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  1. W

    High-end Above-Ground Pool Advice?

    We've recently come to the realization that because our home is a deck house (you walk up a story to get to the main floor), we'd be best served with an above-ground pool. We imagine our deck, which is at about 10 feet off the ground, "terracing" down 4 feet or so to the pool, which would also...
  2. R

    Help with New Liner Selection

    Hey everyone! So, my pool is about 15 years old, and the liner had a pinhole leak in it. While the pool was partially drained over the winter, water was able to leak in between the liner and pool wall and then freeze. The expanding ice behind the liner caused it to separate itself from the pool...
  3. Slhudd78

    Help! Backfilling in a slope...

  4. A

    Green Pool

    I have been trying to clear up my 18K gallon above ground vinyl pool since the end of March and I am having no luck at all. We have been getting a lot rain which probably isn’t helping, but I’ve tried “slamming” the pool, try my best to brush, scoop out debris, draining some water and...
  5. T

    The undead Algae

    Hi, I am new to the thread and still reading a few things. I have been a pool owner for 7 years and I am at my wits end with this pool. This algae won't die and the running joke is that it is the undead Algae. I have been told this is algae - it is spotty and seems to be in the crevasses of...
  6. M

    Pool on existing concrete patio

    I’m looking to place a 10’ intext metal frame/poly on an existing concrete patio. The patio has a slight grade to direct rain away from the house. Suggestions on a way to make a non permanent level surface to place the pool on top of?
  7. S

    Need help selecting new pump and filter!

    We have an 18 foot x 45 foot oval above ground pool that is 4.5 ft deep. (approximately 21,500 gal) Vinyl liner, one in-wall skimmer with an 18 in (I think) sand filter and a 1.5 HP pump. This will be the 7th summer we've had the pool. The filter is original, but we've replaced the pump twice...
  8. G

    How to (properly) pump water from cover (above ground pool)?

    Hi all! It's been very cold in the NorthEast and I'm still not open! However last weekend, I tried to pump the water out of the cover , but I noticed, after a couple hours, my pool water was also going down! It seems the cover isn't "waterproof" ! No worries as it's been raining so much the...
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    vacuum AGP liner install