1. emmeaus

    HELP RESTORING partially buried AGP

    Ready to pull the trigger and finally fix our pool. We will be restoring and building a deck around with plans for a Cabana and an addition that will walk out to the pool. We installed it DIY 9 yrs ago and researched everything well, but it was before I found you great guys and gals- so I think...
  2. O

    I have no idea what I’m doing

    Just moved into this house with a pool I drained it because it was dull of mosquitos and hulk green water I don’t know how any of this works or what I need to do to fill it up no cracks in it or anything I just need help
  3. L

    I have no idea what I’m doing.

    Hey everyone! I’m new to TFP and have been reading and reading here over the last 48 hours. I’m a mom to 3 and a new pool owner and I’m lost. I set the pool up last year and it went fine. At the end of the season after the water turned yuck, I tried to drain the pool and apparently there’s a...
  4. northernpoolguy

    Equipment Replacement Advice

    Hi There, Hello from Toronto, Canada. I am looking to replace my pool equipment starting with my Sand Filter and my Hayward Super Pump (SP2607X10A). I have a very small kidney sized in ground pool 4000 USG (8 feet by 16 feet) that has 2 jets in the stairs (spa area) and 2 main jets. My pump...
  5. P

    AquaLink RS8 is turning things on

    My AquaLink RS8 is only programmed to only turn the primary pool pump on. I’ve noticed that’s been turning on other Aux (lights and waterfall) ports. I switched off the power breakers to see if it would reset it, but it’s still doing the same thing. Please help. Thank you!!!
  6. R

    New pool owner

    Ok so just to start I would like to say hind site is 20/20 but here we are. I was “talked into” buying a minimum maintenance pool by salesman. I have a 24ft x 52 in round above ground pool with inline power ionizer and printed vinyl liner. I was instructed to run the pentair sand pump about 12...
  7. D

    FC won’t go up

    Hello all, let me preface this by saying I’m using test strips right now and some data from my local pool store. I know I’ll need to get a proper kit soon. I haven’t been able to get my FC levels up, they were showing 0.3 ppm when I tested at the pool store and I had combined chlorine of about...
  8. D

    Bolts won’t come off of diving board help me please.

    What started as a quick bolt replacement quickly turned into hours of slamming a hammer at things and now I’m desperate...The bolts in my diving board seem to be rusted into the board it’s self and no amount of force can make the things come out. While researching I couldn’t find any board with...
  9. David&Robin

    New (to us) pool, and I don't see how it can possibly work as it should... Help!

    This will be our 2nd year in our new home, and my 2nd year (EVER) with a pool. Thanks to TFP, my 1st year was somewhat successful - but I've always been troubled by some facets of our ancient pool. 1 - Pump and Filter 2 - Skimmer 3 - Returns (Red arrows indicate attempted water flow...
  10. C

    Coping help for a newbie

    Bought a house in Massachusetts in the fall with a pool. Older liner and coping, but trying to not replace it for at least another few years. Have never owned a pool but always wanted one. Really can't find any info on how to potentially fix this one piece of coping that's popped. Any...
  11. elise0007

    YEAR LONG Pool Build and Cant Take It Any More! Help!

    I literally signed the contract to have my pool built a year ago- May 4th to be exact. I retrospectively understand my pool is not your simple build. There have been many concerns as a pool as small as mine should not take a year to build but I will get to the point... I was away on vacation...
  12. I

    Concrete Shell Leaks Pre-Plaster?

    Hi All, New to the pool game and we have a pool that is just about ready for PebbleTec. However, I’ve noticed that the gunite shell weeps water in multiple areas. Is this concerning? My mind takes me back to leaky basements and the answer never seemed to be just seal them from the inside, so...
  13. chadducote


    Hey everyone!!! I am really enjoying this forum. Thank you all for all your help. Heres the big question. First We bought a home with a IG that was several years old, We completely remolded it, took out the plaster, retiled, and new coping around the pool. We also put new lines through out...