Diy above ground tank pool


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Jul 18, 2020
So - Been brainstorming here. I hace narrow patios and a slopes yard. So - very tricky to get a conventional above ground pool (not ready to spend $50k on a custom on). And so, I took to Pinterest... which led me here. Anyways, water tank pools are cute, and you can frame them to be really chic in fact. However, they are not very deep and so you can really swim, you can just kind of sit. Other above ground pools are either way too big, or are swim spas...

I looked into other troughs, etc. alas, nada.
Then I looked into water storage tanks. Bingo. There are some available that are 8’Lx4-5’Wx4’D.

And they are specifically designed to hold water. Anyways, I have seen videos of people who have purchased smaller water tanks and turned them into hot tubs. Basically you chop off the top of the tank, put it on a level pad, add appropriate filters, add decorative anything... decking, tiles, etc. and voila a small, ‘deep’ pool. Add a tether and you can swim “laps.”

In a perfect world.

My question is if you think chopping the top off will risk the tanks integrity and that the outward pressure would make it bow/break?

I am considering having it be a semi in-ground pool, perhaps having 2.5 feet below ground and 1.5 above. So there would be some pressure pushing back on the bottom portion.

Or I could just have it be totally in ground. I just like above ground more.

Thanks your your thoughts and feedback!


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Sep 10, 2013
El Cajon CA
Welcome to TFP! I don't see anything wrong with what you are thinking of, especially if you are planning on putting it in the ground a couple feet. I assume it's the poly type tanks you are looking at. I know they are fairly thick and wouldn't expect any bowing or anything with it 2.5' in ground will give it more support. And you never have to worry about rust!