liquid chlorine

  1. J

    Ordering liquid chlorine online

    I always have the hardest time finding fresh liquid chlorine in the spring. The stores only seem to have old stock. I typically buy the HDX brand from Home Depot but right now all of the stores in my area only have chlorine dated 2020 :( I bought a few gallons of 10% from Walmart yesterday...
  2. R

    Find Bulk Supply of 12.5% Cl(l) During CV-19 Pandemic or in Future Shortages

    Hello friends! If you have a Lowe’s store in your area, you may be able to order liquid Cl in bulk through their pro-services desk. I found that I’m lucky enough to live in close proximity to a manufacturer (Perk Chemical Co.) and can cut out the extra step/cost of ordering through Lowe’s...
  3. L

    Does the brand of Liquid Chlorine 10% matters?

    Hi, I’m a new convert to using liquid chlorine. I just finished my first ever SLAM. I bought 3 cases of Liquid Chlorine 12.5% from my local pool store and the cost was $23 per case (or $5.75 per gallon). Within 4 days my pool consumed 10 gallons. I was doubting my decision of using Liquid...
  4. B

    Getting started

    Getting ready to fill our new 12' x 30" metal frame pool. We have an Intex 1500 gph filter cartridge pump. Took hose water to the pool store and these are results: Free Chlorine 2 Total Chlorine 2 PH 7.6 Total Alkalinity 150 Calcium Hardness 170 (we have VERY hard water so not sure this is...
  5. jorgelsaltos

    Can't bring down pH and TA

    Hello all, I am using 10% liquid chlorine for sanitation and I add it every week and since my pH (7.8) and TA (125) is higher than I would like I also add 14.5% muriatic acid to bring those down. I thought that I would only had to add acid once and when my pH and TA levels were to a desirable...
  6. jkeubank

    Liquid Chlorine

    May I ask where everyone is buying their chlorine from? I know shelf life is important and making sure it is not old after reading threads. I am also wondering if more people just go for the bleach or the actual liquid chlorine? I am just starting to move myself to the TFP way of pool upkeep...
  7. eagle47

    Shelf life of liquid chlorine

    After a peaceful "trouble free" summer with my pool (thank you TFP!), I'm getting ready to close this week. In cleaning up my stock of pool supplies in the garage, I see that I have 6 gallons of liquid chlorine leftover from this summer. Any chance at all that they will still be viable next...
  8. Briant2468

    Do I have to use Liquid Chlorine?

    I’m a 2week old 24ft round AG, 13,600gal, Cartdrige filter pool owner. I unfortunately trusted the pool store and had a Copper ionizer System and have abandoned that after realizing it is a scam and nobody but them understand it and I am reliant solely on them if I kept it. I also have stopped...
  9. J

    Switching from power to liquid chlorine

    Used to use shock power from Leslie's, but this year want to take the wisdom of this forum and try the liquid chlorine instead. I have a couple of questions: 1. Would this: Wholesale CASE of 10 - KIK Custom Prod. PureBright Germicidal Bleach-Pure Bright Ultra Bleach, 1 Gal, White...
  10. Latinroadie

    Automatic Pool Chlorine feeder

    Good morning guys, what would be an inexpensive above ground automatic liquid chlorine dispenser? At my house 4 days of the week and cant keep an eye on my pool. Let me know thanks have a happy pool season