New from Olive Branch, Mississippi (suburb of Memphis)


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May 11, 2019
Olive Branch, MS
Hi! So glad to have a found a forum to share advice and wisdom. We installed our pool last year (from February to September due to ridiculous levels of rain) and had few opportunities to swim in it without workers in the backyard. We chose a smaller 12,600 gallon Trilogy Axiom fiberglass pool as our boys are grown and chose a Baja Shelf for our new grandson, which has been amazing.

All photos were last year. I need to get some photos now that everything is finished.


Here is our plan - we put a fire feature where you see the plants next to the ramp. Also added 2 fire features at the pool with water falls. We plumbed the kitchen over on the larger patio (as opposed to this plan).


At the time of pool installation, we re-graded the ¾ acre backyard to control the soil retention of water. We added Zoysia sod and we now have a lush, "carpet-like" experience for our 3 senior dogs to potty and come back in without a mess on their paws, even in massive rain. Also added a ramp for the senior dogs and mobility needs in the future. We use it now more often than we expected! Put lights in all the retaining walls and anything that has steps, which has helped greatly along with creating beautiful ambience at night.


We took a 3 foot wide "stupid porch" that had a drop off and regraded/added a large 14 x 26 patio that is wonderful. Plumbed it for a future kitchen, if desired.


I love looking at all the pictures! Look forward to sharing.