1. R

    Better to take down and store, or leave up and winterize

    Have had Intex, Bestway, etc. type AGP for a long time. I've always taken them down for the winter and stored in a shed and I can get almost a decade out of them with some hole patching here and there. How long would the pool last generally speaking if left outside during Midwest winters? Just...
  2. O

    Intex pool cover heats the pool now beyond what's refreshing. How to reverse the effect or cool the pool?

    Hi, everyone, first post here. I have an Intex 10'x30" round above ground pool on it's 3rd summer. The last 2 years I covered it with a big tarp but this year I bought the actual Intex cover made for the pool. It works much better as a cover, however there is an unintended side effect. It's...
  3. D

    intex sf60110-1 Leaking

    I got my cousins pump and sand filter. And got it hooked up today and, and when i truned the pump on it had a problem. The pump was leaking between the strainer and the pump on the bottom of the joint. There are 2 orings that seal the strainer to the pump, which they look alright, and no...
  4. S

    Seeking Help Starting Up This Free Intex EasySet Today!

    Hi All, I was given a used Intex EasySet 15' ABG and accessories last weekend. Unfortunately, it had a rip in the inflatable ring. I was gonna toss it out, but decided to tape a bunch of pool noodles I've acquired over the years together and threaded them in there instead. This afternoon I...
  5. P

    Air Bleed Valve creates more air in system. Why?

    Hi, I have an intex sand filter. When I try to bleed the air when the pump is on filter mode, the strainer basket starts to fill up with more air. Why?! When I bleed the air with the pump off, the air bleeds out just fine. I have checked o rings, unions, water line is good. I have not seen...
  6. G

    Intex Plunger Valve Air Inlet?

    I have this little valve thing on both of my Plunger Valves for my Intex Pool, one of them is leaking. Anyone have an idea of what it is and how I stop it from doing so?
  7. G

    Intex Ultra XTR set up

    Thank you in advance for any support. WE have the 24 x 12 Intex Ultra XTR pool. It had been up for about two years and had to take it down this past fall. We are trying to reinstall but are having difficulty identifying the horizontal beams from one another. The "dot labels" with letter...
  8. D

    Intel Pump Locked

    We have had our 24’ Intex pool for about a week. The sand filter/pump is stuck on “12” and won’t shut off, unlock, or do anything. Only way to shut it off is at the switch. Any suggestions? TIA
  9. M

    Intex sand filter low flow

    3rd year with the sand filter/salt chlorinator combo. I love it! I just started my pool a week ago for the third year. It seems to work fine while it's filtering for a few hours but then when it goes to auto filter the next day there is next to no flow. I decided to back wash it again and then...
  10. HKGilbert

    How to connect fountain to Intex pool 😫

    Hi all!! I’m trying to figure out how to hook up this waterfall fountain to my Intex pool. Pictures attached of current setup. I know I need some additional pvc or adapter or something I just can’t figure out what!
  11. J

    Intex rectangular ultra pool frame 12x24x52 please help

    The first time we put this together and put water in it. One of the corner joints was ready to come out so we followed the advice I had read on this forum and drained it so that we could make sure the legs were good. It looked like the legs on the pump side were straight up and down and sinking...
  12. J

    Other Intex XTR Owners…Liner Help/Opinion?

    New pool owner. Have been lurking a while. First post! We purchased an Intex 18x52” round XRT pool. We are having a hard time with our set up, mostly getting the bottom of the liner to lay in a circle & smooth bottom wrinkles out. My son noticed the stitching in the seam of top sleeve support...
  13. H

    Do we have to start over?!

    We upgraded this year to an intex 16x32. We opted to have the ground leveled professionally since we historically have not been great at it. We started to fill the pool after they “leveled” and it was over 6 inches off. They can back and reveled….by building up sand. They moved the pool back...
  14. I

    Do I need to bond Intex Pool and White Knight Heat Pump?

    We are installing a 16x36 saltwater Intex XTR Rectangle Pool. We bought a White Knight Heat Pump to go with it because it said that all you have to do it plug it in. However, we noticed in the directions that it needs bonded. If we are using it with the Intex XTR, do we need to bond it? Do we...
  15. A

    New pump suddenly not working

    We bought this Intex Krystal Clear sand pump for our above ground pool. Decided to use the filter balls instead of sand since they seemed higher rated. Hooked everything up on Saturday and it ran and worked wonderfully! Currently battling algae in the pool so decided today to check the filter...
  16. splashpad

    $$ For Sale - AGP Above Ground Pool Parts (various pieces, multiple brands)

    We are doing a late spring/early summer yard toy clean-out and have several bits and pieces for various pools for sale!! If you see anything you want or need, drop me a message with any questions and your zip code for shipping quotes! Reasonable Offers considered, especially for lot deals! We...
  17. splashpad

    Going up - Again!! (Kiddos are taller, deal too good!)

    Our previous "upgrade" This year we opened to a clear pool on 5/08, yet again, LOVE TFP!! (picture attached, literally all I had done was remove the winter cover, which you can see in the background, you can see the pump & filter were not hooked up yet) But we happened across a great deal for...
  18. DuchessJen

    Intex Krystal Clear - When can I set up the self-clean function??

    Hi fellow Intex SWG owners! Anytime I try to set it up, I get the 93/Power Saving code OR it's turned on and generating, so the buttons don't do anything. Help!
  19. A

    Taking down the Intex 9X18, sand filter, and SWG

    I'm draining my Intex. We want to us that space for something else in the winter so we will not leave it up. I have a few questions: 1. How do I close the pump and SWG? 2. I want to give her a good scrub down. What dilution bleach water for cleaning the empty pool? 3. I want to store the...
  20. T

    Chicago intex prism frame winterize or take down?

    So I’ve got a 16 foot prism frame intex pool. I’m still undecided on whether or not to leave it up and winterize or take it down for the winter. What is everyone’s experience in cold climate cities. I know that the manufacturer says to take down in cold climate but they also say taking down runs...
  21. R

    New Intex 2500 pump setup but not pumping water at all

    I just setup the intex 2500 pump for our outside stock tank pool. I used to use it with the two pieces dangling but now I have drilled the holes and installed things similar to how "hey wanderer" did their stock tank pool but I have a more high powered pump. When I used the pump before it worked...
  22. A

    Can I put an Intex 2800 filter on my 9 x 18 intex pool?

    I have an 9 x 18 ultra xtr pool with the intex 1200 gph pump and sand filter; I also have the intex CG2667 SWG (which can be used with a 700-3200 gph pump). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my pool. (I am a first-timer, can you tell?) It is in our shaded, wooded backyard and I keep an intex solar cover on...
  23. A

    SWG Intex pool in the shade - high FC

    We have an intex 4500 galloon pool with 1200 gph sand filter and intex swg. Our pool is in the shade, basically always. We have a wooded backyard. I really think the shade affects or FC loss, which is very little. Lately it has been raining a LOT (midwest, MO). I have been running the filter...
  24. S

    seafoam green pool....stumped just about everyone!!!

    Hi Guys! I'm new here :) We are in the very LONG process of building our inground pool so we bought a 16x48 vinyl intex pool for the summer. We put it up at the end of May and things have been great until last week. I will be honest, I have never owned any type of pool before so yes, I am a...
  25. G

    Order of operation

    I’m thoroughly confused. I have an 16x32x52 Intex ultra frame with the sand filter/swg. Different advice all over the place. I want to know when I add salt, chemicals to balance, backwash, turning on the pump, turning on the swg. Some people say salt first, others say salt last after you’ve...
  26. A

    Help understanding test results and whether to turn on my swg

    Hi, I have an 18 x 9 intex pool running a 1200 gph sand filter and intex swg. I filled the pool earlier this week for the first time. The salt finally dissolved yesterday and i turned on my SWG. My free chlorine got up to 4 yesterday so I turned it off. I'm trying to figure out if I should...
  27. T

    Intex new t-joint design problem...PLEASE HELP!!!

    I have the new intex pool with the new t-joint design and i am having problems getting the last T-joint connected, I have tried everything i can think of but it i cannot get it to connect i can't seperate the 2 top rails far enough to get the t-joint into the last top rail....PLEASE...
  28. W

    Sand washout

    Hello, Hoping someone can help me. This is the first time I've owned a pool. We have a 18' Intex pool that will be put up and taken down each year after summer and has sand under it which helped to level it. Our hose attached to the pump came off and water gushed out causing the sand directly...
  29. A

    First timer, opening SWG intex 18 x 9 pool - question about timing

    We are FINALLY filling our pool. It is 18 x 9 intex ultra xtr with 1200 gph sand filter and intex swg. This is going to sound like the dumbest question - what order/timing do I do everything. I have read all the forum start-up guides, but i don't quite get the order. (We also have the TF pro...
  30. M

    Setting up intex pool for the first time and the whole bottom is leaky

    We purchased an Intex 18'x48" pool and spent the last week leveling our yard, putting a 1" foam layer, and then pavers for the supports to sit on that are level with the foam. Yesterday we decided to start filling it. We only put around an inch of water in because I wanted to see how it was...