1. S

    Pool leak. Help!

    Help! We have a 3 year old intex ultra frame 26' round pool. Late last summer, we seemed to be hoping it off more than usual, but we knew our heading system dropped some, so we thought that was the problem. We made plans to improve it this spring. Our spring has been miserable, so we got a late...
  2. A

    Sand in pool

    Hi all! I have a brand new Intex pool and 2100pgh Intex sand pump. Everyday there Is a ton of sand in the pool. Any other explanations other than broken laterals? The person who installed it couldn’t get the top on the pump and tried to hammer the pipe down! Come to find out her didn’t fill the...
  3. M

    can you shorten the legs on a 18' x 52" ultra pool to 42" and be ok

    I have just put up this pool and find it just looks too high in the yard. I don't like it. I would to cut the legs down by about 10". Will the pool still be stable? thanks
  4. M

    Intex SWG Service Light - Fixed!

    I have an Intex CS8111 SWG that's been running great for years, but this year after about 3 weeks of running fine, the service light came on and the pump shut down. Cycling the power caused the pump to turn on and the 'Working' light to illuminate, but after about 1 minute, it would shut down...
  5. W

    Intex pool help

    Over the last 10 years we've had 4 intex pools our oldest two were both used when we got them and lasted a long while. The liners got a lot of holes and wear but the metal frames were great. We bought a brand new metal frame that we had to replace after 3 years because of rust so we decided to...
  6. M

    Which connector to use with Electric Water heater and above ground pool?

    Hello, I never did that before so I apologize for silly questions but I am trying to increase the tempearture in my pool by a couple of degrees for the kids... I am trying to connect Ecosmart Spa heater to my above-ground intex pool (4500 gallons)...
  7. orbitup

    New Filter/Hard Plumb

    Not one to leave well enough alone I couldn't help myself with the pool my wife wanted. She didn't realize it would be a new hobby for me (like I need another one). So I kept an eye on the price for a few filter/pump combos during the cold season and grabbed a Pentair setup I thought would...
  8. J

    Hot Tub Filter Run Time

    Hi, My brother has just bought an Intex inflatable pureSpa. 795 litres. As the family “pool guy”, he asked me how long he should run the filter for. It’s a cartridge filter. I checked the manual and it does not mention an optimum running time, only to clean the filter every few weeks...
  9. kb109

    Need upgrade ideas for my new Intex!!

    Hey everyone! Not sure if you’ve seen my other posts or not but I FINALLY bought a pool!! Intex Ultra Frame 18’ x 52” (round)!! I keep seeing posts with all these cool upgrades and I don’t even know where to start. I am definitely upgrading the filter pump to the Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter...
  10. T

    False air suction

    Hi, I have just installed an IGUI Waikiki 3,900 gallon pool. Pool plumbing consists of one skimmer and two return jets, connected by 2 inch piping. Please note the suction side is longer than the outlet side (60 feet compared to 40 feet). I connected an Intex 14 inch sand filter and an Intex...
  11. kb109

    Intex pools...How to prevent rust?

    So I am looking for the perfect Intex pool and the one I love the most (shown in screenshot below) has either great reviews or terrible. ALL of the bad reviews are due to the pool walls rusting. What causes this and how can I prevent it from happening? It’s so weird how certain models have this...
  12. kb109

    Intex Krystal Clear Sand Pump Filter Opinions!

    Hi everyone! This may seem pointless as I have not bought my pool yet but I know it will be a large size Intex Ultra Frame. I know the pump that it comes with is junk, so I was looking on Amazon and found excellent reviews for the 16” Intex Krystal Clear Sand Pump. It’s the largest one they...
  13. T

    Semi in ground 12x24 intex

    First of all this forum is great. I've always been a pool/beach bum and now that I own a house it's time to make a statement with an ultimate (budget) pool and patio setup. I was able to get a great deal on the ultra frame 12x24x52 with sand pump and will be going the salt water route. The plan...