New build - spa losing water


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Jul 10, 2020
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We have just had our pool start up and we noticed that when the system (pump and filter) is on, water was weeping out of the raised spa through one of the small pipes on the side. The company speculated that the jet was clogged, so they sent a technician yesterday to remove and replace all of the jets. Now water is leaking from three of the pipes! Any idea what might be causing this? We have had to shut the breaker off because we haven’t had the Instructional Turnover yet, and we don’t know how any of this equipment operates!8839DC83-29AE-4887-827B-0EFE293438FC.jpeg


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Jul 7, 2014
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Show us a couple of more pics of the spa..

Do the outside pipes line up with anything on the inside?

Does your spa overflow into the pool? I ask because most spas don't have overflow ports.. :scratch:


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