK. Tried to call Hayward with no response. Questions... salt cell failure (even with good "test") ? Motherboard failing? Both? Extra troubleshooting?


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Feb 16, 2016
The salt cell testers at Pinch-a-Penny read either PASS or FAIL. OK is not one of the options. Try another store and see what they say. If you are seeing amperage less than 4.0 my guess is the cell is dead.
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