1. S

    Inground Pool Vinyl Liner hole in seam on steps, best patch or repair kit?

    I have a 2 year old vinyl liner that should be under warranty but the pool company that sold it to me, is possibly gone out of business and I am unable to locate a receipt to be able to get warranty coverage for a replacement. I am searching all my receipts and online statements but if I don’t...
  2. T


    It's beautiful, but it's a horrible design as someone could fall in and get seriously hurt. What kind of renovation could I do to fix this? Suggestions so far: 1. A Grate: The ground is not level so the grate would not fit properly. 2. Netting: Nets would take away some of the aesthetics of the...
  3. J

    Pool bonding and PVC to copper/brass connection

    Hi. we are replastering our pool and re-doing/pouring a new deck. Today the electrician was here and I am a little skeptical about the bonding; he attached a #8 bare copper wire to the rebars that extend out from the bond beam (every other 2 re-bars for a total of 6). BUT we only had these...
  4. R

    Pool quote. What tweeks should I make?

    Here is your 16X32 pool quote: Pool kit-$15.000.00 Excavation and backfilling Concrete (bond beam and 800 sq ft of decking) - $6,000.00 Concrete pump truck Gravel backfill -$3,200.00 Labor- $15.500.00 Electrical included Total- $39,700.00 The pool kit to include: • Steel walls • 1 hp Hayward...
  5. J

    Robotic Cleaners with figure 8 shaped pool (or Kidney shaped)

    Hello, I was looking for any feedback from pool owners who have a figure 8 shaped pool (or Kidney shaped) and who use a robotic pool cleaner. What is your experience, how well do they clean and how long does it take, ie- do you think the shape slows your robot down, does it do the whole pool in...
  6. S

    Help identifying pipe in pool deck

    Hello, my pool was built in 1967 and I have a unidentified pipe in the deck. It's located about 1.5 feet from the skimmer and the pool edge. It is flexible, about 2" with another flexible 3/4" pipe inside. There was a grey fitting that was pipe clamped with a white removable cap flush with the...
  7. Heatheralee

    Help! New pool issues

    I am having a heck of a time with my pool construction and I have a question regarding costs. background: in March 2021 I signed a contract for a new pool and hot tub to be built in Tampa, Florida. We are getting travertine decking and the pool is 12,600 gallons, free form. When we signed the...
  8. A

    Best Way 31'x16'x4' Pool C Connector Issue

    Good morning everyone, I am new here and just put up my Best Way 31'x16'x4' Pool. I purchased open box on Ebay. The pool is fine, did not come with damages. I tried to level the dirt the pool is on, Its not perfectly level but it isnt horrible either. It is sitting on a heavy duty tarp and some...
  9. B

    Pool Lighting questions

    Hello, I have 120V lighting for my pool and spa. I have a few questions regarding how to convert to 12V for safety reasons. I do not have a transformer. 1) The spa and pool lights are turned on and off from my controller separately, Does this mean I would need 2 transformers to continue to be...
  10. J

    Pentair Intellichem Problems Help!

    My Pentair Intellichem had been working fine for close to a year, Now it is saying my orp is low, it is showing it at 250, and then when I go to my ORP settings, the Dosing line that is usually at the top doesn't even show up, and the middle line where it shows the gauge level just doesn't show...
  11. P

    Tell me about the pool you had built and how much it cost please!

    1. What state are you located? 2. What year did you have your pool built? 3. How much did you pay for your pool project including patio and how big is your patio? 4. Chlorine or Salt? 5. Inground or above ground? 6. What's it made out of? 7. What kind of patio material did you use and why? 8...
  12. N

    Pool Valve Help

    Hello, i bought a home with an inground salt water pool, i am needing to vacuum but i have no clue how to tell which valve controls which skimmer/jet/drain, can someone assist me with the best way to find this out since they did not come labeled. I have one pump, one filter, a heater (which i...
  13. M

    Pool leaking where hose connects on the outside

    Hi all, I have a slight leak coming from where the hose connects to the pool. I've taken a video of it here: Any help or advice on fixing this would be greatly appreciated. If it requires draining the pool down to the level of this connection then I would rather just let it sit all summer...
  14. M

    Setting up intex pool for the first time and the whole bottom is leaky

    We purchased an Intex 18'x48" pool and spent the last week leveling our yard, putting a 1" foam layer, and then pavers for the supports to sit on that are level with the foam. Yesterday we decided to start filling it. We only put around an inch of water in because I wanted to see how it was...
  15. M

    How have you child proofed your above ground pool?

    Hi all, we have a 1.5 year old and another baby on the way. This weekend we are putting up our 18' x 48" pool. I see there are some safety ladders like the Roll Guard ladder and others with a gate. I'm curious for those of you who have "child-proofed" your pool what all you have done. Thanks!
  16. I

    7/18 pavers cracked on 12x24 Intex above ground pool

    It took me and my husband about a week to set this pool up, and yesterday with about 2 feet of water left to fill, one of the pavers cracked. I checked back this morning and 6 more have cracked in half. They are sitting on top of the liner that came with the pool, a fake grass liner, a thick...
  17. G

    Owner/Builder in Las Vegas

    Hello everyone, glad I have found this web site! I`m currently working on getting a pool built(still getting bids) but would like to hear everyone`s feed back. Please look over the pool/site plan and tell me if you guys see anything I should be aware of. The pool equipment is also listed on this...
  18. O

    Any feedback on Solar Air Heater to heat the pool?

    I am considering building a solar air heater to heat my swimming pool water. The warm air would be circulated in the heating system instead of pool water. Potential benefits could be: - No issues of water damage like a solar water heater - Low weight compared to water heaters - Does not have...
  19. F

    Am I over thinking it?

    Just bought my son a little summer wave metal frame pool 10 foot round by 30 inches deep water level probably around 24 inches deep. I leveled out a section in my yard which was at a slope I have it boxed in with lanscape timber’s . It’s a 12x15 area question is I leveled it the best that I...
  20. E

    New Pool Owner

    I just bought a new house with a 16×30 in ground pool with a gas heater. However, I have never owned a pool before! We are ready top open the pool, but have no idea what we should do? The water is currently clear, what do we need to do to "open" it? What do we need to maintain it? Thanks for any...
  21. N

    Urgent help due to crack!!

    I need urgent help as we just went through some horrible hard freeze due to extreme winter storm (for us Texas here it is). We found crack here and been losing water in our pool. Does anyone know what this is called? Particularly the top part? I want to know so I can call store to see if...
  22. M

    Question regarding return plumbing in deep end of pool flooring

    So I noticed some pool builders say they are different because their pools have 2 returns and 2 suctions in the deep end of the pool? Anyone ever here of this and is that good or bad to do? Any advantage to just have 2 suctions in the deep and then returns jets around the entire pool? Thanks!
  23. C

    Newbie from California

    Grateful for all the knowledge on here and getting to learn more ! I am going swimming today and hopefully through the winter but darn the water got cold the last few weeks :)
  24. A

    Venturi Jet Issue New Pool

    We have a brand new pool and had 4 jets installed for the deep end seat. The jets are venturi powered. The jets are configured where two jets go to one surface air intake. The issues are: When we open the pool valve sending water to the 4 jets water comes out of the surface air intakes. It also...
  25. L

    Installed a pressure vacuum breaker for pool auto leveler- Is it installed correctly Arizona

    My Pool guy just installed a new pressure vacuum break, it was leaking from the top. Is it installed correctly. Here are the before and after pictures. 1. Is it installed correctly? I am concerned with the handles so close to the wall. I had to replace the handles in the past on my old...
  26. D

    Which material is the best for making indoor pools?

    Hey guys, I have an old house in Toronto. I plan to shift to there by the end of this year. Before that, renovation needs to be done. We plan to build an indoor swimming pool as it can be used year-round. I have consulted with my friends to find a good pool builder service. They suggested one...
  27. D

    1st time pool owner

    Hello everyone! We are moving in a new home (new for us) and the home comes with an underground pool. Neither me nor my fiancé have ever owned a pool before or even know the first thing about caring for a pool!! We are excited to have a pool for family and friends but don’t have a clue on where...
  28. B

    Pool slide water pressure issue

    So I didn’t open the pool this year but last year was my first year of home ownership. I have a fiberglass slide that had broken hoses and missing nozzles so I figured I’d be able to fix it by buying one of the pool slide spray kits After setting it up, the pressure was terrible. I’ve since...
  29. K

    Pool depth and slope small plunge pool

    Hi all! We are new here and hoped you could weigh in / help us figure out the best pool depth(s) for a very small plunge pool - water’s edge to water’s edge is 16x8. The depths are currently ranging from 3.5-5 but the slope feels like you’re always on a hill. Should we add to the shallow part...
  30. T

    5400Gal Pool + 180lb Salt @48 hours = only 400ppm??

    Hello! We have an 18’x48” 5455gal pool using well water. We miscalculated and put 4 full bags of Clorox pool salt from Wal-Mart (99% pure) and another half bag of old unknown brand salt that came with the pool We stirred it around and waiting 24 hours. Not seeing any salt clumped at the bottom...