Cleaning System Won't Rotate Jets


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Mar 7, 2020
Hi, I am having problem get my pool jets to rotate. I am able to change through the zones by manually rotating the top plastic piece, it spins in either direction freely.20200307_110911.jpg

I also cleaned the filter, it was fine. I turned the pump on and water seemed to be going to the cleaning system fairly strong (this is just subjective though I don't have experience with this). Here is a video of the water pressure
. Any idea what could be preventing this from working?



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Feb 6, 2015
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That impeller rotates clockwise. But it can take a minute or two (or longer) for the system to rotate to the next zone. This is normal. Look on the inside of the upper lid (dome) - there should be a diverter and a speed control. See this page for pics of these parts: AA Manufacturing 5 Port Water Valve . The diverter diverts water to the impeller and the speed control allows water to bypass the diverter and impeller to allow adjustment of the time each zone is active.

From your video, it doesn't look like water volume is an issue.
  • Do you have a VS pump? If so, what rpm are you running it at?
  • Do the zones change at all after waiting 1-3 minutes?
  • Are the diverter and speed control present and intact?
  • Remove the impeller (it pulls straight up) and inspect the gear cogs on the underside of it. Are they rounded over or are any teeth missing? When you put the impeller back on, be sure the gear meshes with the gear closest to it and is fully seated.