1. J

    Best Plastic noncorrosive tap, faucet, spigot for liquid chlorine

    I am using the following water cooler as my chlorine dispenser, it works like a dream apart from the tap (button release) which has a metal spring and over time rusts and needs replacing. The hole in the cooler is 3/4" (19mm). I was wondering if anyone else has used plastic taps and am looking...
  2. Frankw1

    New pool owner with questions: CYA, Salt, Chlorine and other stuff

    Just bought a house with a pool. Pool appears to have been kept up very well and is only about 10 years old. In North Texas (Dallas) area. I knew nothing about pool keeping and have learned a bunch from online sources including this group. Very thankful for everybody here. One of the more...
  3. O

    Chlorine adding calc troubles with Taylor Test Kit K-2006

    Hey team! My pool's free chlorine level is 3.5 and I'd like it up to 5. Before I got rid of my $$$ pool company, they were adding on average 2 gallons weekly. However, when I used the chart at the back of the Taylor test kit (and confirmed with the Pool Calculator) it only suggests adding about...
  4. P

    Las Vegas Owner Build Starting Help Questions

    Hello TFP community (with an emphasis on the Las Vegas locals), My wife and I are looking to start a owner build pool here in Las Vegas next year and figured we should start planning now. We know we want a free form gunite pool with a spa overflow, a concrete slide with some faux concrete...
  5. T

    Testing for Chlorine in the World of a Chlorine Shortage

    My friends at TFP are the best supporters of the FAS DPD test. Now, more than ever, people will want to know more precisely what their chlorine levels are. To me, FAS DPD beats color-matching, hands down. I do not do well reading pink colors. Besides making reading Free Chlorine more exact, FAS...
  6. R

    In Dichlor-Bleach Hot Tub, are weekly chlorine shocks necessary?

    As part of weekly or monthly maintenance in a dichlor-then-bleach hot tub, are chlorine shocks necessary (12-13ppm FC, 30ppm CYA)? Or is it just in response to problems (cloudiness, odor, foaming, etc.)? Just getting over some hot tub rash, so I want to make sure I'm dotting every "i".
  7. T

    DIY Peristaltic Automation Questions

    Hi, I am slowly but surely starting to add automation to my pool to make the maintenance a little easier on me. It started by installing a simple Sonoff Dual R2 device so I could automate the timing of my pool pump & lights & control them both via Wifi. I've been really happy with this setup...
  8. N

    Using Shock as a Chlorinator? Could I use In The Swim Sodium Di-Chlor Chlorine Granular Pool Shock as an everyday chlorinator? If so, how can I formulate PPM for each ounce? Thank you all.
  9. C

    Combined Chlorine- grrr!!!

    Hello. I am a new pool owner that’s ready to fill it all in with concrete because despite the awesome knowledge I’ve gained from this site, I’m at my wits end. Pool is chlorine with a UV light filter, cartridge filter, ozonater, and gas heater. Water sits at about 84 degrees. Pool has a vinyl...
  10. R

    Zero Chlorine

    Hey all, found this site as a result of googling the issues I've had a with a new (to me) pool. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing regarding pool stuff, but I recently read through pool school and am trying to get started on the TFP method. Grateful for any help you guys can give me...
  11. grumpyveteran

    Tested water for first time today, chlorine test was basically clear and pH is low. Next steps?

    Hi everyone. I tested my water for the first time today and was disappointed with the results. I’ve followed what the pool store told me to but now don’t really trust them so am planning on just doing it myself. I have only had the pool for a couple weeks but here is everything I have done so...
  12. iammikeb

    Chlorine Bottle Exchange in Phoenix, Arizona

    Does anyone in the Phoenix, Arizona area have a place they recommend for chlorine bottle exchange? I currently recycle my 1 gallon containers, but at 3.5 gallons a week it still feels so wasteful. It’d be great to have a place to pop in and exchange.
  13. S

    discolored spot in pool

    This is a 15 years old pool, I have owned it since last year. I use the method I learned from this website to maintain my pool. The most recent test data is like this - Location:Texas -Chlorine : 10 (only add liquid chlorine from local Pinch A Penny store, twice a week and about 0.8-1 gal...
  14. Sotex

    Contemplating getting a Pentair Intellichlor

    I'm wanting to have a better understanding of how SWGs work. My understanding is that they kind of work like a puck system (minus the increase in CYA and having to buy pucks - you buy salt instead). Is that close to accurate? Here is my current setup (see images) - I have a full Pentair system...
  15. dconnest

    How do i know if i'm generating Chlorine?

    Hello, First time posting, just joined. I have a 16x30 liner pool 6' deep end 14,400 gallons. pool and system is new only open 1 1/2 months last summer before it was closed for the winter. i live in Georgia. i've been having issues keeping the chlorine levels up. i have an Aquacal Autopilot...
  16. I

    Having a heck of a time finding regular bleach to chlorinate pool.

    What would be my next best alternative? I've had great luck with standard bleach over the years but due to pandemic this year, it's hard to come by.
  17. Holbrookfaith

    Calcium chloride / alkalinity / santizer

    So I need to raise chlorine levels from 2-4, calcium 100-300 and alk 70-100 all else is in range. I got a giant bag of baking soda, calcium chloride, and multiple liquid bleach 10% I assume I start with the liquid bleach since sanitize first, but I thought I needed to get calcium levels right...
  18. C

    New Tub Owner...sanitation methods...argh HELP

    Apologies in advance for my babbling, many questions post…I am completely new to hot tubbing and bought a tub on the internet at the start of lockdown with no research, guidance etc. So I am reading and reacting. Here’s where I am at. I have bought a Be Well Canada Spa – 0782 Elite and we are...
  19. W

    Adding Shock Chlorine Granules in a New Pool

    Hi all, I have just recently set up a 14ft pool and need to add Chlorine as currently the water doesn't have any. I have bought some Shock Chlorine Granules but unfortunately I have been sent Non Chlorine Granules. Can I still use these or do I need actual Chlorine Granules to initially kick...
  20. thefloatqueen

    Temporary trichlor question....

    Hi everyone! If my CYA is 40 (just BARELY over 40...a couple lines above the 40 mark lol), how many trichlor pucks can I get away with using until my liquid chlorine arrives in less than a week? I really do NOT want to increase my CYA much. They are the 3” (8 oz.) ones. I have two individual...
  21. wille

    Chlorine is at 0

    I was low on salt, so I added it and turned the SWG to 0 last evening and ran the pump all night. This morning, I have 0 chlorine. It was low last night, so it didn't drop from last night. Suggestions? Add bleach, turn SWG to a higher percentage.
  22. jkeubank

    Liquid Chlorine

    May I ask where everyone is buying their chlorine from? I know shelf life is important and making sure it is not old after reading threads. I am also wondering if more people just go for the bleach or the actual liquid chlorine? I am just starting to move myself to the TFP way of pool upkeep...
  23. JulieMorris316

    Adding chlorine makes water cloudy

    This has started happening again just now this season, and it also happened last summer about partway through the season. One day everything is normal, and then the next time I add chlorine, I can see it forming a visible white cloud as it moves trough the water. It doesn’t dissipate quickly...
  24. M

    Nature2 chlorine usage

    First year as a pool owner (parents had one growing up so I have a little background). I’m concerned on my chlorine usage. My levels have never been high according to my test strips but it seems like I’m going through a ton of chlorine tabs. I have the nature2 in-line chlorinator and I fill...
  25. FourReelFish

    Sweet spot in the CYA to Chlorine table?

    I am aware of how stabilizer works with your sanitizer, but I was wondering what you should actually keep it at. Higher CYA means higher Chlorine demand but less burning off, Lower CYA means lower Chlorine demand but more burnt off by the sun. We all know that. But in your opinion, what would...
  26. Shock Explained

    Shock Explained

    Seldom is there a term that confuses new users more than Shock. It may mean a product or an action. This confusion often causes new users to take actions tha...
  27. FC/CYA Ratio

    FC/CYA Ratio

    Perhaps a cornerstone element of Trouble Free Pool Care (TFPC) is understanding the relationship between the chlorine in your pool and the stabilizer you put...
  28. D

    FC won’t go up

    Hello all, let me preface this by saying I’m using test strips right now and some data from my local pool store. I know I’ll need to get a proper kit soon. I haven’t been able to get my FC levels up, they were showing 0.3 ppm when I tested at the pool store and I had combined chlorine of about...
  29. G

    Need to SLAM, rain coming

    A couple questions please? I need to perform a SLAM on my pool. I understand liquid chlorine is best to use, but is liquid bleach the same thing? And/or used in same quantities? Also there is rain in our forecast. Possible today, clear tomorrow, then two days of rough weather. Is it a waste of...
  30. J

    Jack's Magic - False FC Readings?

    Hi all, I did the Jack's Magic "O2 Safe Shock & Stain Solution #2 Treatment." In the instructions, it says that the treatment can produce false FC readings for 3-4 weeks and that I should use the TC readings during that time. I'm fine with this, but want to make sure I'm doing this right...