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    Please help: Building a Spa any suggestions for a better spa experience?

    Building a in ground pool with spa. Any suggestions on getting a better spa experience? Pump size? Types of jets? Placement of jets? Your suggestions?
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    Venturi Jet Issue New Pool

    We have a brand new pool and had 4 jets installed for the deep end seat. The jets are venturi powered. The jets are configured where two jets go to one surface air intake. The issues are: When we open the pool valve sending water to the 4 jets water comes out of the surface air intakes. It also...
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    New build - spa losing water

    We have just had our pool start up and we noticed that when the system (pump and filter) is on, water was weeping out of the raised spa through one of the small pipes on the side. The company speculated that the jet was clogged, so they sent a technician yesterday to remove and replace all of...
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    Weak spa jets

    Hoping someone can help me resolve this annoying issue...I have an inground salt water pool with a hot tub that was built two years ago. About a year or so ago, I started having issues with the spa jets not blowing hard enough. After doing some internet research all signs pointed to a dirty...
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    Jandy laminar jets not shooting as far

    I have adjusted everything I can find but still can’t get the jets to shoot as far as last season. Cleaned the filters already.
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    Cleaning System Won't Rotate Jets

    Hi, I am having problem get my pool jets to rotate. I am able to change through the zones by manually rotating the top plastic piece, it spins in either direction freely. I also cleaned the filter, it was fine. I turned the pump on and water seemed to be going to the cleaning system fairly...
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    Pool pump trouble!!

    I have a in ground pool and spa, with 4 water features. 1 over flow from the spa to the pool. 2 deck floor jets. 3 side falls. 4 shallow deck jets. The pool pump was only 1.5 HP and could not run all the features at one. So I up graded to a 3HP Pentair pool pump, but I’m still having the same...
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    In-ground Spa Air Venturi In-take

    Hello All, I am the 2nd owner of an in-ground pool/spa installed about 6 years ago. I wasn’t given too much information on the pool/spa from the previous owners. The pool is roughly 10,000 gallons and the spa is another 1,000 gallons. The main pump for the in-floor cleaning system also runs...
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    Quick Fix Suggestions Needed for Pipe Leak

    My hot tub was losing water quickly so I've let it drain to try to isolate where the leak might be. I am pretty confident that it is in the last 2 feet of piping that feeds the bubbler jets - so not an important pathway for filtration. The pipe is below ground and I really do not want to dig...