1. C

    What is the process of adding salt to a 32 x16 Intex pool?

    Do we need to wait to get in the pool a certain amount of time after adding? I have read to turn off salt water generator but turn on pump As you insert salt. The directions with the pool are confusing. Husband and I are terribly stressed. We have never had a pool and we seem to...
  2. grumpyveteran

    Just got our 24ft installed today! A couple of questions....

    What do you guys do for landscaping around yours? Our yard was pretty unlevel so it’s lower in the front and raised in the back in comparison to the surrounding ground. This brings me to my other question: how uneven can it be before I should be concerned? Measurements I just took were 13” at...
  3. T

    What's happening with my pump? Making more noise every day.

    Hi! Rental home with crappy built pool and pool installation. My pump was never one of the quietest in the world. Apart from that, they have built my pump outside close to the pool itself so you always hear it when it's working. Lately my pump has started to make more and more noise and my...
  4. J

    Pool builder is recommending SuperPump 1.5hp (not VSP)

    Hello this is my first post and I appreciate any feedback - I am 1 week into my pool journey (deposit is in with pool builder and the engineering plans are being drawn up) I will be having a heat pump and salt water generator installed with the new pool. The pool installer thinks the VSP is not...
  5. S

    Need help with my return fitting!

    Anybody successfully achieved proper water circulation with an Intex pump return fitting? I can put my finger in and push to change the angle, but it only moves about 5 or 10 degrees in any direction. Still blowing basically straight forward and towards the middle of the pool. And no, the cap...
  6. H

    VSF pump benefits convinced me, but now that I have it, don’t know what to do!

    Hello Experts, Brand new pool construction completed late last week. We purchased the Pentair Intelliflo VSF pump. However, while the manual is great at teaching me how to program Speeds 1-4, I still don’t know what to do with them! 1: what does egg timer mode mean? 2: I live in crazy heat OK...
  7. W

    Replaced Pump - Poor Flow? - Help With TDH Calculation

    Hello All, First time posting in the forum but I have loved all the info that this community has provided me. I recently started helping my brother get their inground pool working. They previously had a 1 HP Sta-Rite Dyna-Glas pump. After comparing specs, we decided to replace it with a 1 HP...
  8. M

    Can I limp along with no $ for repair?

    I (mistakenly) installed a cheap 18” sand filter and it is not compatible with my 2hp pump. On recirculate it works fine, but if I put it into filter mode it will over pressurize and send half of the water down the drain. Internally what’s happening is the multivalve on top of the filter gets...
  9. Alexukie

    Running Pump

    We have 14 by 30 pool what do you recommend settings on a pump? And run it 12 hours or 24 hours? I have it now on 900 from 6pm to 6am and 1700 from 6am to 6pm .. thanks
  10. W

    Intex Sand Filter SF8110-2 Beeping and flashing

    Please help, after winterizing my pump as per the manual, I have come to set my pump up again this season. I plugged it in pressed the reset button and nothing showed on the display. After pressing the test and reset on the gfci plug a bunch of times it finally showed some life. However it’s...
  11. S

    Hayward Pump Jandy Valve

    Hello guys, I am a newbie to the pool world. I have a hayward pump and the Jandy Valve seems to be pointing backwards (comparing to all the educational videos I have seen on youtube). Is this normal or should be fixed? should the handle of the valve be pointing towards the pump?
  12. Jonesbackr

    Pool pump pressure spikes

    I power washed the concrete around my pool yesterday and noticed the pool was cloudy, so I turned the pump on first thing in the morning so the filter could get to work. About 4hrs later I noticed the ripples on the pool weren’t heavy and when I checked the filter pressure it was 14psi over...
  13. T

    Small irritating pump leak

    Hello, guys, I am trying to open the pool myself this summer, I have been having this leak since last year as well I just never found a solution, just a small leak at the pump ring and no matter how i try to move the pump or ring around it doesn't stop the leak
  14. F

    Filter housing cracked - should I upgrade the entire system?

    I have been using a Hayward EC-50 DE filter and a Hayward 3/4 HP pump on a 20,000 gal in-ground pool for 35 years. This system was installed by the original pool construction company. It has worked very well and has given me absolutely no problems. The filter housing has now developed a small...
  15. MermaidMama

    Pump bubbles

    Hi everyone!! Would really appreciate any help you can give... My 1.5 hp pump broke yesterday for my 18 foot above ground doughboy pool. I ran out and got a new Hayward Powerflo Matrix 1.5 hp pump. Connected and cannot get the pump to run without bubbles now. I have a 150lb sand filter that ran...
  16. S

    Pump housing water leak

    Last year I noticed some water seeping through the connection of the pipe coming out of the pump housing when the pump is running. It was very little and didn't really spill over. This year the water showed up again when I opened up the pool, and this time it appears to be dripping off to the...
  17. J

    Is it safe to temporarily (2-3 days) run the pump from a heavy duty extension cord?

    I just built the pool (AquaSport 52 18' Round). The pavers on the pool deck are still going in so we filled the pool up to the skimmer then sealed it with heavy guage plastic sheeting to keep the dust out from landscaping + pavers. Nobody got in the pool and it was clean tap water so I thought...
  18. J

    HydroPool swim spa pump #2 not working

    We have a 2019 HydroPool swim Spa that we’ve owned for about two months. It is installed indoors. There are three pumps, one of the two main swim jets is not working. The other two work fine. It does not make a sound. We’ve done all the troubleshooting such as topping off the water, checking for...
  19. F

    Need Help Identifying Winterizing Parts

    New guy here looking for help identifying the parts left behind by the pool company that winterized my pool. I inherited the pool for the last 6 weeks of the 2019 season so this is my first open. I have the pump drain plugs, filter drain cap, and sight glass figured out. There’s this odd shaped...
  20. D

    Hayward Northstar Motor Humming, Won’t Start

    I own a 2005 Hayward Northstar Pump. Diffuser went bad (cracked), bought identical replacement, all ready to go... and the motor won't go back into the pump housing. We are not able to flush motor mounting plate with pump flange. Hence we can't lock Motor Lock Ring. We tried pushing motor...
  21. A

    Flow director

    We got our pool up and running here in Texas last weekend. The Pentair Vac came with a flow director which is desperately needed bc when ran on high the return is stronger than a hot tub. We can NOT figure out how to get this flow director on. In every set of directions I’ve found it lists the...
  22. northernpoolguy

    Equipment Replacement Advice

    Hi There, Hello from Toronto, Canada. I am looking to replace my pool equipment starting with my Sand Filter and my Hayward Super Pump (SP2607X10A). I have a very small kidney sized in ground pool 4000 USG (8 feet by 16 feet) that has 2 jets in the stairs (spa area) and 2 main jets. My pump...
  23. bob.lehardy

    Pump died

    So, my pump failed, rather spectacularly, yesterday. We inherited this pool when we purchased the home 3.5 years ago. The pool was installed about 10 years ago, and the pump was original. The pump is a Pentair Intelliflo VS-3050, 3 hp. I had noticed some paint failure and corrosion around the...
  24. J

    Pool pump trouble!!

    I have a in ground pool and spa, with 4 water features. 1 over flow from the spa to the pool. 2 deck floor jets. 3 side falls. 4 shallow deck jets. The pool pump was only 1.5 HP and could not run all the features at one. So I up graded to a 3HP Pentair pool pump, but I’m still having the same...
  25. G

    Pump Trips Breaker

    Hi everyone, I had a 2 year old 1.5hp 230v pump that started to trip the breaker every time it was turned on. The pump begins to spin, water begins to move, and within about a second, a small audible poof/pop electrical sound can be heard, and the breaker trips - I haven't been able to...
  26. N

    High pool pump pressure

    My pump pressure is running high lately even after hosing down the cartridge 3-4 times. It starts at 8 psi and in 20 minutes or so, goes up to 16 psi. I had a lot of algae in it last month as I was out of town for several weeks. I ended up shocking the pool and washing the cartridge, but still...
  27. P

    Leak or just condensation?

    Added 20 CYA yesterday so I ran the pump overnight to circulate. When I went out this morning I noticed that the pad at was damp at the base of the pump. At first I was worried that I had a leak and that I hadn’t noticed til now because the hot air evaporates it before I get home. But I couldn’t...
  28. P

    PSEG offered a $1,000 rebate for changing to a variable speed pump. But can I?

    I recently changed by set up from a jandy Ray vac pool side cleaner to a Polaris with booster pump pool side cleaner. I Jerry rigged the old set up like in the photo. I’m willing to get a variable speed, it will cut electricity costs, but can my new set up still work with a variable speed?
  29. P

    New Pool Install - Pump Orientation

    Hey guys. I'm still very new around here, but wanted to reach out for some opinions. Basically my pool is still in construction. the equipment was set down a few weeks ago by the plumbers. I took a look at it and it seems like they put my pump in a very inconvenient orientation? So it...
  30. L

    Help needed to identify parts to solve pump leak

    Hello everyone, Our pool pump is leaking in a major way. Can anyone help identify the parts we should order to repair? The leak is clearly at the junction between the wet and dry part of the pump (see attached photos). First photo is from below the pump, wet side is to the right of the photo...