1. M

    Pool Swamp

    My dad's house has fallen into decrepitude the last several years since he's had more and more trouble moving around. The backyard especially has grown into an awful state. The old in-ground pool in particular is one of the large hurdles I'm trying to leap. It's a concrete pool that is 4ft deep...
  2. mkmscr

    Skimmer socks

    Happy Friday everyone! I know many of us are fans of using skimmer socks and I needed to replenish myself for the season. I just scored a nice deal on Amazon for a 12 pack for $9 bucks. Same brand I usually purchase but on sale. They’ll last all season for sure. Anyway, I thought I’d share. Have...
  3. D

    Cleaning out dirt/algae buildup

    So not my pool but im at a loss of how to help. Friend bought an above ground 20' dia x 4' intex pool. The pumps were replaced due to total lack of power to a 3/4 hp one with a sand filter. We keep doing our best to test and treat his pool water but he keeps having dirt building up on the...
  4. R

    New filter, or just replace cartridge?

    10,000 gal round AGP FC: 6 CC: 0.5 CYA: ≤ 20 (Added 2 lbs. last night, still dissolving) PH: 7.5 TA: 70 Passed OCLT 5/18 Our 2 year old filter doesn't seem to be cutting it anymore. Water appears less than clear/sharp and there are silty deposits on the bottom despite vacuuming and brushing...
  5. H

    This spring I will finally conquer this stain

    Since getting the house, I have had a large stain in the bottom of my gunite pool. It is large and kind of cloud shaped and dark brown. The stain has not changed size or color over the years except where I have attempted to treat said stain. Previous owners did not do a good job of maintaining...
  6. Teddyadams

    Cleaning the surface of a neglected pool

    Hello, I bought my house with its neglected pool last year and had fix a lot of plumbing and mechanical issues, and now I need to clean or refinish the surface and I need some advice. Judging by the looks of it I assumed that I was going to have to refinish the pool, it is pebble tec (I think)...
  7. T

    Will this design cause maintenance nightmares?

    We are in the design process for our pool & cabana and we currently have a contemporary rectangle style in-ground pool. I had my designer leave a gap in the middle of the stairs off the sun shelf to allow for a wall that would allow for me to swim laps in the pool. My designer said he has...
  8. J

    Dolphin Active 30 cleaning problems

    New Pool Owner and Active 30 owner here. After powerwashing the cement around the pool, the pool was quite dirty. I had the Dolphin run about 3 or 4 cycles (with the filter ending up with a small amount of sand in it after every cleaning) and the pool still looked like the below with dirt along...
  9. L

    Clean a used Intex Ultra XTR 16 x 32 before or after install?

    We purchased a used 1-year old Intex Ultra XTR rectangular pool from someone who couldn't keep up with the maintenance under his trees. We are first time pool owners and we have used TFP as our primary source for all our site prep and future chemical undertakings. The problem is there is some...
  10. Em0Abstracts

    New Owner - What to do Next!?

    Hi All, We recently moved to a new home in the Indianapolis, IN area that came with an approx. 20'x40' in-ground pool. We have been working since late April to get the pool open, clean and ready to swim, but still experiencing some issues that could use the expertise from the folks here. Let...
  11. A

    Earth accumulation on pool bottom.

    Hello all, So here is the story. Last year I had an issue with the earth coming back in to the pool. I have since learned that problem and fixed it. The issue i have now is i closed the pool with all the debris and earth in the pool from last year because i was so frustrated. Now I can not...
  12. Alexukie

    Running Pump

    We have 14 by 30 pool what do you recommend settings on a pump? And run it 12 hours or 24 hours? I have it now on 900 from 6pm to 6am and 1700 from 6am to 6pm .. thanks
  13. DDGMAN

    Solid Vinyl Safety Pool Cover Cleaning

    I bought an Anchor Industries 5 Star solid safety cover, and I want to make sure it gets properly maintained before stowing it away in my basement. I don’t see any guidance on that in any articles for Pool School. Anyone have recommendations on a awesome vinyl pool cover cleaner? Should any...