May 25, 2021
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I have a 33k gallon gunite pool with a 10" concrete coping (see profile pic). There are also a few ledges in the pool. I'd like the best robot that can handle the walls (in addition to floors) and wondering if there are any that will handle the lip on my coping to get to the waterline. Anyone have a recommendation?

I currently have a Hayward Tiger Shark QC. Not sure how old, (came with the house), but guessing 6-15 yrs. It's not moving and from troubleshooting online, the motor is bad. So one option would be to repair, but judging by the cost of a new DC motor online, I think it might be best just to upgrade to a new unit?

I saw a review online where the Polaris 9450 is great at handling steps and walls. Also seems like many on this forum like the Dolphin S200. I'm not really interested in bells and whistles, wifi, bluetooth, lightweight etc. I just want the best unit to get the pool clean, cracks, crevasses, ledges and all. Thanks for the help y'all.


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Jul 7, 2014
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I have the S200 and love it... It will do everything that your Hayward Tiger Shark QC. can do. But no robot will do steps and benches on a consistent basis.

Logistics issues make robots hard to get lately.. Call Marina Pool and Spa for the best deal... They cannot sell over the internet due to their pricing..

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