Am I over thinking it?


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May 14, 2021
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Just bought my son a little summer wave metal frame pool 10 foot round by 30 inches deep water level probably around 24 inches deep. I leveled out a section in my yard which was at a slope I have it boxed in with lanscape timber’s . It’s a 12x15 area question is I leveled it the best that I could do with there being some low sides and high sides still maybe within 4-5 inches. My plan is to get creek sand and level the grounds with this. Tamping it and wetting it as I go. Idea from all videos I watched with there being 4 walls around it and tamping sand in tight to make it level and pavers under the feet of the 10 poles should this be ok with not sinking? I’m not sure if I’m overthinking or overdoing for such a small pool. All the videos I’ve watched about doing it this way is for huge pools. The pool I have says it holds 1500 gallons of water by the way. Any help would be appreciated. I have 2 tons of sand coming in the morning I know it’s a short notice to be looking for help. I’m just about done dealing with this whole thing I’m not much of using a shovel. Lol thanks in advance for the help.


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Jul 3, 2013
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If you level everything with sand and use blocks for the legs you will be fine..

Just try to get the blocks and legs on undisturbed soil :)

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