Cleaning out dirt/algae buildup


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Feb 20, 2018
So not my pool but im at a loss of how to help. Friend bought an above ground 20' dia x 4' intex pool. The pumps were replaced due to total lack of power to a 3/4 hp one with a sand filter.

We keep doing our best to test and treat his pool water but he keeps having dirt building up on the bottom. The valve is only a 4 way with no waste feature and the connection points arent made for any hose hookups.

I'm used to dealing with my inground pool that I can vacuum out easily so im not sure what we should be doing here. The buildup is just to much and im at a loss of how to remove it other than draining the pool which is what he has been doing.

This is in louisiana if that means anything.


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May 19, 2021
Charlotte, NC
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I had an intex above ground, and because the suction side 'ports' were so small, I jerry-rigged a reducer and had to cut out some of the 'strainer' built into the port with some snips. Then I could attach a normal vaccum hose to it, and it worked great for years.

Takes a little commitment and creativity, but it can be done. I wish I had a picture of it, but I sold it recently.

But there should still be a waste on the sand filter, right?
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