1. bronwynsmom24

    Featured Hole in the liner in the deep end. Caused from Muriatic Acid?

    I bought my house with a pool in October 2020. Last Friday I had my pool converted to salt water. I've been trying to get the Chemicals balanced out and today I came home to a huge hole in my liner at the deep end. It wasn't there yesterday evening. Sunday, I vacuumed really well bc I had to...
  2. A

    No Ionization

    One thing I've learned quickly is that ionization is not the popular opinion! And after reading.... I understand. BUT, when I purchased my package with my pool, my installer was suggesting the ionizer system and he would provide for me. He helped me place my order. Now if I'd like to change...
  3. J

    SWCG Cold Water Shut Off

    Good evening, all. Brand new owner of a 20,000 gallon salt water pool, here! Very excited and also a bit frustrated as I added 360 pounds of the recommended approximate 550 pounds of salt this afternoon just to try out my IC40 Pentair Intellichlor SWCG to find out that it won’t work for my 52...
  4. P

    Newbie: Calcium Hardness in a Minipebble Coated SWG pool

    Hi Everyone, 1st post here so go easy .... :) I did already search the forums and found a lot of varying information. I have a 13k gal SW pool and the Taylor test kit that includes salt water testing. I'm fine with all the tests, and have everything in normal, except for my CH is 250, and...
  5. W

    Composite deck haze

    I have a deckorators composite deck that has a white haze. It could be hard water stains, salt, scaling or failure of the deck. It’s about 8 years old. anyone see this happen next to a saltwater pool? I’ve tried cleaning with... Deckmax E2 CLR White vinegar Simple green Bleach Dawn I can...
  6. B

    Plumbed in Salt chlorine generator, but noticed filter says fresh water only

    New to pools, purchased a home with a 20x40 in ground pool last November. I plumbed in a new salt chlorine generator a month back, and today while opening the pool I noticed the label on the Sta-Rite filter says fresh water only. It's a Sta-Rite System 3 model S7D75 filter. Why can't this be...
  7. wille

    Chlorine is at 0

    I was low on salt, so I added it and turned the SWG to 0 last evening and ran the pump all night. This morning, I have 0 chlorine. It was low last night, so it didn't drop from last night. Suggestions? Add bleach, turn SWG to a higher percentage.
  8. P

    New from Olive Branch, Mississippi (suburb of Memphis)

    Hi! So glad to have a found a forum to share advice and wisdom. We installed our pool last year (from February to September due to ridiculous levels of rain) and had few opportunities to swim in it without workers in the backyard. We chose a smaller 12,600 gallon Trilogy Axiom fiberglass...
  9. R

    Calcium hardness and salinity for salt water pool

    Hello all, I’m new here to the site but not to pools. Grew up with a chlorine above ground pool, bought a house 5 years ago with a 25,000 gallon in ground pool that I converted to salt a couple years ago. Today I had to add 25 pounds of calcium chloride to increase my calcium hardness. Since...
  10. T

    Semi in ground 12x24 intex

    First of all this forum is great. I've always been a pool/beach bum and now that I own a house it's time to make a statement with an ultimate (budget) pool and patio setup. I was able to get a great deal on the ultra frame 12x24x52 with sand pump and will be going the salt water route. The plan...