1. S

    Mounting pump on a riser?

    I'm considering replacing a Jandy Stealth single-speed pump with a Calimar variable-speed pump. According to their respective manuals, the Jandy inlet is 10.375" high [attachment 1]. The Calimar inlet is 9.126" high [attachment 2]. So, let's say the Calimar is 1.25" lower than the Jandy. I'd...
  2. W

    Help Setting the Clock on Intelliflo3 Pump

    I just bought a Pentair Intelliflo3 VSF, model 011075. It does not have the optional touchscreen. Everything is working fine, except that the clock time is wrong. I have searched both the "Intelliflo3 VSF Variable Speed and Flow Pumps Installation and Maintenance Guide" and the "Pentair Home...
  3. T

    Upgrading Pump Recommendations // Vacuum Recommendations

    Hi all, I am looking for recommendations on a pump upgrade as well as vacuuming. Main interests are energy conservation and eventual automation. Currently have an old single speed pump. System has a Hayward cartridge filter and a Hayward SWG. Was using an old suction Kreepy Krawler that has...
  4. BenTX

    Replacing my Hayward Northstar pump, filter, and re-plumbing

    Hey TFP, glad to find such a knowledgeable community. Been researching for the past week and had a few quotes built to replace my filter, plumbing and pump. Not to keen on the prices I am a big diyer so planning on doing this myself. You can see what equipment I have in my signature and a...
  5. jlyfshhh

    Pump busted over the winter…is this a good option for a new one?

    I definitely want a 2 speed because I prefer running it all the time. https://lesliespool.com/hayward-w3sp15932s-powerflo-matrix-1.5-hp-dual-speed-above-ground-pool-pump-w--switch-115v/340122.html
  6. B

    Inspecting Pentair Superflo VS Internals

    While closing my pool last season, my relatively new Superflo VS (2 seasons = 10 months of use) started losing voltage/tripping it's breaker. It happened relatively quickly after running dry for a few minutes. I had never had any electrical problems with my setup before. The problem seemed to go...
  7. L

    Air blowing from new 011056 Intelliflo VSF pump

    I recently had a new Pentair 011056 installed. When the pump is running, I can feel air blowing out of the top (which I never noticed on the old pump). Is this normal? I thought the air was to just come out of the back? This feels like it is blowing from under the keypad. In the attached image...
  8. S

    Pentair Intelliflo 3 VSF Wifi pump WITHOUT Intellitouch or Screenlogic - Homeassistant integration?

    Hello, I just bought a Pentair Intelliflo 3 VSF pump and do not have a complex automation. Basically the pump is always wired on. This new pump has a Wifi module and the driver is permanently connected to my home Wifi and I control its schedule or start/stop through the "Pentair Home App" on my...
  9. S

    Hayward booster pump stopped working

    Could someone help troubleshoot this problem? My Polaris sweeper stopped working the other day. The booster pump Hayward 6060 didn't start, even if I tried to start it on the main panel of the controller (mine is Hayward OmniLogic.). My booster pump is 5 years old and I jumped to a conclusion...
  10. B

    Replacement pump advice - Australia

    Just before Christmas, I noticed our a small leak from our pool pump (EcoTouch II 1 HP, 3-speed). Rang the pool shop and they said probably a seal needing replacing. All good to keep operating. Over the Christmas/New Year break, the leak stayed about the same, but the noise level increased. Took...
  11. B

    How important is the rubber washer for the retaining screw of the impeller for a Pentair Intelliflo 4 160?

    Hi everyone, I just replaced the shaft seal of a leaking Pentair Intelliflo 4 160 variable speed pump. When I put it back together, the pump worked better than before (no little bubbles in the pump lid, still a couple large bubbles). However, there was a consistent drip of water under the...
  12. L

    Pump badly corroded - replace or repair?

    Our Pentair Intelliflo pump (011018) started making a louder running noise this week, so I took it apart and discovered some very bad corrosion/calcification. Looks like there has been a long running leak that wasn't caught and this is the end result. My goal was to replace the shaft seal and...
  13. jlyfshhh

    Never close my pool and these very low GA temps caught me off guard. How bad did I mess up?

    Last night was the first really cold night and I usually run the pump at night but the automation failed. The lip that keeps this lid on was snapped off from the pressure of the ice. I know I’ll probably need a new pump (I need a variable one anyway) but I’m at a loss for what to do once this...
  14. tonygret

    Jandy 2 Speed Pump Wiring

    I have the Jandy two speed pump listed in my signature. I want to take it off the two analog Intermatic timers and put it in two 240v wifi timers. Both WiFi timers are DPDT and are rated at 40amps, 240V. My question is how do I wire the new timers to the pump. I can’t seem to find a diagram...
  15. jfdudek1

    Winter Pump Setting

    This is my first winter with a pool and am not sure about the circulation.... Saltwater, chemicals are all balanced, pool is covered, I removed the cleaner, put a couple chlorine tabs in a floater and put the floater in the skimmer. I have a VSP and the pump, cleaner, and waterfall are all set...
  16. A

    2005 Sundance 850 Marin pump 1 function questions & other small issues

    Hey all - first time poster here. I have done quite a bit of scanning, and I cant find the answer to my question so I figured I'd start here. I am new to this 2005 Sundance - picked it up for free in Denver "working" but leaking a bit. Got the leak fixed with a new pump fitting, but now I've...
  17. M

    Pool Pump Overheating!

    Hey guys. I’m a novice pool service technician. The bulk of my work is simply cleaning pools for customers on a weekly basis. I been doing this a little over 2 years now. With that being said, I just started learning how to install pool pumps for customers because I see there’s a lot of money to...
  18. R

    Harward SP2300VSP MAXFLO repair bearing possible?

    I have a Harward SP2300VSP MAXFLO VS pump that I purchased a few years back. It's making noise during regular operation and after checking the impeller etc. have come to the conclusion that the bearings are the cause. Searching online there isn't much documentation on replacing these bearings...
  19. T

    Waterway Oasis Controller will not communicate with new VS Defender 270 Pump

    Hi All - New to the pool community world and super stuck to why our newly installed defender 270 pump will not communicate with our Oasis controller. Does anyone have any experience with these two products and have any type of wiring diagram or spec? All the help much appreciated!!
  20. S

    pump and heater both not working

    I'm hoping someone can give me a bit of advice. This morning I noticed the pool pump didn't come on. I had a look at the control panel. It has power but switching but the pump isn't working. The motorized valves are operating ok and I noticed that there seems no power to the heater. I can't see...
  21. MgoPool

    Water Features (Fountains and such)

    Hello the board: My wife and I recently purchased our 1st and last pool home! It has been a learning experience to say the least and no amount of reading can prepare you for the onslaught of data! With that said we are still 100% happy we took the plunge and are eager to learn everything that...
  22. D

    Pentair Intelliflo 4 160 Alarm goes off and I cannot get it to work

    The pump had been leaking for a couple of years and I finally decided to replace it. I found the motor on amazon and so I ordered a new motor and seal plate. I kept the wet side and control panel from the original. After watching some videos I replaced the motor. Seemed like it went well...
  23. M

    How to fix the electrical connector thingy to the pool pump?

    No matter how many times I push this back in, it keeps popping back out. Is there a trick I don’t know? Glue?
  24. Rocket J Squirrel

    CONTEST: Who's got the longest living healthy IntelliFlo?

    My Pentair IntelliFlo VS pump will be 10 years old this December. It continues to run perfectly without noise or complaint. I do baby it: I empty its pot annually when I clean my filter cartridges. That's all the care it gets because it doesn't ask for more. So! Who can claim the longest living...
  25. makingdiamonds

    Remove Weir ? Going on Vacation

    Good morning ☺ Can you help me better understand the plumbing mechanics of the pool? One morning when the pump first turned on it was sucking air because the weir was stuck (it was too wide on one side and had got stuck in the upright position. I have since removed the weir and filed that side...
  26. B

    Jandy pump repair in Houston Area

    My Jandy VSFLOPRO pump is making a noise with leaks near the motor/wet area. Anybody in the area familiar with any pump repair service companies/tech. Please let me know. Thanks!
  27. D

    Two terrible sounds from brand new Pentair VSF pump.

    First post! This forum has been a great resource ever since I became a first-time pool owner a few months ago! After replacing the old WhisperFlo pump with a brand new Intelliflo VSF, I have heard two different noises, which definitely don’t sound normal, coming from said pump. The first is...
  28. T

    New pump suggestions

    Seems my intelliflo is dead (7 years). It happened while away. The control panel no longer works at all. I measured everything and electricity is being delivered. I had a VS 3hp. Have these pumps been discontinued? The prices seem very very high for a replacement. My pool is about 12k gallons...
  29. A

    need help identifying motor hp

    there is no labels on pump i included pic of spa pump next to it in case it helps conparing it
  30. S

    Trial Run w/Free Intex EasySet Was Successful - Seeking Feedback on New Upgrade Setup

    Hi All, About a month ago I was given a super-janky Intex EasySet 15' pool w/cartridge filter pump for free. I've managed to keep it alive for the last 4wks, and with daily doses of 10% liquid bleach it's been algae-free and mostly clear the entire time (minus the fine dirt/dust floating around...