How To change Jandy pool light so each light is a different color?


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Sep 30, 2020
Davis California
We have 3 Pool Lights and use a Jandy Aqua Link remote. I notice when we use the Control box, all of the lights can be different colors, though it doesn't let you pick which colors. When you use the AquaLink remote Every Light will be the same color. Is it possible to use the Remote to set each light to a different color of my choosing?
Also, Does anyone know why just 'RED' isn't an option? i know it is capable of making a red color because on the USA!!! setting it cycles Red,White, and blue. We would love to be able to get it to stay on red as this color lights the water features up beautifully and interferes the least with enjoying the stars from the hot tub at night.

Thanks in advance!
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