1. A

    Taking down the Intex 9X18, sand filter, and SWG

    I'm draining my Intex. We want to us that space for something else in the winter so we will not leave it up. I have a few questions: 1. How do I close the pump and SWG? 2. I want to give her a good scrub down. What dilution bleach water for cleaning the empty pool? 3. I want to store the...
  2. T

    Chicago intex prism frame winterize or take down?

    So I’ve got a 16 foot prism frame intex pool. I’m still undecided on whether or not to leave it up and winterize or take it down for the winter. What is everyone’s experience in cold climate cities. I know that the manufacturer says to take down in cold climate but they also say taking down runs...
  3. R

    New Intex 2500 pump setup but not pumping water at all

    I just setup the intex 2500 pump for our outside stock tank pool. I used to use it with the two pieces dangling but now I have drilled the holes and installed things similar to how "hey wanderer" did their stock tank pool but I have a more high powered pump. When I used the pump before it worked...
  4. A

    Can I put an Intex 2800 filter on my 9 x 18 intex pool?

    I have an 9 x 18 ultra xtr pool with the intex 1200 gph pump and sand filter; I also have the intex CG2667 SWG (which can be used with a 700-3200 gph pump). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my pool. (I am a first-timer, can you tell?) It is in our shaded, wooded backyard and I keep an intex solar cover on...
  5. A

    SWG Intex pool in the shade - high FC

    We have an intex 4500 galloon pool with 1200 gph sand filter and intex swg. Our pool is in the shade, basically always. We have a wooded backyard. I really think the shade affects or FC loss, which is very little. Lately it has been raining a LOT (midwest, MO). I have been running the filter...
  6. S

    seafoam green pool....stumped just about everyone!!!

    Hi Guys! I'm new here :) We are in the very LONG process of building our inground pool so we bought a 16x48 vinyl intex pool for the summer. We put it up at the end of May and things have been great until last week. I will be honest, I have never owned any type of pool before so yes, I am a...
  7. G

    Order of operation

    I’m thoroughly confused. I have an 16x32x52 Intex ultra frame with the sand filter/swg. Different advice all over the place. I want to know when I add salt, chemicals to balance, backwash, turning on the pump, turning on the swg. Some people say salt first, others say salt last after you’ve...
  8. A

    Help understanding test results and whether to turn on my swg

    Hi, I have an 18 x 9 intex pool running a 1200 gph sand filter and intex swg. I filled the pool earlier this week for the first time. The salt finally dissolved yesterday and i turned on my SWG. My free chlorine got up to 4 yesterday so I turned it off. I'm trying to figure out if I should...
  9. T

    Intex new t-joint design problem...PLEASE HELP!!!

    I have the new intex pool with the new t-joint design and i am having problems getting the last T-joint connected, I have tried everything i can think of but it i cannot get it to connect i can't seperate the 2 top rails far enough to get the t-joint into the last top rail....PLEASE...
  10. W

    Sand washout

    Hello, Hoping someone can help me. This is the first time I've owned a pool. We have a 18' Intex pool that will be put up and taken down each year after summer and has sand under it which helped to level it. Our hose attached to the pump came off and water gushed out causing the sand directly...
  11. A

    First timer, opening SWG intex 18 x 9 pool - question about timing

    We are FINALLY filling our pool. It is 18 x 9 intex ultra xtr with 1200 gph sand filter and intex swg. This is going to sound like the dumbest question - what order/timing do I do everything. I have read all the forum start-up guides, but i don't quite get the order. (We also have the TF pro...
  12. M

    Setting up intex pool for the first time and the whole bottom is leaky

    We purchased an Intex 18'x48" pool and spent the last week leveling our yard, putting a 1" foam layer, and then pavers for the supports to sit on that are level with the foam. Yesterday we decided to start filling it. We only put around an inch of water in because I wanted to see how it was...
  13. D

    Is Bromine safe long-term in Intex Hot Tubs?

    Hello All, I have recently bought an Intex Greywood inflatable hot tub and have been very thankful for this forum. Here there is consistent information with actual logical science behind the recommendations that is so difficult to find elsewhere. I decided to use Bromine for sanitizer since it...
  14. E

    Soon to be new pool owner!

    Hi from Northern NJ. am about to get above the ground pool but don’t know anything yet. Just began research and tons of things to learn. Have 5year girl twins and I also love swimming! am considering 24 x12 or 18x 9 Intex above the ground pool. My plan is to assemble the pool for the...
  15. A

    foam board as pool pad over concrete

    I am setting up my 18 X 9 Intex pool on a 12 X 22 concrete slab. I want to put something under it for insulation and to protect from the concrete degrading the liner. I currently plan to put 1/2 inch extruded foam board. (Owens Corning FOAMULAR 1/2 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. R-3 Square Edge Rigid...
  16. I

    7/18 pavers cracked on 12x24 Intex above ground pool

    It took me and my husband about a week to set this pool up, and yesterday with about 2 feet of water left to fill, one of the pavers cracked. I checked back this morning and 6 more have cracked in half. They are sitting on top of the liner that came with the pool, a fake grass liner, a thick...
  17. Athena_Cleo

    New saltwater Intex pool

    Hello, friends! I am newbie😊but I am willing to learn! I need to know steps what to do after filling up my pool with water. I have Intex XTR 18’ round pool. I’ve bought Aqua Trol above ground saltwater system and Hayward pump. I really lost and don’t know what to do first, what chemicals should...
  18. S

    Leveling a pool with Foam Core Board

    Hey guys, new to the forum here and could sure use some help. I had my metal framed intex pool set up last year on a paver patio, and there was about a 2.5" difference in level. This year, I thought I would correct this. My thought was to use Owen Corning Foamular board (100 psi strength)...
  19. Athena_Cleo

    Best SWG system, filter and pump for INTEX XTR Pool

    Hi, Everyone! I am new to this forum. I can't find an answer to my question. Maybe you guys will be able to help me, please ? I've ordered Ultra XTR Intex above the ground pool 18 X 52 round. I need to buy filter , pump and Saltwater system. What’s is the best compatible for Intex pool? I know...
  20. I

    getting ready to set up - can you take a quick look and see if i need anything. Bestway pool - intex pump and clorine generator ECO20110-2

    Hello all, I just purchased a new best way pool from costco 22x12 feet, and I bought a used Intex pump with clorine generator ECO2011-2. I read some places that the pump with pool is too small and that I should use a bigger one. Also I have sensitive skin, so i thought I could use a salt water...
  21. L

    Intex Automatic Pool Vacuum

    Hi guys, new to the forum here! I have an Intex XTR above ground pool 18’x52”. I got tired of manually vacuuming my pool, and didn’t want to spend more on a vacuum (pressure or robot) than I did for the pool itself. I shopped around, looked at some reviews and different products, and decided to...
  22. 1

    Intex Air Intake Leaking

    New out of the blue leak - but only when the pump is NOT running. I plugged the inside of the pool, removed, cleaned and put back in place. Still leaking. Oring looks perfect (new thIs spring). Any suggestions on how to fix?
  23. H

    Intex Ring

    Hello, My pool is filled with water. However, it looks like the top ring needs air. Is it safe to fill it or will I have a tidal wave of water on my patio? Thanks
  24. J

    Is my pool level enough

    Just installed my pool And slightly concerned about a few things. Is it level enough? Water from the floor to the top ranges from 33.5 to 35 inches. Installed on concrete patio that I used paves on one side to level it off but have one horizontal rail that looks like its bending slightly...
  25. R

    New impeller now tripping

    Hi All I was given a summer waves/polygroup cartridge filter pump. Had it a for a month. Didn’t work great so I inspected it and it needed a new impeller. Replaced it today and boy does it move water. However, now the built in gfci trips. First I had it plugged into a protected receptacle which...
  26. T

    5400Gal Pool + 180lb Salt @48 hours = only 400ppm??

    Hello! We have an 18’x48” 5455gal pool using well water. We miscalculated and put 4 full bags of Clorox pool salt from Wal-Mart (99% pure) and another half bag of old unknown brand salt that came with the pool We stirred it around and waiting 24 hours. Not seeing any salt clumped at the bottom...
  27. D

    SWG confusion

    I am new to pools, and am rather confused about our Intex Salt Water Generator and Sand Filter system. I’m hoping someone can explain in a way I can understand. So we followed all the instructions for set up (a week + into it now). It is the Intex Ultra Rectangular 12x24. The filter and SWG...
  28. S

    Need help with my return fitting!

    Anybody successfully achieved proper water circulation with an Intex pump return fitting? I can put my finger in and push to change the angle, but it only moves about 5 or 10 degrees in any direction. Still blowing basically straight forward and towards the middle of the pool. And no, the cap...
  29. L

    Intex Easy Set Pool- shaky legs

    Is it normal and safe for the legs of an Intex Easy Set pool to shake when the kids are in there? The pool is level within an inch (took 3 tries but finally got it!). I’m a worrier and the movement makes me a little uneasy. Thanks for your input!
  30. R

    What are safe levels for pool chemicals. We are ready to swim. :)

    I have an intex pool and it a 9x18x52 sand filter and SWG. I have not started using the SWG yet because it was saying the salt content is too high. I do not have salt test strips yet. These are my current levels. FC = 0 pH= 8.4 TA= 240-300 CH= 0 CYA= 75