1. L

    Intex Automatic Pool Vacuum

    Hi guys, new to the forum here! I have an Intex XTR above ground pool 18’x52”. I got tired of manually vacuuming my pool, and didn’t want to spend more on a vacuum (pressure or robot) than I did for the pool itself. I shopped around, looked at some reviews and different products, and decided to...
  2. 1

    Intex Air Intake Leaking

    New out of the blue leak - but only when the pump is NOT running. I plugged the inside of the pool, removed, cleaned and put back in place. Still leaking. Oring looks perfect (new thIs spring). Any suggestions on how to fix?
  3. H

    Intex Ring

    Hello, My pool is filled with water. However, it looks like the top ring needs air. Is it safe to fill it or will I have a tidal wave of water on my patio? Thanks
  4. J

    Is my pool level enough

    Just installed my pool And slightly concerned about a few things. Is it level enough? Water from the floor to the top ranges from 33.5 to 35 inches. Installed on concrete patio that I used paves on one side to level it off but have one horizontal rail that looks like its bending slightly...
  5. R

    New impeller now tripping

    Hi All I was given a summer waves/polygroup cartridge filter pump. Had it a for a month. Didn’t work great so I inspected it and it needed a new impeller. Replaced it today and boy does it move water. However, now the built in gfci trips. First I had it plugged into a protected receptacle which...
  6. T

    5400Gal Pool + 180lb Salt @48 hours = only 400ppm??

    Hello! We have an 18’x48” 5455gal pool using well water. We miscalculated and put 4 full bags of Clorox pool salt from Wal-Mart (99% pure) and another half bag of old unknown brand salt that came with the pool We stirred it around and waiting 24 hours. Not seeing any salt clumped at the bottom...
  7. D

    SWG confusion

    I am new to pools, and am rather confused about our Intex Salt Water Generator and Sand Filter system. I’m hoping someone can explain in a way I can understand. So we followed all the instructions for set up (a week + into it now). It is the Intex Ultra Rectangular 12x24. The filter and SWG...
  8. S

    Need help with my return fitting!

    Anybody successfully achieved proper water circulation with an Intex pump return fitting? I can put my finger in and push to change the angle, but it only moves about 5 or 10 degrees in any direction. Still blowing basically straight forward and towards the middle of the pool. And no, the cap...
  9. L

    Intex Easy Set Pool- shaky legs

    Is it normal and safe for the legs of an Intex Easy Set pool to shake when the kids are in there? The pool is level within an inch (took 3 tries but finally got it!). I’m a worrier and the movement makes me a little uneasy. Thanks for your input!
  10. R

    What are safe levels for pool chemicals. We are ready to swim. :)

    I have an intex pool and it a 9x18x52 sand filter and SWG. I have not started using the SWG yet because it was saying the salt content is too high. I do not have salt test strips yet. These are my current levels. FC = 0 pH= 8.4 TA= 240-300 CH= 0 CYA= 75
  11. G

    New Intex Easy Set pool leaking through drain plug

    Hi folks, bought a small 8' x 30" Intex Easy Set pool for my son this summer. Followed the directions, filling it up now, but it's leaking from the drain plug itself, not the pool liner around it. Here's the thing... there's an inner plug, and then the cap on the outside (see photos). The inner...
  12. M

    Order of layers-foamular, rhino pad, tarp

    Hi. Im preparing the base for an intex prism frame 15 ft x 48 inch pool. I have a layer of limestone fines which has some rocks in it that are bigger than expected. I will do my best to remove them. I plan to run a plate compactor over this and will have the legs on pavers. I am hoping to avoid...
  13. R

    Hello everyone, we are Robert and Sarah!!!

    My wife and I are new to the pool world. We have no idea what we are doing. LOL! We are learning, which is awesome. We still have a long way to go. We have a Intex pool 9x18x52 with a sand filter and saltwater pump. I hope we are doing everything correct. Thanks for having us.
  14. M

    Krystal Clear Intex Sand Filter (16 in) 3000 GPH Pump - Overpowered for a 15ft x 48in Intex Metal Frame Pool?

    I'm just about finished with my first Intex pool setup I'm hoping someone can help answer a question that I haven't seen fully addressed in previous posts... I have a 16 in 3000 GPH sand filter pump for my 15x48 Intex Metal Frame pool. I bought this filter/pump size thinking that more power...
  15. B

    Getting started

    Getting ready to fill our new 12' x 30" metal frame pool. We have an Intex 1500 gph filter cartridge pump. Took hose water to the pool store and these are results: Free Chlorine 2 Total Chlorine 2 PH 7.6 Total Alkalinity 150 Calcium Hardness 170 (we have VERY hard water so not sure this is...
  16. A

    Cloudy water, low outlet pressure

    I recently upgraded to an Intex Krystal Clear 1200 gph Sand Filter pump combo on my round intex 15' x 48" pool and I have already had to drain once because of cloudy water and very small particles that would fall to bottom of pool. When I would try and vacuum, the particles were too small to...
  17. J

    Intex CS8110 SWG cell replacement

    Hey TFP Folks - Longer time lurker of the site for gobs of great info. I have (2) Intex CS8110 SWG for my 22k pool and one of the cells has died. History, I always clean these every season, I live in Michigan - so low use with short seasons. Anyways, the dread "91" low salt error appeared this...
  18. Richterpool

    I can’t get ph up

    Hi, I have a 18’ x 48” intex round pool. Here are my current results from my test strip: 250 hardness 2 free chlorine 0 cyanotic avid 40 total alkalinity 6.8 ph I bought some stabilizer that should help with the cyanoyic acid that will arrive in a few days. I’m trying to get my Ph and...
  19. D

    Intex 2100gph using glass sand media

    Hi guys, I have been a long time follower of the forum for some great tips. I am quite new to sand filter pumps and hope you can help me out. I recently purchased an intex 2100gph sand filter pump. The manual states to use 35lb of glass media (if using sand its 50lb). I decided to use the...
  20. S

    Vacuum and losing prime

    Thank you in advance. Everything is set to go, but when we attach the Intex vacuum we lose the prime in the pump in about 15 seconds or less. As soon as we detach the vacuum the prime comes back. There's lots of water in the vacuum hose. The inlet has been cleaned out. I'm stumped.
  21. S

    Removal of Baby Powder from Outside of Pool

    Does anyone know how to remove baby powder residue from the outside of an Intex pool? Filter was able to remove anything on the inside but the baby powder outside will not wipe off. Tried both a hose and a wet towel.
  22. R

    Can I install 2 filter on my pool?

    Hi guys. I have an intex pool and upgraded the filter to the krystal clear sand filter a while ago. I’m Now upgrading my pool and getting a bigger one that comes also with a krystal clear sand filter. I was thinking of installing both of them separately on the new pool as it is quite large...
  23. W

    Intex Sand Filter SF8110-2 Beeping and flashing

    Please help, after winterizing my pump as per the manual, I have come to set my pump up again this season. I plugged it in pressed the reset button and nothing showed on the display. After pressing the test and reset on the gfci plug a bunch of times it finally showed some life. However it’s...
  24. BeachBum21

    St. Pete, FL stopping by to say hi!

    Hello, all! This site has been eye-opening to say the least, and I’ve loved reading your posts and comments on here. I’m Alie, business owner, wife, mom, and pool owner. (Although,it’s a really tiny pool.) But even tiny pools have problems and so I ventured here to see what I could find out...
  25. A

    Intex pipe to Nano heater help

    Good Morning all, can anyone help with some help I have a Nano heater i wish to attach to my intex pipe see Pics, would anyone know the best way to attach this please , these are quite thick pipes, is there an adaptor I can buy, as it looks like the heater doesn't have a screw three for the pipe...
  26. R

    Ground Prep for Intex Pool - Nuances

    Hi folks I am new to the forums, please forgive me if this should be obvious. I am the lucky owner of a 15' x 48" intex prism pool. I've been scouring the forums to learn what kind of ground work prep I need before I set up the pool. Based on what I have read, this is roughly what I plan on...
  27. M

    Brand New Pool Install

    I have an new pool, roughly 5212 gallons with a SWG (Intex) My question is do I need to create my own FC first before starting up the SWG so it doesn't have to work as hard? or get my CYA levels to 70 min (recommended for salt based on other threads I have found) and start the SWG according to...
  28. T

    Intex Pool Vacuum Keeps Stopping

    I just recently bought the intex pool vacuum for my intex 12x24 above ground pool but it keeps stopping after only 5 mins of running. I don't have any wrinkles in the liner that it would be getting stuck on. My sand filter flow rate is 2,100 GPH. I also have the intex skimmer that attaches to...
  29. I

    Vinyl Liner Main Drain in the wall

    We have a 9'18' Intex Ultraframe pool going on its 3rd summer. Last summer I changed out the factory inlets to 1/1/2" making it standard pipe. No leaks occurred and this worked great. However. In tinkering with things I am wanting to change the drain plug (see attached photo of plug location)...
  30. thefloatqueen

    Intex pool and homeowners insurance...

    My Intex Ultra Frame has been up since late July and I’m keeping it up all winter and plan to do so until I buy a “real” pool. We are currently shopping around for new homeowners insurance and have no idea what to put for the “do you have a swimming pool?” question. It is not a “permanent”...