1. K

    Pool Builder demands more $ then quits (Katy, TX)

    Hello, I wanted to start by thanking everyone on this site! The information has been invaluable. I only wish I had found it before we started this process. Backstory: the back of the pool had to be jackhammered out because the plumbing was low and then gunnited over. Then the tile guys came...
  2. Therountree

    Robot recommendation for pool type

    I have a 33k gallon gunite pool with a 10" concrete coping (see profile pic). There are also a few ledges in the pool. I'd like the best robot that can handle the walls (in addition to floors) and wondering if there are any that will handle the lip on my coping to get to the waterline. Anyone...
  3. K

    hole in gunite, builder isn’t filling with gunite?

    After the gunite was cured the plumber came and noticed the jets were positioned too low. They removed a large amount of gunite and fixed the jets. I attached a pic of some of the conversation with the builder. Plus today he told my husband that the material that will fill the hole is stronger...
  4. H

    Crew adding concrete to spa walls

    On Friday the crew applied a LOT of cement to the exterior walls/shell of our spa. Now it seems really thick and uneven in places. I have no doubt they will make the size the same all the way around, but haven’t been told why it was done and if it’s normal. I’m worried about future separation of...
  5. L

    Gunite leveling problem during build

    Hi. We are in the middle of a new build. Our pool is designed to have a deck that extends directly from our patio and is supposed to be level with our existing patio concrete (no step). Just found out today when tile and coping crew came out, that the excavation crew and gunite crew did not...
  6. Bafrye

    Crack or just missing tiles

    So this was the first year opening the pool ourselves (our second season), we noticed the pool company went through maintenance staff last year and someone new closed the pool. I questioned the water level - hoping it isn’t the cause of the following…. now that I have gotten the pool clear and...
  7. Bafrye

    Weird staining?

    I was hoping this would go away with some brushing, but it doesn’t seem to be… any thoughts? It’s at the deep end at our floor drain. (We do know that this will be our last season before we need the pool re-finished. (Got a few estimates last year. 🙄 wish we had an inspection on the pool too...
  8. P

    Hydrostatic valve, Hydrostatic cap, vs well point with sump pump vs

    Hello community! Well point with sump pump vs Hydrostatic valve vs hydrostatic cap question/advice. I'm having a pool installed in southwest Florida. The PB put gravel underneath the entire bottom of the pool shell, put a 2" well point tube at the deep end that ran until the Gunite was shot...
  9. B

    PB got pool steps wrong

    Today was gunite day, so they arrived early this morning to get started. I wasn't able to be out there to watch them work, but once they finished I went outside to look and they got the steps wrong. Apparently there are two sets of plans floating around for our pool, which is a whole other...
  10. T

    Under Contract - Gunite pool! - Design help wanted on tanning shelf depth and overall depth!

    HI! After many months of research and several quotes from PBs, we finally decided on a PB and type/size of pool! We are getting a double roman 18x36 gunite pool with a tanning ledge (sun shelf). So far we are planning to have the pool go from 3.5-6ft deep. (See rough pool layout picture...
  11. N

    Didn’t water gunite for the first two days? Help

    We are having our pool refinished, and three days ago we had a Cabo shelf poured. I was told to water it twice a day for three days to help it cure. On the first day, tile guys ended up being down in the pool all day, and it didn’t get thoroughly watered (although they did use water in there, as...
  12. Indeeph2o

    DFW New Build 7/6/21-Swimming On 8/28

    We're back getting quotes again with the hopes & dreams of getting a pool in before summer. Looking for input on equipment, size, design. At first glance, I think we need to swap equipment to salt, add more deck-but where? Thoughts on large swim out by the "bar" ? This builder sent design...
  13. T

    Gunite vs. Vinyl Liner Pool in NJ

    HI! We are still making plans to build our first pool. We are now trying to decide between getting a gunite or vinyl liner pool. We are looking to get a tanning ledge and we were told that gunite would make more sense because of how easily vinyl can puncture with pets, chairs, etc. However...
  14. PXL_20201211_152229127.jpg


    Gunite installed 12/10
  15. P

    Las Vegas Owner Build Starting Help Questions

    Hello TFP community (with an emphasis on the Las Vegas locals), My wife and I are looking to start a owner build pool here in Las Vegas next year and figured we should start planning now. We know we want a free form gunite pool with a spa overflow, a concrete slide with some faux concrete...
  16. J

    Does salt shorten the life of an inground pool?

    None of the 3 builders I've had out recommend an SWG setup for an inground gunite pool. One has even insisted I sign a waiver to have a SWG installed. I'm being told there are not many SWG pools being installed anymore. The rationale is that "you see what salt does to roads, it does the same...
  17. B

    Brand New Here...trying to decide on pool type

    I feel like all my research keeps taking me in circles, so I'll ask here.. 1. What makes gunite a "high end" pool as opposed to fiberglass or vinyl liner? What do I really get extra ? I am looking to get a pool thats about a 20x40 rectangle , so the shape flexibility means nothing to me 2. In...
  18. C

    Small Dark Spots bleeding thru new gunite and exposed rebar

    We had our pool shot with gunite this Tues July 16th.Started watering immediately. The shell looks great with really only 1 small crack. I also noticed a small piece of rebar left exposed on a bench where the seat meets the back wall. Wednesday I started noticing some small pencil round sized...
  19. P

    What have we got wrong?

    We live in a relatively warm climate (northern CA) and are planning to build a pool in our backyard for the adults (serious lap swimming, but no one professional) and our two kids. What would you say is wrong with this plan? How would you improve it? 50’ x 10’ pool (possibly 50’ x 12’) + hot...
  20. B

    Purple Blackish Stains at bottom of pool surface

    Hi, I been experiencing purple blackish stains at the bottom of my pool surface on one side of the pool, there's a tree directly above it, not sure if there's are things going into the pool that's causing this. We had this issue a few years back also, did a pool refill, had the surface pressure...
  21. U

    Jet replacement in gunite spa

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to replace a broken jet In our in-ground gunite spa. I found the part I think I need to replace here CMP 23315-030-000 1.5 in. MPT Gunite Spa Jet44 I have never replaced a spa jet so not sure if this is all I need to replace or how to go about replacing it...
  22. M

    Gunite Problems!

    Hello! They just came out yesterday and sprayed gunite for my pool. It was raining for most of the time they were here. The water has all been drained at this point and the wall has given way at the bottom. I’m concerned about the structural integrity of the pool and am reaching out here to see...
  23. Mermaid Mama

    SWG & Gas heater that will work on temp & long term pool?

    Hello everyone! Hoping for your advice on the pool we just ordered for the summer with grim possibility of not having community pools for summer. We have plans on building a nice gunite pool by next summer so don't want to buy anything unnecessary twice like heater or SWG. Temporary Pool...
  24. 4ST

    New Pool Build in League City, TX

    Hi! We have been working our way up to building a pool for several years (and lurking here the whole time) and we are finally ready to sign on the dotted line! We think we have a builder picked and feel great about working with them. I have attached a picture of our initial quote and design...
  25. S

    Concrete patio coming away from pool lip

    Hi there, hope this post finds you well. I have an old gunite pool, the previous owners put a stamped concrete deck in all around. On the far side, the concrete has settled and a gap has shown. I just want to confirm this is purely cosmetic and doesn't put the pool's structure in any danger...
  26. E

    Gunite pool - fixable or ???

    Hello All - hope you are safe with all the Covid-19 ongoings... if you have time, please read and share your thoughts... please help! I first joined the group last year as we were deciding on the type of pool, etc. Excavation and pool shell were completed last December. Contract: 20% down...
  27. R

    Cracks on plaster or gunite?

    Entry deleted
  28. MikeFL

    Construction started 2/3/20

    Perimeter was framed out Monday, dig and re bar Tue - Thursday, Construction Friday, Shooting Gunite right now (Saturday).
  29. C

    Shell All 1 Pour or 2 Stages??

    Hey everyone, Pool builder swears by pouring the bottom one day then the walls the following day to get rid of Gunite rebound... Does this make sense? I’ve always thought monolithic pours with concrete, etc was always best Wouldn’t that be a giant cold joint around the walls/bottom?
  30. A

    Should gunite be so uneven that you could trip over it?

    We are having a pool installed and after they shot the gunite, we noticed that the whole surface is rough but there are spots that are so uneven you could trip over them or stub your toe. PB says there is nothing that can be done and we won’t notice it once there is water in it. I’m concerned...