1. C

    Help with pump and filter numbers

    I have a Hayward S180T sand filter. Is the design flow rate the maximum? I have a Hayward W3SP1580 Power Flo Pool Pump that was suggested to me by someone at a pool store. This pump is a 60 gpm pump. If the designed flow rate listed as 34 gpm does this make it dangerous. I have it connected by...
  2. C

    Pump and Filter help

    Hello. When we bought our house there was an above ground pool. It is a 24 foot round above ground pool. We used the equipment that was left. Last week our pump broke. It is so weathered that you cannot read anything on it. The guy at the store recommended I buy a Hayward W3SP1580 Power Flo Pool...
  3. G

    Timer shorted? Can I replace with the same model?

    Hi Everyone, I've lived in my house with a pool for about 2 years now and haven't had much of an issue until tonight. I came out to turn the pool pump on tonight and the on button on my paragon ec4004 would not turn my pump on. Looking at it closer the breaker labeled pool in the house was...
  4. A

    Air Lock on filter when backwashing

    I am new to this forum but I am having a weird issue that I haven't been able to figure out how to fix it. We have a retaining wall that holds up our back yard and it was a railroad tie retaining wall, we had it replaced with blocks. When the contractors did that, they ran a PVC pipe the whole...
  5. P

    DE wont coat the entire filter?

    Is it because it just cant handle the heavy dirt i try to vacuum? or is there some other thing wrong with it? It looks fine but could it be that the material is too old? I found it in my backyard, my dad had it since...well...i have no idea. Does too much dirt make it prone to falling off? Cause...
  6. L

    Partially block skimmer to create aeration - bad idea?

    Anyone know if it is a bad idea to partially block the skimmer to create aeration/CO2-degassing? The pump seems OK with it (i.e. not hot or making noises) and I get the desired aeration bubble coming out the return jets. I guess cavitation could eventually do damage, but I was thinking this is...
  7. P

    Intellipro installed correctly?

    My local Pentair authorized installer just installed my new Intellipro VSF in a way that seems contrary to the instructions in the manual. There are 2 issues: The suction inlet pipe is much shorter than recommended and there are elbows very close to although not directly connected to the...
  8. L

    Filter Jet Has Bubbles

    Hello everyone so I've just recently opened my pool and I've never had a problem until now. I have bubbles coming out of my pool jet. I've looked online and followed every tutorial from cleaning the skimmers, checking the orings, checking the pipes, checking the water level and letting the air...
  9. B

    Hayward Tristar Pump not filling. water under top of strainer - 1 year old no leaks :/

    Having issues with pump not even filling to the top of strainer. :( and my chlorinator flow meter often says low flow to pool. This is at priming mode 3200rpm. I have a Hayward Tristar 3200. 1.85HP. Replaced the impeller, seals and gaskets throughout. Also looked for air leaks with...
  10. S

    High pressure low flow

    I was opening my pool and it was really bad algae as usual, so I ran the filter and after I got things fairly cleaned I did a backwash. I got lazy and didn't turn the pump off and just switched from backwash to rinse one or twice near the end. After that I started leaking water fairly...
  11. G

    Pentair Ultratemp 120 no heat!! Am I right????

    Hi All! Opened my pool for its second season. Haven’t gotten any heat out of my Pentair Ultratemp 120 Heat Pump. Only used for one northeast season. Pool was winterized by a professional company. Last season it worked great, heated the 10,000 gallon pool quickly and was even able to make it a...
  12. N

    Recommendation on how long and speed of pool pump

    Hi, I have Pentair VSP and I have been running for years at highest speed for 12 hours a day. I have also read somewhere that you can run at low pump, maybe at 1000 ppm. Is that right? With electricity cost nowadays, I hope I can save a few bucks here and there. What is your recommendation...
  13. ps6000

    Too much pressure, ripping things apart

    I have a 2hp whisperflo pump that has been having some problems with excess pressure. The pump is used for a spa. The pipes are all integrated with the vs pump. The pressure is so high that it has bent pump strainer baskets. The original one, and now a new one. The pump has been leaking so I...
  14. A

    New pump suddenly not working

    We bought this Intex Krystal Clear sand pump for our above ground pool. Decided to use the filter balls instead of sand since they seemed higher rated. Hooked everything up on Saturday and it ran and worked wonderfully! Currently battling algae in the pool so decided today to check the filter...
  15. K

    Vacuum gauge on pump suction side reading zero. Problem?

    I have installed a Pentair Intellifo model 011028 variable speed pump and am trying to calculate the total dynamic head for my system in order to determine the GPM flow rate at various RPM speeds. Pool was pre-existing when I bought the home so I have no information regarding all of the...
  16. M

    Milky Bubbles

    I am getting INTERMITTENT milky bubbles coming out of my in-ground pool jets. They last for about 5-mins, make the water cloudy and then it stops for 45-minutes or so, the water clears up and then it starts again. IS THIS AIR GETTING INTO THE SYSTEM? Thank you!
  17. P

    Variable Speed Pump & When to Run Pump

    I have a variable speed pump and was thinking about running my pump from about 8am to 4pm, have it stop, and then kick back on from about 9pm to 11:30pm. The reason why is because in Southern California, electricity costs go up significantly during the hours of 4pm-9pm. Does breaking up the pump...
  18. A

    Filter bypass for spa

    I have 3HP Inteliflo vsf pump, 420 cartridge filter, 400btu heater, ic40 & 7 jet spa plumbed to the filter pump (I know a dedicated spa pump is recommended). Can I benefit from having a filter bypass (bypass filter, heater, ic40) to generate more gpm for spa jets use assuming filtering & heat is...
  19. C

    Sand Filter and Pump Matching

    Hi pool people, I'm replacing our ancient 24' round above ground with an equivalent and looking to replace my filter at the same time (had an old crappy DE that is undersized and ruined). I'm interested in doing sand filtering, from the numbers I'm seeing, it seems like I have to get a very...
  20. shoyru177177

    Minimum Pump Gph for SWG Systems

    I'm brainstorming the idea of a SWG for a small steel-framed, vinyl liner 1718gal pool that is annoying to maintain chlorine daily. In an old post, I saw a someone mention to oversize SWG 2-3x the capacity of your pool, i'm presuming so that you can generally maintain your FC at a lower SWG...
  21. P

    Question about pump(s), news build.

    I was looking over my pool quote and the equipment install. The quote says •Jandy 2.5HP Variable speed pump •Jandy 1HP Booster pump It's a 33x14 pool with a 7x8 standalone spa. But all I see is a 2.7hp vsp pump. Please look attached photo and tell me what you see.
  22. shaffe43

    37k gallon Pool. New Filter (Style and Size) and Pump Recommendations Please

    My old single-speed pump and 36 Sq Ft Nautilus NS DE Filter finally died last season. It is time to get new stuff starting this season. My pool specs are close to the ones from this thread: https://www.troublefreepool.com/threads/new-filter-pump-20x40-in-ground-37-000-gallons.179050/ But that...
  23. C

    Replacing a 2 speed with VS, that interfaces with iAquaLink. Possible?

    Hello people of the internet! I have a Hayward Super II Pump, 2.5HP, dual speed (see label). It's about 11 years in service, and I think it's on it's way out - it's getting a little noisy (bearings?) and occasionally does not start - and just gets very hot instead. Right now I can usually let...
  24. E

    Is this a supply side leak?

    I have been seeing bubbles in my returns in the pool. It's not always a lot, but enough that I am concerned. There are also bubbles coming into the pump basket from the supply side, again not much but enough to be concerned. Please see this video: and this for bubbles in the pool This...
  25. J

    Easy Touch 8 Not turning pumps on

    Just got our pool finished and everything has been working great for the past two weeks until today. I have a pool with connected spa that overflows into the pool. Equipment is an Easy Touch 8 and an Intelliflo VS pump system with one pump that services both the pool and the spa with automatic...
  26. Bigtymetexan

    Freeze Setting Question

    Hello! We recently dipped down into the freezing temps in South Texas and have a question. I have 2 pumps. One is for the main pool / spa (#1) and one for the Scuppers / bubblers (#2). When the temp dipped both pumps turned on but Pump #1 turned on the spa/heater but not the normal pool pump...
  27. B

    AquaLogic Error - "No Flow - Filter Pump"

    Hooked up automation cable to a Hayward Sp32950VSP and switched the filter pump to VSP with flow monitoring "enabled". However, I'm getting a No Flow error. Prior to hooking up the automation the pump ran for two weeks without issue. I was waiting on a modbus adapter for the controller and...
  28. mzuniga

    Weirdest problem

    I experience today one of the most baffling issues in all the months i have had my pool. I always fill the pool from a water feature that connects directly to my irrigation system, so that i control the fill time from my irrigation app. Today for the first time I decided instead to use the...
  29. A

    Pump clicking

    Hi all! My friend gave me an old hot tub from a motel that got upgraded. Rumor has it the hot tub worked when it was removed but when I plug it in the pump mechanism clicks, turning a tiny bit and no heater or jets or anything seem to activate. The light, screen, and board all appear to be working.
  30. C

    Freezing temps

    First time pool owner. I have an in ground pool with a Jandy variable speed pump. Tonight a cold front has moved in with significant wind chill taking us down to freezing temps. I’m wondering if my settings are correct to prevent freezing of my pipes. I live in central TX area. Thank you.