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Oct 17, 2020
We have a brand new pool and had 4 jets installed for the deep end seat. The jets are venturi powered. The jets are configured where two jets go to one surface air intake. The issues are:
  1. When we open the pool valve sending water to the 4 jets water comes out of the surface air intakes. It also comes out of the jets in the pool with decent pressure.
  2. If we use a shop vac to force air down the air intake we get the desired affect where bubbles and water come out of the jets. If we turn off the valve sending water to the jets we can still force air into the pool down through the air intake.
  3. The outter ring of each jet which should control the open and closing inside the jet just spins left or right forever without closing the jets and without unscrewing the jets from the wall. This prevents us from removing the jets to see if something is wrong with the venturi nozzles... or if they are missing all together!

  4. would missing venturi jets cause the symptoms described?

  5. Thanks!


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Jul 21, 2013
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Welcome to TFP.

Do you know what manufacturer and model the venturi jets are?

You have any pictures of the plumbing and venturis during the install?

What type of pool do you have?

You talk to your builder about the problems?
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Oct 17, 2020
The jets look just like the waterway grey deluxe jets. Because i cant take out the jets i cant see if the nozzles are even present... i have a suspicion they are not present but looking for someone who knows if the symptoms described match that scenario. Also if anyone knows how to get the jets out if the outside ring just turns without ever unscrewing.

salt chlorine. Inground. I have one image that shows the elbow behind one jet before they hooked up the air intakes but it does not really show much of anything. The water looks to come from the bottom into the tee and then out to the jet with the i take area on top.

I am working with the pool builder but they are dragging feet and say they don't know why they are not working. So if i can solve for a few bucks in parts and just tell them i fixed it then it would be easier on my side.
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