Mesh Cover for a 13x25 Above-Ground Rectangle Pool

May 23, 2009
Coppell, TX
I'm looking for a mesh cover for a 13x25 above-ground rectangle pool
My pool is a Laguna, I think

Would an oversized oval work?

Looking at online pool stores they only have 'above-ground' covers in oval
Above-ground covers look like a ratchet cable would help secure it

There are 'in-ground' rectangular covers, but they seem to be designed to be held down by water bags

I had a rectangle cover that I bought a long time ago and it finally wore out, I'd secured it to the support legs with bungie cords

Any recommendations? I want to try the ratchet cable to see if it does a better job of securing the cover

I live in the Dallas area, so; we do get freezing weather, but not a lot of snow

I've attached a picture of my pool



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Jun 1, 2018
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That is an intex pool - they make their own kind of solid covers that fit exactly . All of mine have come with them.
Although any other cover that fits would work. You would need it to be oversized if u went with oval to make up for the corners. When i had an intex style I bought enough ratchet straps to go all the way around the pool to secure the factory solid cover since it only came with a drawstring. Is there a reason you want a mesh vs solid?
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