1. A

    Pump doesn’t turn on once it reaches the set “start time”.

    So I have a Pentair Intelliflo VS + SRVS pump that will not kick on once it reaches the start time I have it set to, whenever I have the pump running on Auto. Couldn’t figure out what the issue was, so I left it running on service on the set schedule (I will be back tomorrow). Don’t understand...
  2. C

    Pump Replacement

    Hi all, we recently left our pump (Hayward Super Pump) running over the weekend and came home to it not running. I tried everything I could think of: testing power with voltage tester all the way to the motor hookups, checking for debris/obstructions, there was no humming whatsoever so I did not...
  3. N

    Found algae built up in Whisperflo …. Please help

    We have Pentair Whisperflo which is mainly used for the waterfall. We usually have it run 15 minutes weekly up until we had our freeze back in February. Since then, we have minor leak with the pump so we only run it for waterfall only when we need to, not weekly anymore. Today, I found algae...
  4. S

    Intex XTR saltwater pump not moving passed 01

    I have the Intex saltwater system Model ECO15110-2. We have already backwashed for the first time and it’s now on 01 on the led screen and the 6-way is turned to filter and it’s currently working fine. However, it says to put the pump into FP mode while we add the salt to the pool. The problem...
  5. M

    Pentair Optiflo 2hp Pump Issue

    I've had a 2HP Optiflo for about a month, self-installed and bought new. It's been running without issue for that time, until this morning, when I went out to check chlorine and turned the pump on. I heard a puff and pop from the rear of the housing followed by a tripped breaker. I'm thinking...
  6. F

    1 year old Pentair Intelliflo VSF Pump, flashing power light?

    Hi all! I have a call into the pool company who built our pool but of course, it’s Labor Day weekend and our pool pump started acting up. The screen is just flashing on and off along with a flashing green light next to the lightening bolt symbol (power button?). Any ideas on what’s going on...
  7. C

    Loud Hayward Pump Repair

    Hello Folks, my pool pump has been loud for about 2 months, not knowing much I figured it had to be replaced soon so I was trying to get through the summer. We just moved in to a house last year and I know everything in the pool is original from 2014. It's a salt water system. Last night the...
  8. M

    Air flowing back through filter and displacing water from pot after shutoff

    So I just got the hard plumbing in on my semi-agp (about 50% buried), and I'm having an issue where my pot partially drains after cutting the pump off. It sounds like air is bubbling back through the filter and pushing water out of the pump pot. Perhaps related - despite starting and running...
  9. A

    Pump gushing water, hours later works fine

    I woke up to my Hayward SP2303VSP MaxFlo VS gushing out water. Hard to tell where it was coming from it looked to be shooting out all around it about 2-3 feet high. I turned it off and turned it on 5 hours later and it works fine and has been for over 24 hours now. Any ideas????
  10. A

    Over heating/tripping breaker

    So my pump is hot to the touch ,it turns on for about 3-5 seconds and seems like it’s gonna keep going but it trips breaker. I changed the capacitor and breaker is fine. My question is I left the robot vacuum going all night after the pump turns off at night( it’s in a timer). Would this do...
  11. B

    New Pump Motor - Leaking From Bolt Hole

    I replaced the motor (century motor B2854) on my Whisperflo pool pump (Schematic). I bought a new seal kit, and replaced items 11, 16, and 9. On 11 and 9 I used some lubricant when installing. On 16, I put some silicone around the side that goes into the seal plate, and nothing around the side...
  12. B

    Jandy Pump trouble - 10,000 ft view

    Hello all, I just was told by my pool guy that my pump was not working. It has apparently flipped the circuit breaker and will not stay on. Before I call my installer, can anyone give me some ideas about what this might mean? No, I do not have the exact specs as I am a snowbird and not there...
  13. T

    Filter and Pump upgrade suggestions?

    6000 gal vinyl Intex (Bestway) above-ground pool. Current pump is 1500gal/hr, 0.5hp pump. The sand filter is 10” across, 0.54ft2. Right now the sand filter is small enough that I have to backwash at least twice a week (family of 5 — I can get maybe 2 days of all of us swimming in it before I...
  14. A

    Replaced pump motor and new one still overheating

    We originally had a Pentair F26/011773 1 1/2 HP motor put in in 2009 wen the pool was built. After some time we had a pool service co replace it and they installed a century 1 1/2 HP motor. It was then replaced with the same Century motor in January 2021. It started shutting down and...
  15. J

    Zero pressure in my cartridge filter

    Nearly zero psi. Return flow looks normal. I just replaced pressure gauge and washed the cartridge filters today but didn’t solve the issue. My pump basket is clean. What else should I check? Please
  16. A

    Can I put an Intex 2800 filter on my 9 x 18 intex pool?

    I have an 9 x 18 ultra xtr pool with the intex 1200 gph pump and sand filter; I also have the intex CG2667 SWG (which can be used with a 700-3200 gph pump). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my pool. (I am a first-timer, can you tell?) It is in our shaded, wooded backyard and I keep an intex solar cover on...
  17. D

    1 HP or 1.5 HP or more

    I have a 26300 gal pool which is about 25 years old. It is 55ft from the pump and filter and I have determined it to have 180 ft of head and 55GPM. I have 1 1/2 " pipe and currently a 1HP motor which now needs replacing. Could I go with a 1.5 HP pump or higher?
  18. Caracbeara

    Polaris disc causing screeching

    Looking for help! We had to replace our Pentair vs pump yesterday. Since the new pump was installed, there’s been a terrible screeching from the Polaris return when the Polaris is not plugged in. If I remove the blue resistor disc, the sound goes away but the flow is so strong that it spills...
  19. H

    White flakes on pump

    We just converted to SWG fro uv ozone/chlorine pucks. We are about two weeks in and noticed these white flakes and what appears to be corrosion to our pump. Any idea what would cause this? Pool company says it’s normal and they don’t see any leaks. I’m not thinking this is normal.
  20. L

    Pentair Intelliflo rebuild/restoration

    Hey everyone, I spent my holiday weekend rebuilding my Pentair IntelliFlo pump (PN: 011018). I figured I'd share some takeaways as it was not hard to do and these pumps are not the cheapest, so I think repair should be the way to go (if possible). My pump was manufactured in 2014, I do not know...
  21. D

    Is 1/2hp pump right for a 1,715 gallon pool?

    Hi! I have an Intex Prism 12’ x 30” pool that has two lines into the pump and one line to the pool. The connectors and hose are 1.25”. My pump is 1/2hp with a sand filter, which came as a set. Is this too powerful? I know I’ve asked something similar before, sorry — I have OCD and I feel...
  22. S

    Can't tell if air in pump or air leak or overthinking

    Hey guys, I'm not sure what I'm looking for. I'm on day 4 of a SLAM and I thought I would add some DE powder to my sand filter to speed it along. The filter is a 22 inch ecokleer sand filter that says it takes 250lbs of sand. The sand was put in last year when the pool was installed. Pump...
  23. M

    Pool leaking where hose connects on the outside

    Hi all, I have a slight leak coming from where the hose connects to the pool. I've taken a video of it here: Any help or advice on fixing this would be greatly appreciated. If it requires draining the pool down to the level of this connection then I would rather just let it sit all summer...
  24. P

    Intellicenter issues

    Hello. We installed a new Intellicenter late last year and have been having a lot of issues. First of all, it seems somehow my pump is no longer communicating with the automation, as the screen on the pump itself is active and the Intellicenter is reporting "communication lost". Additionally, I...
  25. F

    Pump Shutting Down (Pump Shudder)

    problem described in detail below.
  26. M

    Whisperflo Pump won't prime

    Hi Everyone! I had the WEP-6 motor on my waterfall pump short out so I replaced it with a Jacuzzi brand motor from Leslie's. I spent most of yesterday switching out the breaker on the pentair control panel and then connecting the electrical. I was scratching my head for hours until I realized...
  27. A

    Replacement for Pentair SuperFlo 340038

    Hi all! First post ever! I have a 15,000 gallon inground plaster pool, newly renovated, probably built in 70's or 80's by Anthony or Sylvan. 1 Skimmer, 1 Drain, 2 Jets. The current pump is a quite old Pentair SuperFlo 340038 or SF-N1-1A. Its starting to show its age, leaking out of the seal...
  28. A

    Hayward Ecostar SP3400VSP Won't Start | No Humming | Displays Shows as Running!

    Hey guys, opened the pool, hooked up the pump as usual. The displays turns on and shows the pump running, can stop it, pause it, change speeds...BUT nothing happens with the motor, it just doesn't run at all. I have seen that a lot of people have "humming but won't start" issue, but here its...
  29. S

    New Pool Pump Motor Overheating

    I recently switched out my booster pump motor (like for like). Century 2.5 HP 230V. The existing motor was old (not sure how old because I purchased the home 1 1/2 years ago) and was blowing start capacitors. After three capacitors I went ahead and switched out the motor as it seemed the old...
  30. Fergie999

    Pump we tend keeps failing

    I have an Inground pool that is less that 1yr old. The pump and all systems worked great last year. The wet end of my pentair pump failed three weeks ago. One of the tabs broke off and the lid would no longer seal. I called the pool installer and he located a new one for me under warranty! I...