1. P

    PSEG offered a $1,000 rebate for changing to a variable speed pump. But can I?

    I recently changed by set up from a jandy Ray vac pool side cleaner to a Polaris with booster pump pool side cleaner. I Jerry rigged the old set up like in the photo. I’m willing to get a variable speed, it will cut electricity costs, but can my new set up still work with a variable speed?
  2. P

    New Pool Install - Pump Orientation

    Hey guys. I'm still very new around here, but wanted to reach out for some opinions. Basically my pool is still in construction. the equipment was set down a few weeks ago by the plumbers. I took a look at it and it seems like they put my pump in a very inconvenient orientation? So it...
  3. L

    Help needed to identify parts to solve pump leak

    Hello everyone, Our pool pump is leaking in a major way. Can anyone help identify the parts we should order to repair? The leak is clearly at the junction between the wet and dry part of the pump (see attached photos). First photo is from below the pump, wet side is to the right of the photo...
  4. S

    pool pump turns louder every 6 minutes, lasting for 2 minutes

    Pentair Intelliflo variable speed pump turns louder (it is about 50% more sound, but quite noticeable since it is not like normal pump motor white noise, but more like "grinding" sound or with some tones (no high pitch tho), or like the sound when pump runs at much higher speed. Pump is set to...
  5. jneuharth

    Having Pentair equipment "Work Together" without automation

    Hello Fellow TFP Members! I recently upgraded my pool set up with the following: IntelliFlo VSF (3HP) MasterTemp 400k NG Heater IC40 SWG BioShield UV So far I love it compared to my past equipment. Just setting the flow level on the pump, a heater that can raise the temp of the pool 2 - 4...
  6. D

    Jandy ePump Bearing Replacement

    I returned from a vacation to find my Jandy ePump (Variable Speed JEP1.5) making noises like the bearings are shot. I have looked all over for the part number for replacement bearings but have not had any success. I have ordered and received the mechanical seal, which may be the problem, but...
  7. W

    Single Pump or Multiple Pumps

    Guys, I am requesting thoughts on using one variable speed pump (Pentair - IntelliFlo VSF 011056) for the following pool/spa combo build; * Pool - 25k - 30k gallons * Spa - 8-10 jets w/ spillover * Waterfall (90gpm) * (2) Bubblers * (3) Laminars Would a single VSP be a great option for this...
  8. egiblock

    Waterway 150 sqft cartridge system w/ 1.5hp 2speed pump ~ (cartridge and pump questions)

    been working great and running on a rotation of 12 hours at night on high usually. a couple of days when it was raining I didn't run it. but overall pretty good. chemical levels are all steady and I don't have to do a lot of maintenance to keep it in the clear.. hehe yesterday it seems...
  9. J

    SP3200LCD - SP3400LCD Replacement Installation Instructions

    Need/would like to replace my LCD Display for Pump (SP3400VSP)… To date I have not been able to find specific instructions... I have a replacement ready to go... I've programmed it the same as my old one... It indicates that it's running but it is not... I've reset it and reprogrammed it but I...
  10. J

    IntelliFlo RPM Setting + Return Flow

    Hi all, I recently had an IntelliFlo installed. The installer set the pump to run at 2500 RPM when the system is in pool mode. In that mode, the spa's spillway is active and flows the water from the spa to the pool. However, I cannot feel any water flow coming from the pool returns. I can...
  11. G

    Advice Needed - Hayward Heater Pump on Same Timer

    Can anyone provide some advice for me. I was wondering if I would be able to connect my new Hayward HP21254T heater to the same timer (Intermatic T104P3) as my pool pump (USQ1152 - 115/230 volt 1.5 hp). Currently, the pump is the only thing attached to the timer. The timer is connected to a 60...
  12. CMWB

    Pump Housing Cracked

    Have the newer version of the Century Pump... Just replaced the pump itself... And now this... Hoping for a really cost effective way to replace only what’s cracked or seal this up with a plumber-grade sealant..
  13. I

    Filter lid almost popped off. Leaked water everywhere.

    Manually vacuumed the pool into the skimmer. Our auto leaf vac is getting new tubes. Had a brain fart and lifted the vacuum out of the water. Air got sucked into our only intake/skimmer. I freaked out and ran to turn off the pump. Emptied pump basket. Waited a minute and turned it back on. Water...
  14. E

    Variable speed pump install

    Hello! I would like to upgrade to a variable speed pool pump. Here are my design priorities: Quiet operation Reliability (proven brand / model) Ease of fitting into existing plumbing Energy efficiency Ergonomics / ease of accessing controls (since VS motors have the timers built-in) I have...
  15. S

    Keeping having to prime. Help!

    Hello, We keeping having to prime our pump to start pulling in water almost every time we turn it on. This just started happening this summer. We have a Hayward sand filter that we installed brand new two years ago. We didn't open the pool last summer, but the summer before that, we only had to...
  16. dabg

    Revisit w/ new account to repair a humming pump WhisperFlo WEF-4 1 HP

    Have owned our house for 6.5 years and now our pump is not priming up but humming instead. I am watching YouTube videos and learned that this could be a stuck motor. Will give it a try shortly. It is nice to be back here again with new account. dabg
  17. Joel B

    Leaks!!!! Help

    Are you able to identify the parts with the yellow handles. If I turn the water off here but keep running the pump will this be bad? This is a brand new pool, they set the pump to run 24hrs a day while they cycle out the acid wash on the plaster. This morning I went out and water was...
  18. Pump setup.jpg

    Pump setup.jpg

  19. MermaidMama

    Please help me! My Pump!

    My pump has worked perfect for 3-4 years. Opened my 18’ above ground pool. All of a sudden I can see bubbles in the pump. When I tried to vacuum the pool (after my roofer ripped my cover and Tina is Darn got in my perfect TFP method pool) the pump was struggling to pull water in and I stopped...
  20. G

    How to (properly) pump water from cover (above ground pool)?

    Hi all! It's been very cold in the NorthEast and I'm still not open! However last weekend, I tried to pump the water out of the cover , but I noticed, after a couple hours, my pool water was also going down! It seems the cover isn't "waterproof" ! No worries as it's been raining so much the...
  21. swstealth

    Advice needed: 2 pumps (2 filters) one pool...

    Alright pool gurus, I'd like to pick your brains if I may... A couple of years ago we purchased an ancient Muskin 24' above ground pool and after lots of trial and error, mostly error ;) we were able to get the thing up and running. By the end of the first season the 150lb sand filter...
  22. K

    Pump not priming/holding prime

    Hello! My fiancé and I just recently bought a house with a large (26000 gallon) inground pool & we have never had any pools before. When we first moved in (in December ‘18) everything was running great but since March we’ve been having a lot of trouble with our filter/pump. When we turn the...
  23. K

    Wintertime electrical disconnect for in-ground pool pump?

    I have an in-ground pool with a 1HP Hayward Super Pump. It was brand new 3 years ago and last year, it started having intermittent trouble starting (hums and trips the breaker). I picked up a replacement start capacitor which should fix the issue for this season but I suspect that the reason...
  24. D

    Pump/ filter distance from above ground pool

    I am going to start on my pool this weekend. I really don't want the pump right next to the pool. I have a storage building where I'm getting power from about 24ft from the pool. Can I install the Hayward 1.5hp Power-Flo pump with S180T sand filter by the building and pipe over to the pool...
  25. M

    New Filter & Pump - 20x40 In-Ground 37,000 Gallons

    Hello Everyone, I am fairly new to pool ownership. My wife and I bought a house last year that came with a 20x40 in-ground pool (approx. 37,000 gallons). It came with a Sta-Rite Cartridge Filter and a 3/4 HP Hayward pump. We experienced some difficulties getting our pool from green at open to...
  26. B

    Plumbing and valves

    Hello! I am new here and new to pools. I have installed a pool and am ready for finishing the pool plumbing and valves. I have (3) returns tee'd together underground with (1) 2" stub up I have (4) deck jets all piped in 1-1/2" pipe with a loop system underground with (1) 1-1/2" I have (2)...
  27. T

    False air suction

    Hi, I have just installed an IGUI Waikiki 3,900 gallon pool. Pool plumbing consists of one skimmer and two return jets, connected by 2 inch piping. Please note the suction side is longer than the outlet side (60 feet compared to 40 feet). I connected an Intex 14 inch sand filter and an Intex...