1. N

    Urgent help due to crack!!

    I need urgent help as we just went through some horrible hard freeze due to extreme winter storm (for us Texas here it is). We found crack here and been losing water in our pool. Does anyone know what this is called? Particularly the top part? I want to know so I can call store to see if...
  2. M

    Question regarding return plumbing in deep end of pool flooring

    So I noticed some pool builders say they are different because their pools have 2 returns and 2 suctions in the deep end of the pool? Anyone ever here of this and is that good or bad to do? Any advantage to just have 2 suctions in the deep and then returns jets around the entire pool? Thanks!
  3. C

    Newbie from California

    Grateful for all the knowledge on here and getting to learn more ! I am going swimming today and hopefully through the winter but darn the water got cold the last few weeks :)
  4. A

    Venturi Jet Issue New Pool

    We have a brand new pool and had 4 jets installed for the deep end seat. The jets are venturi powered. The jets are configured where two jets go to one surface air intake. The issues are: When we open the pool valve sending water to the 4 jets water comes out of the surface air intakes. It also...
  5. L

    Installed a pressure vacuum breaker for pool auto leveler- Is it installed correctly Arizona

    My Pool guy just installed a new pressure vacuum break, it was leaking from the top. Is it installed correctly. Here are the before and after pictures. 1. Is it installed correctly? I am concerned with the handles so close to the wall. I had to replace the handles in the past on my old...
  6. D

    Which material is the best for making indoor pools?

    Hey guys, I have an old house in Toronto. I plan to shift to there by the end of this year. Before that, renovation needs to be done. We plan to build an indoor swimming pool as it can be used year-round. I have consulted with my friends to find a good pool builder service. They suggested one...
  7. D

    1st time pool owner

    Hello everyone! We are moving in a new home (new for us) and the home comes with an underground pool. Neither me nor my fiancé have ever owned a pool before or even know the first thing about caring for a pool!! We are excited to have a pool for family and friends but don’t have a clue on where...
  8. B

    Pool slide water pressure issue

    So I didn’t open the pool this year but last year was my first year of home ownership. I have a fiberglass slide that had broken hoses and missing nozzles so I figured I’d be able to fix it by buying one of the pool slide spray kits After setting it up, the pressure was terrible. I’ve since...
  9. K

    Pool depth and slope small plunge pool

    Hi all! We are new here and hoped you could weigh in / help us figure out the best pool depth(s) for a very small plunge pool - water’s edge to water’s edge is 16x8. The depths are currently ranging from 3.5-5 but the slope feels like you’re always on a hill. Should we add to the shallow part...
  10. T

    5400Gal Pool + 180lb Salt @48 hours = only 400ppm??

    Hello! We have an 18’x48” 5455gal pool using well water. We miscalculated and put 4 full bags of Clorox pool salt from Wal-Mart (99% pure) and another half bag of old unknown brand salt that came with the pool We stirred it around and waiting 24 hours. Not seeing any salt clumped at the bottom...
  11. P

    Pool concrete deck painting and coping question

    HI everyone, New to the forum and have a question. We have a concrete deck that has never been painted or stained in 15 years with some cracking but not much honestly. We are thinking of improving the look, powerwashing and painting it and wondering what products are recommended (Cool, etc.)...
  12. X

    Pool a Swamp after rainstorm and runoff

    guys quick help needed Live in Georgia, yesterday we had a freak rain storm - had a lot of runoff into my pool - I have a SWG - my levels this AM are horrible - before the rainstorm pool has been perfect. Currently : FC - 0 Salt 2500ppm PH - 7 Calcium 175 also pool is a swamp - many leaves at...
  13. P

    Pool Balancing help!

    Hi! So we just opened our pool 24 hours ago and despite winterizing, the pool was dark green. I started balancing chemicals and today I am getting pH 7.2 FC 5.6 CC 0.4 TA 70 Just added pH up. Water is cloudy, but blue with a hint of green. Shocked earlier this morning when pH was 7.4. Any...
  14. Z

    Anchoring Pool Liner Extrusion - Wood vs Concrete ?

    Hello Everyone, I'm having some masonry repair work done on my IGP walls to support a new liner extrusion. The mason is recommending that he build the wall up an 1.5" higher and avoiding using the PT wood to support the liner extrusion. The pool contractor doing the liner is fine with this...
  15. S

    Hayward H250FDN heater not igniting!

    Hi Guys, I opened my pool for this season last week. Today, I tried to turn the heater on to get ready for the weekend but guess what, the heater did not turn on. I am getting an 'IF' error code on the panel. When I try to turn it on, I hear clicking sounds but I don't feel it is burning the...
  16. L

    Completely new- looking to revitalize abandoned pool

    Hi all! I am completely new to this forum and new to any type of pool care. Hoping this is a judgement free zone.... I recently have been quarantining with my family, and it looks like they have completely let the pool go in recent years.. I want to be able to help them enjoy their pool...
  17. N

    Cutting Second Holes in Pool with water. Please Help!

    Hello guys, i saw many posts with queastions about cutting. But i dont see the pictures. Problem is that i have poll with 1/4 full of water. My idea is to make another two holes for solar heating. How to cut them safe? My pool is Bestway Rattan 427x107. I was asking in Polish sites but noone...
  18. MarineroC

    Small Pool/Spa for vacationers & us

    Greetings from island Rab Croatia, Looking forward to find and share valuable information with those interested. Started a month and a half ago with digging on our pool/spa that is also for our guests as we also rent, currently completed with steel rebar and setting installations in place. Have...
  19. Outdoor oasis and theater

    Outdoor oasis and theater

    Picture from our outdoor living space looking towards the pool
  20. G

    Pentair 011018 Discontinued

    Thoughts on the Pentair IntelliFlo model 011018 being discontinued? It was the base model 3HP VS from Pentair. This item was once considered to be the top of the line consumer pool pump from Pentair. Before the 011018 got its great rating, it was once the IntelliFlo 011013 which Pentair has...
  21. A

    Pool Heater, Home Warranty w/pool coverage

    A bit of a long story here, we bought a house late August with IG pool. The house came with a 1yr full HomeOwners warranty with Pool heater/pump additional coverage. Was a bear to get the pool up and clear but I did it (thanks to everyone here) and we enjoyed it until the cold weather came...