High Salt Level and New Salt Cell


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Aug 16, 2010
Saginaw, TX
Apparently my salt cell is going bad and reporting erroneous salt levels. Unfortunately, I added more salt before I realized the problem. The Taylor K-1766 test indicates 4200 ppm, Leslie's test was at 3689 ppm and the cell is reporting 1900.

I have a new cell ordered (backorder), so I am supplementing with bleach until it arrives. My question is, can I install the new cell with the current high salt level in order to get a reading or will that cause damage to the cell, even if it was on just long enough to determine the salt level?



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Mar 2, 2011
Get the salinity down until the K-1766 reads 3,600 ppm before installing the cell.

The cell trips the high salt light at 8.0 amps.

If the amperage is above 7 amps when you install the cell, get the salinity down more.
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