1. MikeFL

    Construction started 2/3/20

    Perimeter was framed out Monday, dig and re bar Tue - Thursday, Construction Friday, Shooting Gunite right now (Saturday).
  2. C

    Shell All 1 Pour or 2 Stages??

    Hey everyone, Pool builder swears by pouring the bottom one day then the walls the following day to get rid of Gunite rebound... Does this make sense? I’ve always thought monolithic pours with concrete, etc was always best Wouldn’t that be a giant cold joint around the walls/bottom?
  3. A

    Should gunite be so uneven that you could trip over it?

    We are having a pool installed and after they shot the gunite, we noticed that the whole surface is rough but there are spots that are so uneven you could trip over them or stub your toe. PB says there is nothing that can be done and we won’t notice it once there is water in it. I’m concerned...
  4. I

    Weeping gunite

    I live in the Wylie area. For the last month, we have been waiting to plaster. We’ve drilled holes, nothing has worked. I received this email from my pool builder: “We have you in line to use the diaphragm - Just to let you know it might be a a week to 10 days unfortunately. I will keep you...
  5. Jon123

    Faux Indoor Pool - Renovation Recommendations

    Hey all... We're looking for some ideas on what we should do here. We're open to most anything, but we're leaning towards keeping the pool if it makes sense to do so. So, we bought a house last year that has an "indoor" pool. I am using quotes here because, as much as the pool is located...
  6. N

    Poolside plants, pool cover and fencing

    Hey all, I'm an (almost) new pool owner, as we're under contract for a property that has a pretty nice gunite pool setup, which I unfortunately know very little about (and have never owned a pool). I'll be working with the current owner to learn more, but had a few questions I wanted to bounce...
  7. I

    Concrete Shell Leaks Pre-Plaster?

    Hi All, New to the pool game and we have a pool that is just about ready for PebbleTec. However, I’ve noticed that the gunite shell weeps water in multiple areas. Is this concerning? My mind takes me back to leaky basements and the answer never seemed to be just seal them from the inside, so...