Liquid Chlorine


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May 3, 2014
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Just like a pet. You have to feed it every day, regardless if you pet it or play with it.

Get a SWCG - it makes the chlorine for you.


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Jul 21, 2018
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Thank you for the HD suggestion. Ours does not have any or didnt last weekend. I have already checked about buying in bulk or refill. I have not found anywhere as of yet.
Check again at HD. Just looked and at least as of their current online inventory, they have 9 3-packs available at the Temple store. The chlorine they sell is 10%, and is sold in 3-packs for $9.98. If you buy four 3-packs, they take a dollar off each, so 12 gallons for $35.92 plus tax.

Be sure to check dates. If your store doesn't have a lot of turnover your chlorine might be old. I have not had that problem at my HD. The last time I bought it was dated 2019 250, which should be around September 7, 2019.


Sep 16, 2019
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Ok, yall I am back.. I got my test kit in today and ran some test. After adding 10 gallons of liquid chlorine and added some DE to our sand filter our pool is sparkling and totally clear and has been for the 2 days while waiting on the test kit. Here are the numbers that came from the test
Calcium Hardness 370ppm
PH 8.0 took 4 drops to get to 7.6 and 5 drops to 7.4
Total Alkaline 160ppm
CYA 80ppm maybe 70
Free Chlorine 4.6 parts
Combined 0.2

Now what? Some levels seem ok while others are high. Just note.....we can not empty our pool anymore than what a backwash would be.
Pictures are like this because the filter is running and moving alot of water. The booster pump is on. These were taken the first day it was clear


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May 22, 2019
Add acid to get your Ph down to 7.4-7.6. You will probably need to add acid frequently until yo get your TA down. Bring your FC up to 10 and see how much it drops overnight with no sun on the pool. You should switch to a 10ml sample to save reagent. 0.5 ppm will be accurate enough.


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Jun 8, 2019
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70-80 cya should be fine - it's a bit high but you just need to have your FC higher to match. Don't use any more pucks and over time with backwash and rain it will come down (CYA also degrades a bit over time, just very very slowly). Keep your FC up. For the first bit you'll be testing daily and figuring out how much to add. After a while you will learn what your pool uses and just add enough each day, testing maybe 2-3 times a week to be sure you're on the right track.

As Etchase said you will probably be adding acid frequently as the TA levels will mean your pH will rise over time. That's fine - keep feeding acid to the pool to bring the pH down to the mid-7's, and over time the TA will drop. Don't need to test TA unless you are at a point you're adding acid, and that's just to know how much to add. You can go down to 50 TA and be fine, despite what most pool stores will tell you - if you ever get that low.

Glad we could help you out!


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Jul 8, 2015
Can I ask what are the perfect numbers I am trying to hit?
You can ask.. but no one will give you a straight answer.. ;) that is because you are shooting for a range.. and within that range you will find what works best for your pool, since every pool is a little different. Marty's links will point you in the direction.


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Jun 23, 2012
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The things I keep on hand are several gallons of 8% Bleach, (Walmart) to raise the chlorine level, 2 gallons of Muratic Acid, (Home Depot) to lower the PH, and 1 box of DE (Amazon or Leslies) for after I backwash. When Pool Math tells me I need something else, I go get it. Just don't waste your money on "additives" unless someone here suggests it. Good luck & welcome!
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Jul 21, 2018
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I have to add my support for the pool math app. Go ahead and spring for the $8 or so subscription. It's worth it to be able to keep track of previous values. I still test every day (because that's just me) but you will get to the point where you know what your numbers are going to be and how much of each thing to add because you are doing it every day. I do not have a SWCG, so I dose with LC on a daily basis. My entire routine (testing for FC, CC and PH, as well as dosing LC and MA when needed) takes only about 10 minutes a day (I test and dose at night to prevent quick burn off of my newly added LC) and a little longer on the weekend when I run the full suite of tests. The app really helps and lets me easily keep track of CSI as well.